To the L.A Exo-Ls who’re planning to go welcome the boys at the airport can you please follow what the Russian fans did last time

and give them space? They’ve traveled for hours and are most likely very tired to have to put up with ya’ll violating their privacy. Also please don’t follow the actions of the fans from the previous concert, the boys already have so much to deal with and they don’t need to put up with a fandom who can’t behave themselves.

I’m pretty sure ya’ll don’t wanna be the next “one step back” city.

exo’luxion LA

okay people, i’m not a popular blog or anything like that, this might not get many notes and i don’t really care about it but  i want to tell everyone, every single one of you that are going to the LA  concert of exo please behave. if you go to the airport, don’t push the boys around, don’t pull them ether, let them go to their vans safely, let them know that we can all behave. it’s always a problem with exo-l’s to keep them under control and most of them don’t care if the boys get hurt as long as they have a photo of their oppa. dude, i honestly don’t fucking care if i don’t have a close up photo of them or even if i can’t touch them. i care most about their safety and that if we want another concert of them here, we have to respect them and don’t fucking go all bananas over them. so- just please, let’s all behave, let’s listen to them, let’s just enjoy that our boys are making a sacrifice to come here and to be with their international fans. let’s do our best to keep them happy and safe, yeah? 

ExoLuxion in Vancouver was disgusting

I’m disappointed. I don’t care if I piss off Vancouver fans. I don’t even want to hear the “but they don’t represent us!!” Because guess what? THEY DO. EXO now has a horrible impression of the EXO-Ls in Vancouver, and we kicked off their tour to a bad start. The Vancouver fans disgust me. Let’s not do this for other concerts. I’m going to the LA concert. Let’s show up Vancouver (for the remaining North America locations) so that EXO wants to come back to North America.

Let’s not disappoint them.


The Weeknd performing The Hills at the #Power106Crush concert in LA.

This was the concert at one point in Vancouver…

Do you see the space back there? A LOT. That’s how much pushing and shoving was happening.

I know everyone is probably sick of hearing about this but please, please, don’t push or shove or fight with the staff in the pit or anywhere. Everyone is here to support and have fun with EXO, maybe for their first and last EXO concert. So please enjoy the concert and be safe! LA and NYC is up next in the tour and I know the pit is every larger, with more people. So please be careful and mindful of others.

EXO doesn’t want anyone harmed just because EXOLs came to support them in their concert.

So stay safe and enjoy the concert!!

(Yo, sekaibaek fans, please scream loudly for the boys for me since I’m no longer able to attend their LA concert…)

- Admin KP

To everybody attending the Exo’lution LA concert:

Let’s be nice and behave, okay? We don’t want to ruin this amazing opportunity we’ve been given, everybody deserves to have fun and feel safe. Let’s work together and make it a good one for us and for the boys!


Fellow fangirls/fanboys,

I’ll be on semi-hiatus until Wednesday. I’m leaving for LA today. Going to see the EXO LA concert then celebrate my anniversary with my boyfriend in Disneyland

If you send in questions about the giveaway, sorry, I may not be able to respond right away. 

I’m gonna miss you guys. AND I HATE MISSING OUT ON BTS NEWS. PLS TAG ME… srsly. I’ll be back soon tho :) 

(If I don’t die at the concert on Sunday)



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EXO’luXion in LA on Sunday!!! :D

I will be out of town Saturday through most of Monday for EXO’s LA concert, and I will have very limited internet access during that time, but I’ve set up a queue for the long weekend. I will check my inbox/instant messages when I get home. :)

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! <3


vy-olet asked:

Hi Im going to the LA concert and you're from San Diego or OC going to the concert, can you fit one more person? Willing to pay gas and parking money! Hope you can post this

Attention LA-concert attenders!

- Admin Audrey (wish I could go ;; but no ticket + I don’t live there orz but I’m in CA too hahah)