laad bazaar


what a long, strange trip its been. isn’t it weird that after you come home from a trip, you almost feel like you were never on it? like all those days away were a dream? sort of how i am feeling now.

we are settling in quite nicely, although i am not looking forward to working the entire thanksgiving weekend. it is the trade off for three weeks off, so i really have no right to complain. at least i have a job where i am needed, and i will get paid once again, which is always a good thing.

i am slowly sifting through pictures, and finding a few gems here and there. i will be putting them up here, not always with words or observations. people have told me they enjoy my writing, so i suppose i will attempt to write more. i have an idea for 2012, a project of sorts for my photography. i will reveal that once i decide it is even feasible.

wouldn’t it be so awesome to get paid to travel and take pictures of the nothing i take pictures of? i mean, they are pictures of something, but nothing spectacular. just details, little things. these things make me happy, though. i have a hard time with words; pictures say it all easily. i am sure you think i am crazy saying i have a hard time with words, i can talk a blue streak. it is a struggle for me, though, although it doesn’t seem like it. i feel like i am inadequate with words, they fumble out of my mouth, too quick to understand. this is why photography has become such therapy for me. the pictures say what i can’t.

a story of the above shot that is sort of funny. i met a woman in the hotel that i went sightseeing with and she was not into photography, so she would be walking and talking and all the sudden realize she had lost me, kneeling on the ground snapping some shot of a branch, or a small architectural detail that most people wouldn’t even notice (mike is way used to this, always snapping). we were walking and talking at the bazaar, and i spotted this woman in bright pink amongst all the muslim woman wearing black, and i started running. and snapping. and saying, “oooh, look. so pretty and shiny compared to the others around her.” i did get caught by the woman in the end because i was chasing her, but she smiled, so all was well. i think my companion was a bit put off, but she did start madly snapping, too.

sigh, i miss india. it will pass, and life will go on. at least i have some pictures.