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Yet another installment in humans being fuckin weird compared to aliens: humans give blood, organs, and tissue to each other, because our race is built around being able to function under as much stress as possible.

So of course, what do we do when another human will die without something we could live without?
We go to our local hospital and undergo trauma to provide them with it, for no compensation.

Sure you might need to eat and drink more, take antibiotics or anti rejection drugs, but hey!

B'ril over there had to wait until HIS race figured out stem cells and lab grown organs, because ALL their organs are vital, and losing a pint of fluid flat out kills them or sends them into shock.

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In your opinion, why is ok to feed your dog meat, but not people? My assumption would be because dogs are biologically designed to eat meat. However, so are humans. Of course we are omnivores, so we have a choice. But how can you say there is no humane way for humans to obtain meat, but there is for dogs? Factory farms are the real enemy imo, but I don't think organic meats are bad (also a new vegetarian here).

Humans aren’t even really biologically designed to eat meat. Yes, we’re omnivores, so we have the flexibility to eat meat to survive in harsher climates with less plant matter, but that’s more the exception, not the rule. As a whole, our bodies might survive on meat, but they thrive on plant matter.

There isn’t a humane way of obtaining meat, no, but unfortunately, for our carnivorous pets, there’s really no other option. Yes, people talk about vegan dogs, but I’m highly skeptical of that, so I still feed my dogs meat. However, this is part of the reason why it’s important to adopt, not shop. Right now, we have an overpopulation of dogs because of irresponsible breeding and people not spaying and neutering their dogs. The more we adopt and rescue, the less dogs are bred, and the less dogs there are, the less dog food (meat) needs to be made. There’s also talk of lab-grown meat being developed. I’m not a scientist so I’m not sure exactly how it would work, but even though it would probably still require an animal host, to me, it seems a lot better than outright killing the animal, and could be a potential option for replacing meat in pet foods in the future. This is one of those cases where it’s best to reduce as much as we can.

Don’t buy into the “organic”, “cage-free”, “free-range”, etc. labels that the animal industry loves to use. They are only lies; for example, “organic” means nothing more than that the animals were fed organic feed. They all still end up at the same slaughterhouses, facing the same bloody fate. 

In the context of veganism, factory farming is only part of the bigger picture. Factory farming is only a symptom of a much larger problem at hand: the problem of carnism and speciesism. Veganism is not an anti-factory farming movement, it’s an anti-animal exploitation movement. We’re trying to tackle the problem at the root, because allowing some exploitation and some cruelty is not enough. The animals deserve better. They deserve their rights back that are taken from them.

A teenager has invented a better and cheaper way to grown hundreds of mini brains

A 16-year-old just built a bioreactor for mini-brains (lab-grown organs made from human stem cells.) Christopher Hadiono and his team of fellow high school students developed the replicator using 3-D printing, which makes it a more affordable option than other devices in the market. The mini brains are crucial in fighting a headline-making, rapidly spreading global disease.

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Headcanon on Momma Cry's Overwatch backstory

“Momma” CR9-8489 is an artificial construct - a genetically engineered, lab-grown organism. Illegally lab-grown, for some very sick people. While she didn’t much like her fate, she had grown resigned to it and her inability to fight it. That is, until the wall exploded. Overwatch came down on the facility like a thunderbolt, destroying all constructs before they could grow to full intelligence, offering mercy to those too broken to be helped, and saving all those they could. “Momma” was one of the ones to be saved. After the excessive amounts of hormones were flushed from her system, she was given freedom. She chose to stay with Overwatch. Following in Mercy’s footsteps, she took up biotically enhanced claws and other tools, offering help to all those in need. When Overwatch ended, she was emotionally devastated, but refused to cease what she viewed as “her duty.” Now that 76 is slowly rebuilding, she has come to his side, willing to bring her fight to the public eye once again.

Despite how heroic she tries to be, the hormone treatments from her past can come up occasionally, inducing some rather strange behaviors. She sometimes slips her hormones into her biotic needles, sticking other heroes with them. Many an embarrassing one-night stand has resulted from this. Strangely, her favorite targets are a pair of men (“Junkrat” and “Roadhog”) both claiming to be straight; stranger still, they seem to enjoy it.

I had to do some more sketches of her, I cannot believe you wrote all this im screaming. That last part I lost my shit omfg

Here’s the original Support Momma post and Geekos ability descriptions, this kid is creative af  



American’s predictions and wants for the future

 A new report from Pew Research Center indicates that while most Americans anticipate great technological changes in the next few decades, many have doubts that new inventions and advances will help humanity in the long run.

In general, 59% of the 1,000 participants interviewed said technological changes would lead to a better future, while 30% said things would get worse. Many said they expected revolutionary advances in the next 50 years, such as lab-grown organ transplants.

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