Estas son algunas de las muñecas artesanales especiales que ha realizado Mayeb. Cada una de ellas fue pintada a mano y diseñada de forma exclusiva. ¡Visita su página y conoce toda su hermosa colección!  



Billow likes long walks in the garden, tickling lady bugs while they sleep, and listening to the morning songbirds tweet. His favorite food and drink: strawberries and compost tea. Although born out of this world, Billow enjoys everything that Earth has to offer so much that he is looking to take up residence here.

Will his new forever home be with you?


Billow is a OOAK alien art doll and is hand-sculpted of paper clay. He is painted with acrylics and sealed with satin varnish. Strawberry is not attached and is very fragile. He is painted with acrylics and was sealed with satin varnish an is 4.5" tall.

Billow desperately needs a new forever home.

Can you help him?


Sculpt Day 3 Progress. Starting to look more like my sketch! I likely won’t make his eyes any bigger, for practicality’s sake.Took a lil’ break and got some more foam so i’m going to start on his body soon-ish. Not getting a mockup sketch that I really like. Trying not to get burned out and not finish him! I am a fickle beast. Getting his profile much better, too.

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I was tagged by @sheonlycaresaboutbands (thank youuuu) to post my top ten favorite bands. (Sorry, I haven’t been on in a couple days)

  • Mötley Crüe
  • Alter Bridge
  • Dorothy
  • Guns N’ Roses
  • L.A. Guns
  • Murderdolls
  • Filter
  • New York Dolls
  • Dope
  • Sevendust

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Se limpio el hilo de sangre que salia de su boca con una sonrisa triunfante al ver que había derribado al maleante “Y te creías muy intimidante solo porque era una chica, ¿huh?” Ignorando la gente que se había reunido para ver lo que sucedía, la castaña agarra la billetera que el maleante tenia en sus pantalones y lo abrió para ver de quien era y observo el lugar para ver si veía a la persona dueña de la cédula Y la billetera como tal.


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