Ethnocentrism is the tyranny of Western aesthetics. An Indian mask in an American museum is transposed into an alien aesthetic system where what is missing is the presence of power invoked through performance ritual. It has become a conquered thing, a dead “thing” separated from nature and, therefore, its power. 
      Modern Western painters have “borrowed,” copied, or otherwise extrapolated the art of tribal cultures and called it cubism, surrealism, symbolism. The music, the beat of the drum, the Blacks’ jive talk. All taken over. Whites, along with a good number of our own people, have cut themselves off from their spiritual roots, and they take our spiritual art objects in an unconscious attempt to get them back. If they’re going to do it, I’d like them to be aware of what they are doing and to go about doing it the right way. Let’s all stop importing Greek myths and the Western Cartesian split point of view and root ourselves in the mythological soil and soul of this continent. White America has only attended to the body of the earth in order to exploit it, never to succor it or to be nurtured in it. Instead of surreptitiously ripping off the vital energy of people of color and putting it to commercial use, whites could allow themselves to share and exchange and learn from us in a respectful way. By taking up curanderismo, Santeria, shamanism, Taoism, Zen and otherwise delving into the spiritual life and ceremonies of multi-colored people, Anglos would perhaps lose the white sterility they have in their kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, mortuaries and missile bases. Though in the conscious mind, black and dark may be associated with death, evil and destruction, in the subconscious mind and in our dreams, white is associated with disease, death, and hopelessness. Let us hope that the left hand, that of darkness, of femaleness, of “primitiveness,” can divert the indifferent, right-handed, “rational” suicidal drive that, unchecked, could blow us into acid rain in a fraction of a millisecond.
—  Gloria Anzaldúa, Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza

Lauren Marx’s “American Wilderness” at Roq La Rue.

Opening Thursday, May 7th at Roq La Rue in Seattle, Washing in Lauren Marx’s solo show, “American Wilderness.”  The animals in Lauren’s work are bits and pieces of their own universe where “the birds are stars and insects are dust” and so and so forth, each interacting with the others; morphing and dissolving into compositional metaphors for life, death and the sublime.

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skemono submitted to medievalpoc:

I’ve been wanting to submit this one for a while, because I loves me some Goya, and I personally find it a bit more interesting when there’s an artist I recognize on here.

In 1796, José María Álvarez de Toledo y Gonzaga passed away. His wife, María Cayetana de Silva, retreated to her estate in Sanlúcar, Andalucia, and Goya went with her. He stayed there for a year or two, and his art of the time captured several domestic moments in the estate. The two images above include María de la Luz, a young black girl who lived with the duchess.

I can find very little information about María. Most sources say that the Duchess, who had no children of her own, adopted her (one even gives the year of adoption as 1795). However, some simply say that María lived in the household, or that the Duchess took her under her wing, or had “virtually adopted” her. I believe she was born in Havana in 1793, the daughter of a slave woman, and according to one source the duchess emancipated her (María, not her mother). When the duchess wrote her will, she included María, along with several servants and Goya’s son, Javier. And that’s about all I can find.

First image:

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, La duquesa de Alba teniendo en sus brazos a María de la Luz (“The Duchess of Alba holding María de la Luz”), 1796-1797. Sanlúcar Album / Album A. India ink wash.

Second image:

Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, La Beata con Luis de Berganza y María de la Luz, 1795. Oil painting.

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Gravitational Waves Detected for First Time

A century after being proposed by physicist Albert Einstein, scientists have made the first detection of gravitational waves – massive celestial objects on the move causing spacetime itself to ripple – a historic discovery that opens up an entirely new way of studying the cosmos.

The detection was made by the twin LIGO interferometers on Sept. 14, 2015, located in Livingston, La., and Hanford, Wash., just two days after the system was significantly upgraded to boost its sensitivity.

Learn more about this groundbreaking discovery!


when you’re finally your own #hairgoals 🙌🏼🙏🏼

It’s pretty much impossible for designer/Stop It Right Now blogger Jayne Min to ever look terrible. With her effortlessly cool style and no-care persona, this modern fashion icon has no problem rocking the Over Washed Sk8-Hi’s. How would you rock them?

