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G/T World-Building: Mute Laboratories

Voila!  A little sneak-peek into the world-building this giant pantaur has been hard at work developing!  

With some major encouragement and support from my pals (@tinyinumason and @strawbunny-slime, I’m lookin’ at chu >u<) I’ve been working on creating a giant-friendly, ‘base’ for my pantaur ‘sona to call home.  In the past, I’ve hinted at the idea of a giant, secret facility of sorts being the only logical solution to secretly housing giant folk amid a bustling, unaware human population.  By fully fleshing out the idea from doofy conversations into a physical place, I’ll be able to finally follow through with some of the g/t-esque ideas that have been rattlin’ around in my noggin for months now >u< Such as:

  • Generate more Tips for Tinies and Guidelines for Giants
  • Spout out inventions to help giants and tinies get around a lil’ easier in a world scaled too big/small for them
  • Add colorful new characters & quick, one-shot stories of all ze g/t shenanigans they get into!

At this point I’m nearly done fleshing out the last lil’ details, so soon you’ll all get a taste for the benign facility this place really is for folks of unusual size n’ shape!  I’ll post up an official ‘tour’ of the place soon, and will create a tab on my blog to help organize the details as I make them public.

Until then, I’d also be free to answer any curious questions!  Enjoy! ^u^

something worth living for

@troubleiwant | AO3I really hope you like your gift!

by @hale-of-stiles-heart

Teen - Canon-typical violence

Stiles and Derek broke up months ago because of Derek’s penchant for self-sacrifice. But maybe, just maybe, they can work things out.

Stiles’ favorite place to walk his dog, Leia, was the memorial park nestled deep in the heart of Beacon Hills.

There were jogging paths around the perimeter of the park itself, perfect for days when they were both in the mood to run for a bit. It was smoothly paved and well maintained enough that he never had to worry about Leia scratching up her paws as she waddled alongside him in short bursts.

Many other people walking their dogs at the park favored the jogging trail as well, giving them plenty of opportunities to meet new people and their pets. With how sociable both Stiles and Leia were, it was wonderful, never at a loss for some friendly conversation or a walking partner.

There was a group of older women who frequented the park almost every day, visiting to see each other and gossip over some tea from the local cafe, occasionally walking the jogging trail. They were especially fond of Stiles, who had officially dubbed them the Golden Girls, and, of course, Leia as well, always greeting them with wide smiles and offers to set Stiles up with one of their grandkids.

On days when Stiles just felt like going for a leisurely stroll, he would forego the jogging trail in favor of the more secluded, shady paths that led into the outskirts of the preserve. Those trails were little more than dirt paths worn from foot traffic, winding their ways around ancient oak trees and pine saplings.

Those paths were best for days when it was especially warm, the sun beating down relentlessly as the humidity level climbed higher and higher. The thick canopies of the trees blotted out the sun, providing the perfect amount of shade as they wandered through the woods, Leia bounding through the underbrush.

Other days they skipped walking altogether and spent some time in the lush green fields in the center of the park. There they did everything from play fetch with Leia’s favorite tennis ball to practice some of the tricks Stiles had taught her.

Leia was especially popular with little kids, Stiles always bombarded with requests from parents and children alike to pet her or play with her. Stiles was always amenable and Leia basked in the attention, preening as she was lavished with sweet coos and delicious treats. She was an entertainer at heart, performing her best tricks when she had a crowd to ooh and aah over her.

She would even tag along with the kids to the playground area of the park, acting like just another one of the crew as she hopped after the kids, barking happily as she did. The kids were always entertained by her antics whether it be her skidding down the slide on her belly or begging for someone to push her in one of the baby swings.

When there were no little kids around to fawn over her, Leia made do with fraternizing with the other dogs at the park. She was quite popular with them as well, a little alpha leading around dogs twice, or even three times, her size.

