I.M. Pei’s proposed 660’ project for the La Defense office district of Paris - (1971) Renderings By Helmut Jacoby.

Pei and partner Araldo Cossutta attempt to realize Ferris’s vision of a skyscraper bridging separated pedestrian and vehicular traffic with twin towers whose facades cascade into each other - turning the famous Arche De Triomphe which it lines up with along the Axe historique - on its head.
Eventually, this plan was discarded and a new project - that included a modern take on the monumental arch - with an accompanying pedestrian plaza was built in the 1980s.

Tour EDF by Giles McGarry
Via Flickr:
This is a shot of Tour EDF in La Defense - Paris. Its the first building I ever saw online from La Defense and as soon as I saw it - I said one day I will go there. And in fact its the building I made a beeline for as soon as I arrived, just loved its flying saucer like entrance and that cut out that makes the building so iconic. Even though it was during the week I set my tripod up and shot the building from various different angles and in fact on various different days - and not once did I get any security hassle - what a breath of fresh air. I learnt yesterday that 4 of my shots attained Honoury Mentions in the IPAs - not for this shot but for my set from MACBA and my Venice cityscape - pleased as punch 

Tour T1 by Giles McGarry
Via Flickr:
Another shot from my trip to Paris. This is a shot of Tour T1 in La Defense, in fact its the same building as was in the background of the last shot. I don’t know whether you’d call this the back of the front of the building, it feels like the back but the main reception is on this side so I assume its the front, nevertheless I found the building quite captivating - and it added to that for me it was near perfect conditions - overcast - but bright with it.