A él me acerqué en septiembre,
creo que lo conocía del marzo anterior…
Diciembre trajo la soledad y su ausencia,
pero octubre fue lo más bonito a su lado,
No hubo febrero y cartas,
ni julio o marzo de abrazos con hojas…
Pasó noviembre de su sonrisa diaria,
y en enero lo pensaba más que nunca.
Mayo vendrá y la cicatriz alguna vez,
Y yo le pensaré tanto, incluso con la lluvia de agosto,
incluso con su santoral en abril…
Pese a que no llegamos ni a junio ni a nada…
—  Clara Ajc
Hazlo, comete errores, vuelve a intentarlo, falla, manda todo a la mierda y empieza otra vez si es necesario.
En serio, no pasa nada.
—  Clumsy
A Soft Spot (Montgomery De La Cruz, 13 Reasons)

There was an annual scavenger hunt that took place every year at a local park in your town. You’d gone every year in your childhood, and it was now your turn to take your three year old niece. You’d convinced your boyfriend, Montgomery De La Cruz to go with you. He didn’t want to go necessarily, but he had a self admitted soft spot for not only you, but young kids.

“Zach is taking his little sister, and Bryce is taking his little cousin. I said we could meet up with them.” He grabbed your hand. Your niece sat comfortably on his shoulders. She loved Montgomery. Or “Monty” as she called him after hearing you call him that quite a bit.

“That’s fine. Where are they though?” Montgomery gestured to an area a few yards away. Sure enough, there his friends stood. Bryce stood with a young boy who couldn’t be older than five, while Zach stood with his sister who was a few years older than that.

“I told you I was too old for this, Zach!” His sister crossed her arms over her chest, she looked embarrassed.

“Oh yeah? Stop acting like you’re two.” Zach said in a kidding tone, bringing her into his chest for a hug. This seemed to lighten her up, though she still rolled her eyes and pushed him away.

“Let’s go Monty.” Your niece jerked his head towards the sign in table.

“You’re letting a little girl order you around?” Bryce laughed. You sent daggers his way. He knew this was your niece. You two didn’t like each other, plain and simple.

“We came here to do a fucking scavenger hunt, we’re doing a fucking scavenger hunt.” Montgomery rolled his eyes at Bryce. They were friends, but not so much after you two had started dating.

“Language, Montgomery.” You said quietly and sternly. You didn’t need your niece running home and dropping F bombs after hanging out with you and your boyfriend.

“She has you by the balls, doesn’t she?” Bryce nodded in your direction. Monty looked like he wanted to lunge at him, but you simply grabbed his bicep and led him to walk in the opposite direction.

“You’ve worked so hard not be such a hot head, you can’t let someone like Bryce ruin this for you.” Montgomery mumbled something before nodding in agreement.

A few hours later, after finding a few things on the scavenger hunt’s list, you guys had reached the words “sea shell”

“I see it! I see it Monty! Auntie!” She chanted on and on excitedly. Once you and Monty caught what she was looking at, you both turned to walk that way.

“I want to get it.” She said quickly. Monty knelt down and let her off his shoulders. She trotted over to the shell. Just as she reached it, so did Bryce’s cousin. Luckily, your niece grabbed the shell first. She giggled happily, turning to walk back to the two of you.

“That’s mine.” Bryce’s cousin said with little to no energy, taking it, and turning to walk away. Your niece was feisty, however, and she never went down without at least a little bit of a fight.

“Give that back right now!” She demanded. She hopped up and down, as he held the white shell over his head. She finally yanked on his arm hard enough to where the shell went flying out of his hands. Before she could take off running for it, he shoved her to the ground and ran for it himself.

“You little shit!” Monty didn’t take any hesitation before picking her up and handing her to you. He took the shell from the little boy.

“What makes you think you can do that? Do you go around hitting girls a lot?” The little boy’s lip started to quiver before tears streamed down his pink cheeks.

“Did I seriously just see you take that away from my little cousin, Monty?” Bryce approached. He didn’t look angry, just annoyed.

