There’s a lot of work with writing an application. First, you gotta find out what you wanna apply to, which courses, and then you’ll have to find out where you’re able to do this with what you got from the country you’re from. Like me, I’ve got a bachelor from Norway in Occupational therapy, but I don’t have two years of experience. This limits my options a little. Then you have to chose a university that’s good. I’ve been lucky, cause Occupational Therapist International Outreach Network (OTION) has information on which masters I could take to reach my goal of working abroad. I’m therefore applying to RMIT in Melbourne for masters in social science (international development). From Kilroy Education, which is an agency helping students in Norway applying internationally, I got tips on other options that are equivalent, also in Melbourne at La Trobe university; international relations and international development. Then you have to write a CV in English, and provide other relevant documentation like certificates and reference letters. As I stated in the previous post, you need to undertake a TOEFL and get the score that’s needed for the programs you’re applying to. When you got an agency like Kilroy, you can send the application and all other required documentation to them, and they will send it by E-mail to the universities you’re applying to. When you’ve sent the application it’ll take 4-8 weeks before the universities reply on your application. Then you can start looking for accommodation close to the university you’ve been accepted to. When studying abroad from Norway we get funds from the government. But since there’s a tuition fee in Australia, my loan will be bigger than if I’d studied in Norway. From what I understand, I don’t have to send letters from scholarship providers because I am Norwegian. All though I get funding from the Norwegian government, this is probably not enough for me to live on, even though Australia is slightly cheaper than Norway. Because of this the logical thing for me to do before going there will be to save up money for my stay overseas.

I’ve gotten quite far with the application, and I believe I will have it sent within August. Kilroy Education told me this is early when applying in Australia, where the semester starts in February or March. Because of this, it’s more likely that I get accepted. I’m currently working on the application as well as my CV and reference letters. All will be finished within a week I guess. I’ll also have to write a motivation letter, or a personal statement, telling why I wanna study there and why I should be accepted. I imagine a lot of people would want to go abroad with mates, but I personally don’t think this is necessary, cause there’s heaps of people studying in Australia that’s not Australian. RMIT got 11.000 international students every year. It’s likely that I’ll have multiplied the numbers of friends when I eventually turn my head back to Norway. If I do.

That’s it for now… I’m of to mow the lawn now. Laterz peepz.



“Why Can’t I Just Google?” information literacy video by La Trobe University in Australia