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Contamination-seeking drones - IBM Patent 9447448.

Stay back and let the drones do the dirty work. Patent 9447448 makes cognitive drones able to inspect and decontaminate places so humans don’t have to. The drones’ on-board AI system can collect and analyze samples, so it can identify and clean up any bacteria or outbreak. Meanwhile you get to hang back, safely out of harm’s way.

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It’s #NationalChemistryWeek!

A chemist at the U.S. Forest Service’s Forest Products Laboratory works to “put the tree in the test tube” in this vintage footage from a 1942 PSA.

Eponymously titled  “The Tree in a Test Tube,” the film is an exploration of the usefulness of wood in our everyday lives and the importance of conserving wood for the war effort, and featured the comedy team of Laurel and Hardy.

Tree in a Test Tube, 1942
Series: Public Information and Training Motion Picture and Television Productions, 1990 - 1995Record Group 16: Records of the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture, 1794 - ca. 2003