lab grown organs

Yet another installment in humans being fuckin weird compared to aliens: humans give blood, organs, and tissue to each other, because our race is built around being able to function under as much stress as possible.

So of course, what do we do when another human will die without something we could live without?
We go to our local hospital and undergo trauma to provide them with it, for no compensation.

Sure you might need to eat and drink more, take antibiotics or anti rejection drugs, but hey!

B'ril over there had to wait until HIS race figured out stem cells and lab grown organs, because ALL their organs are vital, and losing a pint of fluid flat out kills them or sends them into shock.

Regenerative Medicine

Scientists have now achieved the incredible feat of growing functioning penises in a lab. Yeah I’m not joking. They have 100% managed to engineer lab grown penises that they can transplant on to people with genital disorders or abnormalities. Apparently they have tested it out on rabbits already where 8 had full on intercourse with a female rabbit and could ejaculate, while 4 of them actually got the girl rabbit pregnant. All this happened at the world renowned Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, who actually were the first ones to implant an engineered bladder in a patient. So now they have moved on to this. FDA is yet to give them permission to carry out human trials though so let’s see how that goes lol. 

If you guys want to read the full article, here it is:

A teenager has invented a better and cheaper way to grown hundreds of mini brains

A 16-year-old just built a bioreactor for mini-brains (lab-grown organs made from human stem cells.) Christopher Hadiono and his team of fellow high school students developed the replicator using 3-D printing, which makes it a more affordable option than other devices in the market. The mini brains are crucial in fighting a headline-making, rapidly spreading global disease.

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