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G/T World-Building: Mute Laboratories

Voila!  A little sneak-peek into the world-building this giant pantaur has been hard at work developing!  

With some major encouragement and support from my pals (@tinyinumason and @strawbunny-slime, I’m lookin’ at chu >u<) I’ve been working on creating a giant-friendly, ‘base’ for my pantaur ‘sona to call home.  In the past, I’ve hinted at the idea of a giant, secret facility of sorts being the only logical solution to secretly housing giant folk amid a bustling, unaware human population.  By fully fleshing out the idea from doofy conversations into a physical place, I’ll be able to finally follow through with some of the g/t-esque ideas that have been rattlin’ around in my noggin for months now >u< Such as:

  • Generate more Tips for Tinies and Guidelines for Giants
  • Spout out inventions to help giants and tinies get around a lil’ easier in a world scaled too big/small for them
  • Add colorful new characters & quick, one-shot stories of all ze g/t shenanigans they get into!

At this point I’m nearly done fleshing out the last lil’ details, so soon you’ll all get a taste for the benign facility this place really is for folks of unusual size n’ shape!  I’ll post up an official ‘tour’ of the place soon, and will create a tab on my blog to help organize the details as I make them public.

Until then, I’d also be free to answer any curious questions!  Enjoy! ^u^

Peter and the Insomniac Part. 2

Requested: Yes

Summary: Peter figures out his feelings for Y/N.

Word Count: 917

A/N: I wasn’t quite sure where to go with the story when I started so we’ll see how it goes!

Peter didn’t talk to Y/N for the rest of the sleepover. In fact, he didn’t really talk at all. He simply waited until Ned and Y/N woke up and made up some excuse while rushing out the door. 

Because he told May he wouldn’t be home for a while, he decided to go to Stark tower. In fact, he went there as often as he could manage, so this wouldn’t be too strange of an occurrence. 

Peter walked into the seemingly empty tower, “Uh, Mr. Stark? Are you here?”

Because Tony was usually in his lab, Peter decided he should go check out the lab, in hopes of getting some advice. 

Sure enough, Tony was tinkering with something or other in the lab, AC/DC blasting from the speakers which explained why he couldn’t hear Peter calling for him. 

“Mr. Stark? Mr. Stark? Mr- MR. STARK.” But Tony could still not hear him, so Peter went over to the side of the room and pressed the pause button, surprising Tony quite a bit when the music abruptly stopped. 

“Spiderling, when did you get here?” He asked, already getting back to his project. 

“Just a little bit ago,” he said dropping his backpack on a chair, “I called out a few times but you didn’t hear me so-”

“You’re rambling kid.” Tony cut off Peter, “What do you need?”

“Ha! What? Need something, why would I-”

“Pete get to the point.”

Peter sighed before walking over to Tony and sitting on the counter next to him. “Mr. Stark, how do you know when you’re in love?”

Tony snapped his head up, looking at the hunched over boy. He put down his project (A/N: What?? HE PuT DOWn A PRojEct??) and pat Peter on the shoulder. 

“Come with me kid.”

Fifteen minutes later Peter was sitting across from Tony, who had a glass of whiskey in hand and a furrow in his brow. 

He sighed before speaking, “So you think you’re in love?” 

“Well- uh- I’m not sure. That’s why I came to you.”

“Peter I am possibly the worst person to come to about love, talk to your unusually attractive aunt, or your friend Nick?” Tony said while walking back to the lab he had just exited. 

“Well it’s Ned- but um- Mr. Stark!” Peter quickly dashed in front of Tony before he could get wrapped back up in his project, “Mr. Stark there’s no one else I can go to. Please? Aunt May would be constantly asking who it is, and Ned would just say I told you so! Please, Mr. Stark?” 

Tony was silent for a second contemplating what advice he could give Peter that wouldn’t turn him into a PTSD, insomniac, that buries himself into his work. He sighed. “Who is it?”

“Uh, Y/N, I’m not sure if-”

“Oh Y/N? The kid who I see with you at school? Oh yeah you’re most definitely in love with them.”

Peter stood shocked as Tony walked past him, “Wh- Wait- How do you know? Isn’t there some kind of test of something?”

“Pete tell me what your life would be like without them.” 

Peter thought for a moment, stopping in his tracks, “I can’t imagine my life without them.” 

