This incredibly awesome fireplace is part of La Torre, a 16th century Italian watchtower on the Tuscan coast that was turned into a fabulous vacation home by Italian fashion designer Elsa Peretti.

“La Torre was a ruin of a watchtower on the steep and craggy cliffs of Southern Tuscany built by Spanish invaders in the 16th-century as a military lookout between the Tuscan archipelago and the island of Corsica. Its remote siting appealed to Peretti as a safe haven from curious tourists. But its isolation and decrepit condition would not make life easy for her. After many attempts Peretti could not turn the awkward and spartan interiors with their thick stone walls, cell-like rooms and cracks for windows into welcoming spaces. Enter friend and maestro of atmosphere, Milanese architect Renzo Mongiardino.”

Peretti gave Mongiardino carte blanche to completely transform La Torre, which is exactly what he did, turning the austere interior into a fantastic fairy tale tower using the tromp l'oeil technique. However no optical illusions were involved in creating this amazing fireplace, which is a cast of one of the gaping grotesques in the 16th century Gardens of Bomarzo in northern Lazio, Italy.

Head over to The Art of the Room for more photos and information about this awesome abode.

Photo by Fritz von der Schulenburg

[via Neatorama and The Art of the Room]


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