La Muralla Roja

La Muralla Roja (spanish for ‘The Red Wall’) is a 50 unit housing project located within the La Manzanera development in Spain’s Calpe. Formed like a fortress, the casbah-influenced structure, with it’s labyrinth of stairways and catwalks, appears as if it’s emerging from the rocks. La Muralla Roja was built in 1968 by legendary architect Ricardo Bofill. Bofill’s desire to provide enhanced living is clear with inclusion of roof terraces, a solaria, a swimming pool, and a sauna, all reserved for the residents’ use.

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The outside surfaces are painted in various tones of red, to accentuate the contrast with the landscapes; patios and stairs, however, are treated with blue tones, such as sky-blue, indigo, violet, to produce a stronger or weaker contrast with the sky or, on the contrary, an optical effect of blending in with it. The intensity of the colours is also related to the light and show how the combination of these elements can help create a greater illusion of space.

Ricardo Bofill’s La Muralla Roja, 1973 (Alicante, Spain)

Have been drawn to bold colors lately, especially after browsing Josef Alber’s Interaction of Color