He quickly walked down the hallway about to walk into the lab when Tony’s face popped out only inches from Peter’s, “That’s how I know you love them.”

And he whipped back into the lab leaving Peter speechless. 

“Peter go get them!”

Peter shook off his trance and quickly ran out grabbing his backpack and trying to figure out how to win the love of his life over. 

A week and a half later

“I don’t know Ned. What if they say no?” 

Ned grabbed Peter by the shoulders and spun him around forcing him to face him (A/N: Does that make any sense?), “Peter you’ll be fine. They’ve been in love with you since you first met. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Peter was silent for a moment thinking about Ned’s question before shaking his head quickly, “Nope, nope nope this was a bad idea many things can go wrong and they will we shouldn’t have done this it-” 

He was interrupted by the sound of a door opening who he quickly saw was Y/N herself who was confused as to what was happening. There was a cow (thanks to Tony) on the street in front of the school with Y/N’s name on it in large letters.

Also on the sign, it said, I’d be over the moon if you went to homecoming with me.

It was dumb.

Like so incredibly dumb. 

But so caring.

Y/N had once told him that their favorite animal was a cow. 

And so he got


a cow.

They were in love. 

“OhmygoshPeterthat’ssoniceohmygoshthat’ssocool-” Y/N said some more stuff about how Peter was great and that they would go with him while running up to the cow and hugging it and squealing. After a minute of spoiling the cow with attention, they turned to Peter and tackled him in a bear hug their legs wrapped around their waist. 

He wrapped his arms around them and buried his head in their neck, seeing as how a fair amount of the school had gathered around, taking pictures and cheering wildly. 

Originally Tony told Peter to get a limo and take her to the most expensive resturant in town, but Peter’s gut feeling told him otherwise. 

Yup. Peter was glad he went with his gut.


Haha fuck I just realised something about The Engineer

He’s wearing that huge lab coat and probably more layers underneath and he’s an Englishman in America

He’s gonna fucking die everyone knows English people have no idea what heat is

[ 50/100 - 11/19/15 ] Halfway through 100 days of productivity! I would never have been able to make myself be productive for 50 days straight without the help of the studyblr community. Ive had this blog for 2 ½ months and everyone has been so nice and supportive! I aced my lab final this morning and now I’m on top of some reading for my speech class tomorrow. Thank you all so much! I’m thankful for all of you!! 🍂📝💖

about damn time (a hope van dyne story)

Hope van Dyne was scared of heights from age seven onwards. The first time she had to get on a plane (age ten), she sat stony-faced, staring out the window, not looking at her father, the half-moons of her nails biting deep into her chubby palms. When she was thirteen years old, she asked her father for flying lessons.

That should have been her first hint, that when she asked for flying lessons for her birthday, he did not automatically realize this was about her mother.

But perhaps– perhaps even if it had been true, the airplane crash, perhaps her father still would not have understood. He was not the kind of man who found the things he feared most, tracked them down, and then slew them with their own poison.

Hope knew these things about her mother:

- She smelled like honeysuckle but sang like a throat-sore sparrow

- She had fallen in love with Hope’s father’s eyebrows first, then his brain, then his hands, and then his smile.

- Whether it was dinner parties, civil rights, or trouble, she hated being left out of anything.

- She had died in a plane crash. She had fallen to her death.

Hope’s father went away and he never came back, not in any way that mattered.

Hope flew little two-seater gliders all through high school. She took her girl friends up to shriek and stare. She did not take her father. She won races, medals, and ribbons, and kept them neatly sorted in one of the drawers of her bedside table.

The science was as close as she could get to her father in those years. She wasn’t sure what to make of that. She wasn’t sure if that was why she was here, elbows deep in physics texts at sixteen–or working in two labs while she aced her undergrad classes and then her grad work too–or clawing her way up the corporate ladder until she was chairman of the board of the company that had his name plastered on its windows and letterhead.

Was she here because if she just got smarter, he might look at her? Because she wanted to know what was so interesting in those beeping machines and graph paper notebooks that he never really managed to glance her way? (Even when he did, she could see formulas whizzing by in the backs of his eyes.)

Or was it because this was his kingdom–her inheritance? Because she wanted to claim everything she had a right to, and a bit more that she didn’t, and then walk away without looking back?

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