lab architecture studio

Lab Architecture Studio, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia, 2002

“The tiling pattern is used to create the structural sub-framing for the facades, allowing for the facades to be fabricated off-site, in a factory and later erected to form the facades. The pinwheel tiling system was based on the single triangular element, composed of zinc, perforated zinc, sandstone or glass (known as a tile), which was joined to 4 other similar tiles on an aluminum frame, to form a "panel”. Five panels were affixed to a galvanized steel frame, forming a “mega-panel”, which were then hoisted onto support frames for the facade. The rotational positioning of the tiles gives the facades a more random, uncertain compositional quality, even though the process of its construction is based on pre-fabrication and repetition. The same pinwheel tiling system is used in the development of the structural frame and glazing for the “Atrium” at Federation Square, although in this instance, the pin-wheel grid has been made “3-dimensional” to form a portal frame structure.“