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Aromantic Spectrum and Asexual Spectrum Characters

Well then. Time to pull out some more characters.

Note, some of my headcanon is quite rooted in fandom since canon has little to go on (I have pokémon protagonists on here, for example), so bear that in mind.

And a lot of these came from planing for fanfictions that are in the earliest of planning, so that’s another important thing to keep in mind.

I have Red, from the first pokémon games and beyond (as he is a recurring character) as a demi-panromantic asexual. Not quite ace-spec, but technically so.

I view Brendan (third generation) similarly, except he’s demi-biromantic not demi-panromantic.

Ethan’s demi-panromantic and sexual (he’s form the second generation, though Ethan only came up as a name in the remakes during the fourth gen).

I have a few from digimon so here goes…

Akiyama Ryō is demi-biromantic and asexual.

Takenouchi Sora is gray-panromantic and demi-pansexuall (and also polyamorous). I read a fanfiction where Sora and Tai were ace (and I loved it), but I personally think that Sora feels at least some level of sexual attraction.

Yagami (Kamiya in dub) Taichi is demi-biromantic and asexual. I originally saw him as bisexual, but again that fic…I did not know I needed ace!Taichi and Sora in my life until then…

Now, onto some other fandoms.

Lorcan Scamander is demi-panromantic and asexual.

Harry Potter is (maybe?) grey-biromantic. He had few romantic interests, even accounting for his tumultuous life. I like the idea of an asexual Harry, but also of a bisexual Harry (and I’ve seen good points for the latter) so…maybe a grey-bisexual Harry?

Luna Lovegood’s demi-panromantic and sexual.

I see Chase Davenport as demi-biromantic and asexual.

Marcus Davenport is mildly confusing - I see him as asexual, but I also have ideas for a separate human and android self (with differing aro-spec IDs, which could change). Basically, though, android Marcus is grey-biromantic and human Marcus is demi-panromantic.

Those are all of the ones…wait. Shit.

I also headcanon Terence Higgs as demi-biromantic and asexual.

Anyway, what I was saying before. These are all of the ones I have notes on. Some I’m deciding (such as I know that they’re asexual, I’m just not sure about they’re romantic orientations).

This…became very long. I hope y’all like some of them, at least.

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