La Garita, Colorado

These magnificent ash formations are the legacy of perhaps the largest explosive eruption in the earth’s history. Some 28 million years ago the Colorado eruption disgorged more that 1,200 cubic miles of lava – enough to fill the basin of Lake Michigan. The resultant, oblong-shaped caldera, located in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, measures around 22 by 47 miles.

Rough waters This is the third and final installment, for now I guess, in the series devoted to El Bufadero of La Garita, on the coast of Telde (Gran Canaria, Canary Islands). People say that there is no two without three, and I did not want to stop showing the culminating moment of the process, just when the strength of the tide causes that the pit fill with water, growing from bottom, while the sea floods it also by the top, causing a spectacular overflow. Wouldn’t I like to be in those moments in the midst of these choppy waters.

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Esta es la tercera y última entrega, por ahora supongo, de la serie dedicada a El Bufadero de La Garita, en la costa de Telde (Gran Canaria, islas Canarias). La gente dice que no hay dos sin tres y yo no he querido dejar de mostrar el momento culminante del proceso, justo cuando la fuerza de la marea provoca que el pozo se llene de agua al tiempo que el mar lo inunda también por la parte superior, provocando un espectacular reboso. No quisiera yo estar en esos momentos en medio de esas agitadas aguas.

Espero que hayan disfrutado con esta colección. Tienen el resto de las fases e información más detallada en las imágenes y

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La Garita Caldera is a large volcanic caldera located in the San Juan volcanic field in the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado, United States, to the west of the town of La Garita, Colorado. Perhaps, the largest known explosive eruption in all of Earth’s history, it spread out more than 1,200 cubic miles of lava. The eruption that took place 28 million years ago left these beautiful these ash formations behind.