Hacienda Hotel in Las Vegas use to provide free flights from L.A. to Vegas, cocktail in every hand and fashion models walking the aisles.

For $27.50, you would get a deluxe room, bottle of champagne and $5 in chips for the casino. The flights were popular. More visitors were arriving at McCarran terminal by the Hacienda’s fleet of 30 planes than all the commercial airlines combined. This led to a dispute with the Civil Aeronautics Board, which officially stopped the flights in 1962. 

Photos by Grey Villet for Life, 1957. 

When I was in the Houston office, I received many calls about admitting patients into La Hacienda.  So many times the family was already thinking ahead to what happens when their loved one discharges from treatment.  The good news is that they do not have to figure it all out then or by themselves.  La Hacienda has a team of Continuing Care Coordinators.  This picture shows where you can find Louis, Alison and Don on campus. 


Drinks around the World part 2. Click on each picture to see description and where to find them.


“When we reached AA, and for the first time in our lives stood among people who seemed to understand, the sense of belonging was tremendously exciting.”

12 & 12, p.57

“To watch people recover, to see them help others, to watch loneliness vanish, to see a fellowship grow up about you, to have a host of friends - this is an experience you must not miss.”

Alcoholics Anonymous, p.89

Oh my gosh, this picture can symbolize so much.  I see my Higher Power protecting and guiding me (and my friends). I see myself staying close to the fellowship and being shown the way.  I see myself as a sponsor working the Steps with my sponsees when I take them through the Steps as I was taken through them.

This is a WE program.

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