“He stole it from her.” Monty said, shrugging and handing it to the little girl.

“Woah, I’m gonna have to ask you to give that back to him, it’s his after all.” Bryce approached the little girl. You whipped around, shielding her from him.

“Don’t come near my niece, Walker.” Your maternal instincts came out as you grew more protective of her by the second.

“You’ll be handing that over.” Bryce said simply. Montgomery scoffed at the comment, as though it was an unbelievable idea.

“Enough about the shell, who’s going to teach your cousin not to hit girls?” Montgomery approached Bryce.

“I’ve never met someone who’s fought more people than you, Montgomery.” Bryce let out a loud laugh before staring right at Monty.

“I may have knocked a lot of guys around, but never a girl.” Montgomery stated. He seemed to want to make that very clear to anyone and everyone who may have been listening.

“You’re telling me you’ve never knocked miss priss around?” Bryce smirked, pointing at you. Suddenly, a growl escaped Montgomery’s lips. You’d never heard anything like it.

“Absolutely-Fucking-Not.” And with that, Monty lunged at him. You didn’t stop him this time.

Long story short, you all got kicked out and only Zach and his sister finished the hunt. That night, after dropping your niece off, you sat, visiting with her parents.

“Did you need to eat dinner, baby?” Her mother asked her. The little girl shook her head.

“Absolutely-Fucking-Not.” She said in a sing-song tone, before prancing down the hallway.

You slowly looked at Monty, who was bright red and refusing to make eye contact with you, or anyone else for that matter.

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My old drama teacher made a great point about *Old Hollywood*: “They worked within a censorship code. They could not be overt about sex, infidelity or homosexuality. They had to be subtle. But they still dealt with those themes. And, arguably, the subtlety was better than the annoying ‘in-your-face’ gratuitous stuff films give us now.”

I don’t necessarily agree, of course. 

But I understand what he was saying. 

Las cosas que no digo..

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Mercurio en Escorpio: Secreto, mantiene la mente bajo cerradura y llave, vigilada, siente que los pensamientos reveladores revelan el yo, tranquilo para que la observación pueda tener lugar, sólo dispuesto a participar en temas emocionantes, estimulantes y profundos, la mayor parte del trabajo ocurre en el inconsciente

Saturno en la 3 ª casa:
La parálisis mental puede ocurrir, como la acumulación de pensamiento completo que golpea un muro de hormigón y presiona en la mente. El individuo puede ser mentalmente ambientalmente sobreestimulado hasta el punto de silencio. También profundamente considera las palabras antes de hablar

Mercurio en la casa 12:
La muchedumbre convierte los pensamientos tan húmedos y acuosos que se escapan y desaparecen, a menudo el individuo puede ser aturdido en silencio socialmente porque los pensamientos de otras personas (a menudo no reconocido) se convierten en consumir. El individuo piensa mejor solo, la mente es privada

Plutón en la 3ª casa:
El individuo entiende la reverencia y el poder de las palabras que tan profundamente considera la onda consciente e inconsciente de sus palabras. Motivado a decir sólo la verdad, sólo dispuesto a participar en cosas/situaciones emocionantes, estimulantes, temas profundos.

Aspectos de Mercurio-Saturno: La parálisis cerebral puede ocurrir, la mente parece aturdida o apretada, los pensamientos de inadecuación, ‘eres demasiado estúpido para participar en esta conversación’ puede perjudicar la expresión mental, busca contribuir sólo con información significativa y pensamientos.

Neptuno en la 3 ª casa:
El sueño activo puede inhibir al individuo de la conversación a menudo generando distractibilidad vaga y la incapacidad de centrarse en la conversación o llevar la conversación de una manera que puede ser seguido.

Mercurio en la casa octava:
La compulsión de hablar sólo la verdad significa un silencio significativo, guardado y estrictamente observador - el individuo mira a otras personas antes de participar en la discusión, reservado con los pensamientos.


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