Miniature set of pumkins


A friend/customer sent me her Belle Disney Store 11" doll give an entire new faceup so the doll actually resembles Emma Watson, and to rebody her head onto a more proportional, poseable and realistic detailed body.

My old digital camera is terrible at doll/figure photography, especially of 1/6 or smaller, :( but in person, she’s more true to life and accurate than the photos above depict. I wonder if the custom has a better camera than I can take snap a few shots herself. :) Maybe I’ll ask her! :)

Anyway, in additional to a new full faceup, I also rooted a widow’s peak on her forehead so her hairline wasn’t too high, I smoothed down the top/crown of her head so it’s not so ‘bulgy’ headed as it was before and gave her real eyelashes for added realism.
For the body, it’s a Kumik, so the pantaloons no longer fit at the hips, and I adjusted them with a white patch on each side to allow for them.
(Not seen at all due to the dress). The body is perfect, with realistic shape/size and neck, but unfortunately, I had to carve the Kumik’s lovely realistic feet to barely anything so they’d fit in the DS shoes. ^^;;

Hope you like her—the buyer was super happy and thrilled! :)

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Un año antes de su muerte, Franz Kafka vivió una experiencia insólita. Paseando por el parque Steglitz, en Berlín, encontró a una niña llorando desconsolada: había perdido su muñeca.
Kafka se ofreció a ayudar a buscar la muñeca y se dispuso a reunirse con ella al día siguiente en el mismo lugar.
Incapaz de encontrar a la muñeca compuso una carta “escrita” por la muñeca y se la leyó cuando se reencontraron:
- “Por favor no llores, he salido de viaje para ver el mundo. Te voy a escribir sobre mis aventuras …“- Este fue el comienzo de muchas cartas.
Cuando él y la niña se reunían, él le leía estas cartas cuidadosamente compuestas de aventuras imaginarias sobre la querida muñeca. La niña fue consolada. Cuando las reuniones llegaron a su fin, Kafka le regaló una muñeca. Ella obviamente la veía diferente de la muñeca original . Una carta adjunta explicó:
-“mis viajes me han cambiado … “ -
Muchos años más tarde, la chica ahora crecida, encontró una carta metida en una grieta desapercibida dentro de la muñeca. En resumen, decía: -” Cada cosa que amas es muy probable que la pierdas, pero al final, el amor volverá de una forma diferente“- .
—  Kafka y la Muñeca - La omnipresencia de la pérdida.

BTS just won Top Social Artist at BMA! congrates both BTS & ARMY. The images credit to owner. When I listen to Rapmon’s speech, its remind me when VIXX 1st win (during voodoo doll era) because, the 1st person(s) they thanked to are their fans 😭

Both of this group came from a small company. Both of them are the 1st kpop group created from their company (correct me if I wrong)


VIXX performed “love equation” during Yu Huiyeol Sketchbook latest ep. This song won 8 trophies on music show which make it one of the succcessful single for VIXX. I got teary eyes when saw videos of them winning the trophys at music shows and happy too oc 😁 I wish this will happen soon during this era. The song used zero english lyrics, 100% lyrics are in korean. But it still catchy to me tho. Tomorrow will be VIXX 5TH ANNIVERSARY! I hope they won on Show Champion. I want to see them felt shocked again with the win 🙌🙏


I wont call myself an ARMY, yet. Why? I dont deserve it, bcause the things that I know about them is only their song title 😆 I do watched their MV but never vote for them in any music show. (I DID VOTE FOR THEM ON MAMA AWARD LAST YEAR) I hope, VIXX also gonna have a beautiful and successful journey following their dreams 🙆

Once again, congrates BTS. 👏👏