The anon hate still exceeds my expectations.

The above url is associated with a user who sent hate and accidentally left herself off anon, and then asked for a promo as if she was a supporter of the blogger  since the beginning. When I see things like this, I like to track the urls of the hate-sender. Usually their tumblr is deactivated due to all the hate they receive. I don’t like or condone anon hate, nor do I support haters getting exactly what they dished out.

Hate is hate, no matter if you “deserve” it or not.

What I find interesting about the above url is that it is a fake account; made to experiment how much hate the person would receive after the screenshot went viral. It’s sickening to see how many people decide the best way to punish an anon hater is to send them anon hate. When did two wrongs ever make a right?

thehangingtree  asked:

actually, I don't think the blog laaisms3 was originally made as an experiment. It actually happened, the girl deleted her blog as a result of the hate she received, and someone else took it over to see how much hate they would get.

Oh, I knew that, I guess I didn’t explain it clearly in my post. Thanks for pointing that out, though xx