Un año antes de su muerte, Franz Kafka vivió una experiencia insólita. Paseando por el parque Steglitz, en Berlín, encontró a una niña llorando desconsolada: había perdido su muñeca.
Kafka se ofreció a ayudar a buscar la muñeca y se dispuso a reunirse con ella al día siguiente en el mismo lugar.
Incapaz de encontrar a la muñeca compuso una carta “escrita” por la muñeca y se la leyó cuando se reencontraron:
- “Por favor no llores, he salido de viaje para ver el mundo. Te voy a escribir sobre mis aventuras …“- Este fue el comienzo de muchas cartas.
Cuando él y la niña se reunían, él le leía estas cartas cuidadosamente compuestas de aventuras imaginarias sobre la querida muñeca. La niña fue consolada. Cuando las reuniones llegaron a su fin, Kafka le regaló una muñeca. Ella obviamente la veía diferente de la muñeca original . Una carta adjunta explicó:
-“mis viajes me han cambiado … “ -
Muchos años más tarde, la chica ahora crecida, encontró una carta metida en una grieta desapercibida dentro de la muñeca. En resumen, decía: -” Cada cosa que amas es muy probable que la pierdas, pero al final, el amor volverá de una forma diferente“- .
—  Kafka y la Muñeca - La omnipresencia de la pérdida.
that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me

A pinkberry playlist



  1. My Best Friend’s Hot/The Dollyrots
  2. My Maryanne/Dressy Bessy
  3. Fell In Love With A Girl/The White Stripes
  4. IILWMBF/Sälen 
  5. With A Girl Like You/Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
  6. Maybe/The Aquadolls
  7. Crush On You/The Jets
  8. Jessie’s Girl/Mary Lambert
  9. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance/Black Kids
  10. I’m Her/Ji Nilsson
  11. Drive/Glades
  12. Tell Me How It Is/HOLYCHILD
  13. Cured of Youth/Tennis
  14. Tongue Tied/Shura
  15. Then We Kiss/Icona Pop
  16. Lips/The xx
  17. Waves/Electric Guest
  18. My Boots/LIGHTS
  19. Acoustic Guitar/The Magnetic Fields
  20. Midway/Bad Bad Hats
  21. Life Lesson/dodie
  22. On Your Side/The Veronicas
  23. Helium/Sizzy Rocket
  24. Take Her From You/DEV
  25. Oh Baby Doll/La Femme
  26. Against the Night/Child Actor
  27. Shut Up Kiss Me/Angel Olsen
  28. I Was Made For Loving You/Myzica
  29. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher/Pixie Lott
  30. Warm On A Cold Night/HONNE
  31. Star/Willow + Jabs
  32. Aurora/Marlene
  33. Heaven Is a Place on Earth/Belinda Carlisle
  34. I Want To Hold Your Hand/T.V. Carpio
  35. Life Is Rosy/Jess Penner

The song starts at about 1:00 in the video. Your genitals clench in apprehension at about 1:13, when the disturbingly fluid movements suddenly flip on, and you forget how to love at about 1:50, when the automaton turns to look at you with a faint smirk that you swear wasn’t there before. The automaton can play eight different songs (here’s another one) by changing the cylinders under the seat, and oh yeah, remember how this is supposed to look like a miniature version of the queen herself?

Toward that end, the robot was built using Marie Antoinette’s real clothes and hair, making La Joueuse the world’s first (and we hope only) cybernetic voodoo doll. La Joueuse was badly damaged during the French Revolution, but it was restored in the 1800s and finally brought back to life, and it now sits in a museum in Paris. Waiting.

Waiting to play you her song.

The 7 Creepiest Old School Robots

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*grunts in romanian*

La dracu, păpușă.” (Fuck, doll) Sebastian rasped over the screen.

Even though the two of your were parted away –Sebastian being at his hometown in Romania as you were left in New York city, both of you still couldn’t resist the necessity of sex. So what both of you did for the previous weeks was to face time each other and nevertheless masturbate in front of the screen.

Your cheeks flared as you felt heat and blood rushing over your face as you stared at the screen ahead of you. Sebastian was intensively jerking himself off as he threw the back of his head out of delight –along with hearing a few grunts. Though what had made you more titillated was when you heard him grunting and panting in his native language, Romanian.

The spontaneous swears left Sebastian’s lips –obviously because he was into the moment and the sensation so much as he undoubtedly was swearing and probably forgetting that you couldn’t understand much. “Haide, mai repede.” (C’mon, faster) He grunts followed by a compliment, “Thew view of your pussy is so fucking beautiful, păpușă.” 

here’s a v short drabble. blame the anon who sent the ‘grunts in romanian’


A friend/customer sent me her Belle Disney Store 11" doll give an entire new faceup so the doll actually resembles Emma Watson, and to rebody her head onto a more proportional, poseable and realistic detailed body.

My old digital camera is terrible at doll/figure photography, especially of 1/6 or smaller, :( but in person, she’s more true to life and accurate than the photos above depict. I wonder if the custom has a better camera than I can take snap a few shots herself. :) Maybe I’ll ask her! :)

Anyway, in additional to a new full faceup, I also rooted a widow’s peak on her forehead so her hairline wasn’t too high, I smoothed down the top/crown of her head so it’s not so ‘bulgy’ headed as it was before and gave her real eyelashes for added realism.
For the body, it’s a Kumik, so the pantaloons no longer fit at the hips, and I adjusted them with a white patch on each side to allow for them.
(Not seen at all due to the dress). The body is perfect, with realistic shape/size and neck, but unfortunately, I had to carve the Kumik’s lovely realistic feet to barely anything so they’d fit in the DS shoes. ^^;;

Hope you like her—the buyer was super happy and thrilled! :)

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