a hazy summer

Yet Again - Grizzly Bear

Portuguese Solid Summer - Chad Valley

Brooklyn Baby - Lana Del Rey

Party Talk - Craft Spells

Cold Summers - Crepes

Pink Gorilla - White Fence

Animal (Mark Ronson Remix) - Miike Snow

Cold War - The Morning Benders

Dreaming - Mac Demarco

San Francisco - Foxygen

The Brae - Yumi Zouma

The World Is Crowded - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

‘Cause I’m a Man - Tame Impala

Melody Day - Caribou

Most Wanted - Cults

Look Away - The Spinto Band

Day Go By - Karen O

Dead Love (So Still) - Widowspeak

Martina and Clive Krantz - Princeton

Passing Out Pieces of Me (Demo) - Mac Demarco

Headbanging In the Mirror - Ducktails

Summer Holiday - Wild Nothing

Nancy From Now On - Father John Misty

Eternity One Night Only - Cut Copy

Holding Out For You - Pond

Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - Tame Impala

Mouth Mountain - Holy Wave

Too Soaked to Break - Born Ruffians

Let’s Go Surfing - The Drums

Go Ahead - Gap Dream

With Us Soon - Doug Tuttle

Optimist High - Chris Cohen

Back to the Middle - Deerhunter

Step - Vampire Weekend

Obstacle Eyes - Morgan Delt

Talking Backwards - Real Estate

Open the Door - The Men

Little Fang - Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks

Adult Diversion - Alvvays

Irene - Twin Peaks

Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix) - Small Black

Soft Tension - EZTV

How Can You Really - Foxygen

It All Feels Right - Washed Out

Lazy Wonderland - Broken Bells

Cali in a Cup - Woods

When They Fight, They Fight - Generationals

Ferus Gallery - Allah-Las

The Bend - Real Estate

Strangers - Lotus Plaza

I Was There - The War on Drugs

Good As New - Vacationer

Simple Girl - JR JR

Put Your Number In My Phone - Ariel Pink

Beat - White Fence

Out of Tune - Real Estate

Catamaran - Allah-Las

Necessary Evil - Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Eighth Avenue - Hospitality

Peace of Mind - Mikal Cronin

Ivy Covered House - Ducktails

Human - DIIV

Keep Me In Mind - Little Joy

Gloria - JR JR

Breaker - Deerhunter

She’s a Witch - Gengahr

Daydream - Calvin Love

Cryin’ Smoke - Ganglians

Varsity - Smith Westerns

Inside Out - Spoon

Run Baby Run - Toro y Moi

Introspection - MGMT

Unless You Speak from Your Heart - Porcelain Raft

Daydream - Beach Fossils

You Are a Lion, I Am a Lamb (Original Dram Session) - Ex Cops

Blessa - Toro y Moi

Weekenders - Minks

Feel It All Around - Washed Out

Sagres - The Tallest Man On Earth

Faithless - Heavenly Beat

You Disappear - La Luz

Let It Happen - Tame Impala

Moving To the Left - Woods

Red Eyes - The War on Drugs


Something I fucking hate about this site is that it popularized the term “latinx” which I get it was for the purpose of being inclusive or whatever, but shit dude, that’s a Spanish word. I don’t know the pronunciation in Portuguese, French, or Italian, but the word means a descendant of a romance language speaking nation that were former European colonies. It’s a Spanish word, and in Spanish, its either masculine or feminine. It goes against tumblr’s fucking PC agenda and what not, but regardless, its a Spanish word. And in Spanish, when referring to a large group of people, of mixed genders, it’s supposed to take the masculine pronunciation of the word. A group of Bolivian women are Latinas, and most Guatemalans are Latinos. Whether you like it or not, Latino/Latina isn’t native to English. It’s a borrowed word. And y'all second and third generation niggas use it freely, and it makes y'all forget the language of your people. It deconstructs the Spanish grammar and eventually dilutes it into garbled nonsense. So stop using “latinx” and use the actual word, because forreal, that’s damaging second and third generation Latinos by making English the dominant language in the mind, and making the beautiful Spanish language fade out into a couple of cool phrases and vocabulary to spice up your English. Practiquen el español, y paren la mierda. Apprenden como hablar bien, coño. Quite frankly, y'all bitch about white washing Latino people, when y'all can barely ask for directions in Spanish and shit.


faire le ménage - to do the housework

faire les tâches ménagères/les travaux ménagers - to do the chores

préparer un repas / le petit-déjeuner / le déjeuner / le dîner - to prepare a meal / breakfast / lunch / dinner

faire la cuisine - to do the cooking

faire les courses - to do the grocery shopping

faire la lessive - to do the washing

faire le repassage - to do the ironing

faire la vaisselle - to do the dishes/the washing up

faire la poussière - to do the dusting

tondre la pelouse/le gazon - to mow the lawn

ranger - to tidy up

épousseter - to dust

essuyer (la table) - to wipe (the table)

faire du jardinage - to do the gardening

débarrasser la table - to clear the table

mettre la table - to set the table

laver la voiture - to wash the car

ranger sa chambre - to tidy one’s room

étendre le linge - hang the washing

passer l'aspirateur - to do the vacuum cleaning

nettoyer la salle de bains - to clean the bathroom

sortir la poubelle - to take out the rubbish

laver les fenêtres/les vitres - to wash the windows

balayer - to sweep

éponger le sol - to mop the floor

charger le lave-vaisselle - to load the dishwasher

donner un coup de torchon - to have a quick dust-round/give things the once-over

faire un grand nettoyage (de printemps) - to do the spring-cleaning

promener le chien - to walk the dog