There were a few regulars who were especially enamored with her, including a harlequin Great Dane who towered over all the other dogs in the park yet followed Leia around like a little lost puppy. The others were a rough looking Rottweiler, aptly named Brutus, and a floppy-eared little black lab named Ace, both of whom let Leia lead them into all sorts of mischief.

Leia herself was a sable and white Pembroke Welsh corgi, standing at a respectable eleven and a half inches at the shoulder and weighing no more than thirty pounds. Yet despite her short stature, or maybe because of it, she was as fearless as they came, always carrying herself like a little queen as she flounced around the park.

She took after Derek in that respect, an underdog if there ever was one. After all, Derek was the one who had gotten her for Stiles, a present for their three month anniversary.

But that was all over now.

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SPG Haunted House 2017 Reservations:

-Spare Parts Room, reserved by @jenthdoctor

-Kitchen, reserved by @rally-the-ace Submitted

-Lab, reserved by @clockwork-crow Submitted

-Dining room, reserved by @zalemoonshadow Submitted

-Music Room, reserved by @ashhollow Submitted

-The Hall of Wires, reserved by @v0idfiish

While the deadline is September 15th, it is advised that you complete and submit your room at the earliest convenient time in order to avoid rushing and stress in September.  Thank you. 

Y'all see this? This is one of the strongest individuals I know. Her name is Alex and she was diagnosed with silk road syndrome so she gets exhausted easily and has to sleep more than the average person. But you know what? She’s crushing it rn at school, and on track to become a doctor; she’s acing labs and staying on top of all her assignments because SHES A BEAST. Many people (including celebs like cucumber man) say because she’s on the autistism spectrum that she’s a danger to society or unfit to belong but I don’t see any of that.She’s mad genius and super friendly so hit her up sometime but don’t be gross; she’s ace and aro. And I’m proud I’m lucky enough to be friends with such a talented individual she’s also a crazy amazing artist and you should see her work! She’s seriously awesome I just wanted to stop and make a post for her because she’s seriously the shit and deserves some appreciation. You’re the best @noneedforbloodpressure!!

about damn time (a hope van dyne story)

Hope van Dyne was scared of heights from age seven onwards. The first time she had to get on a plane (age ten), she sat stony-faced, staring out the window, not looking at her father, the half-moons of her nails biting deep into her chubby palms. When she was thirteen years old, she asked her father for flying lessons.

That should have been her first hint, that when she asked for flying lessons for her birthday, he did not automatically realize this was about her mother.

But perhaps– perhaps even if it had been true, the airplane crash, perhaps her father still would not have understood. He was not the kind of man who found the things he feared most, tracked them down, and then slew them with their own poison.

Hope knew these things about her mother:

- She smelled like honeysuckle but sang like a throat-sore sparrow

- She had fallen in love with Hope’s father’s eyebrows first, then his brain, then his hands, and then his smile.

- Whether it was dinner parties, civil rights, or trouble, she hated being left out of anything.

- She had died in a plane crash. She had fallen to her death.

Hope’s father went away and he never came back, not in any way that mattered.

Hope flew little two-seater gliders all through high school. She took her girl friends up to shriek and stare. She did not take her father. She won races, medals, and ribbons, and kept them neatly sorted in one of the drawers of her bedside table.

The science was as close as she could get to her father in those years. She wasn’t sure what to make of that. She wasn’t sure if that was why she was here, elbows deep in physics texts at sixteen–or working in two labs while she aced her undergrad classes and then her grad work too–or clawing her way up the corporate ladder until she was chairman of the board of the company that had his name plastered on its windows and letterhead.

Was she here because if she just got smarter, he might look at her? Because she wanted to know what was so interesting in those beeping machines and graph paper notebooks that he never really managed to glance her way? (Even when he did, she could see formulas whizzing by in the backs of his eyes.)

Or was it because this was his kingdom–her inheritance? Because she wanted to claim everything she had a right to, and a bit more that she didn’t, and then walk away without looking back?

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