LGBTQ+ Movies of 2016: Part 4 (Short Films)

Let Us End with It Too

When Sarah realizes that she may be falling out of love with her partner, Jessica, she withdraws into herself in order to face her emotions and interpret them before acting on the initial presence of the potentially detonative thought.

The Ace

After being diagnosed HIV positive, a young high school teacher must confront a concerned parent to maintain his dignity and find acceptance within himself and from those around him.

The Cricket and the Ant (La Cigale et la Fourmi)

A forbidden relationship between a student and her french teacher shows how passionate and exciting but also how complicated and painful love can be.

Acceptance Part 1

Acceptance is a dark short film that touches on the difficulty of telling the people you love your secret of what and who you truly are.


At a typical New York high school, social outcast Leilani Reeves faces bullying from Rylee Floyd and other popular girls due to her shyness and sexuality. She forms an unexpected bond with physical education teacher Misha King, who defends Leilani and shares experiences and difficulties from her own life as a gay mother. The two separately face Rylee’s continuous antagonism until sudden moments of conflict and intimacy bring the three women together and reveal either desperation or reconciliation.

Sunset Trail

After two men meet on an earthquake-stricken trail, they must make their way back to civilization. On the way, they start to see more in each other than just friends, and are forced to make a decision: will they part ways, or let their love grow?

American Male

A gritty look at how gender norms make it hard for us to be who we really are.


After a horrible gymnastics injury, a young, insecure, teenager has a glimpse into her future as she comes to terms with her sexuality.

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obi by dizingof

crown of crystals by a fan in australia who gave it to me after a show who i still can’t find

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