I’ve waited more than six hours in line with my sisters and my friend just to see VIXX. My plan on going to the beach got canceled, because of it. I mean, some Strlights have waited longer than me, but I was irritated and I literally had no idea why I was in line for when I got my tickets during the four hours of waiting mark (I’m seated; VIP2, first row!!). But you know what? It’s best to forget all that waiting in line and remember your love for VIXX. That’s what my aunt told me when I texted her saying I got irritated and this waiting was ridiculous.

Anyways, I’ll skip to when I finally went inside! I got stopped by a security guard in line when I was close to going through the scan thingy. He told me that gifts weren’t allowed and I have to do something about it. Seriously, I was scared, because I either throw away the gifts (all my money!!) or stay out. Then, other Strlights who had gifts for VIXX were also with me, which made me a little calmer. A few seconds went by as we all panicked, another security guard let us in, and a staff collected our gifts. I swear my heart was relieved and I just thanked everyone around me; the staffs, security guards, fans, etc. I mean, I wasn’t mad at the guards, because they were just doing what they’ve been told, but it’s all good now. My gifts were sent to VIXX! I began to tear up when I got to my seats and my sisters just gave me ‘are you crazy?’ look LOL! I couldn’t believe it! It all seemed like a dream. All the stuff that happened before the show was ridiculous, but yet, it was worth it^^

Skip all my ugly crying to the show! It’ll be like a ten page of what happened during the show. Everyone will be tired of reading and it’ll be quite similar to other Strlights who went to the LA show, so I’ll summarize the showcase in a short way.

IT WAS GREAT and the BEST EXPERIENCE EVER IN MY LIFE!!! Thank you staffs, guards, Jellyfish, VIXX, and espcially St★rlights! Forever loving this fandom! 

All the members looked my way, I’ll assume they were looking at me. Which meant, they made eye contact with me!!!!

**One St★rlight passed out before the encore. I really hope you’re okay and continued to spread your love for VIXX^^

Now, we all wait for their FULL ALBUM to come out and gather once again to share our feels. I know that day I would cry again just like the day of the showcase. VIXX + St★rlights = Perfection 

Selling Vixx Showcase L.A. Tickets~

Hey guys, I’m selling two yellow zone tickets for the Vixx Showcase in L.A. Me and my friend bought better tickets and don’t need these anymore. We bought them for about $70 plus a website fee, but I won’t charge the website fee. So, each ticket will be $70. Please message me (joongyu), infinite-unf, or brbmovingtokorea if you are interested or have any questions about the tickets. Thanks^^