We went to the La Brea tarpits today. And drew bones and shit.

I also got interviewed by a TV station about what I thought the song of the summer was.

I answered Meow Mix song and meows dramatically for them. They left quickly.


Museums and Galleries: the Final Chapter

My final weeks in LA were a bit of a blur. I tried to fit in as many adventures as I possibly could before I had to leave the sun and head back to the rain. 


For a couple of weeks instead of being super cool and going out on a friday, after work I would wander down Wilshire to LACMA (it’s open till 8 on a friday with free entry for residents). I wandered round all the greats: the pavilion of Japanese Art, the Broad Contemporary, the Hammer. LACMA is a glorious space, a must for anyone moonlighting in the city.

Also the Unexplained Phenomena Project by Victor Raphael and David Jordan Williams is a MUST. Literally it’s a floating rock. My friend and I took the obligatory touristy photos with it. The project is supposed to explore extraordinary mysterious encounters with the unknown and:

hopes to elicit in the viewer the idea that we should not rule out the unexplained or the exceptional when considering what is real and what we know.

I just liked standing under a boulder that wouldn’t fall on me. SUCH a peasant.

ps the building is a fitty. ‘Streamline Moderne’ designed by Albert C. Martin Sr.

The La Brea Tarpits

Channel your inner child and visit them furrrrr realz! Such a  bizarre place, Oil literally is coming out of the ground in bubbles all over the site. Who knew there was oil under LA?! It smells a bit strange though. You could really see where the art directors for “Labyrinth” got their inspiration. On top of that they’re still excavating! There are tents set up and an observation deck into one of the pits. The most common thing they found it seems were the bones of the dire wolf which will excite a certain thrill if you are aGame of Thronesviewer (I AM!!) On top of that there is a fun but outdated and overpriced natural history museum on site. You can  watch the scientists go about their work in the lab within. Almost like a human zoo… This place made me so happy *squeal*

The Hammer Museum

If nothing else the Hammer looks like a glorious place to go for lunch… All white marble and sun. My partner in crime and I did not sample its delights as we were in a rush but we did see their Made in LA expo which was not too shabby. One of my favourite pieces was a queer short exploring identity through a transgender Alice in Wonderland and vagina dentata. It was called She Gone Rogue and I highly recommend it! What was so funny about this was after viewing this awesome spectacle I realised it was by my friend Rhys Ernst, a truly talented film maker who I had met the week before at a barbeque in celebration of the prolific Studio 54 regular Grandma. A few notable people from the transvestite scene were milling around there which was fun too.

The Museum of Jurassic Tech

ONE OF THE COOLEST MUSEUMS I’VE EVER BEEN TO PLEEEEEASE GOOOOOOO! I can’t exactly explain this place. They explain themselves like this:

Like a coat of two colors, the Museum serves dual functions. On the one hand the Museum provides the academic community with a specialized repository of relics and artifacts from the Lower Jurassic, with an emphasis on those that demonstrate unusual or curious technological qualities. On the other hand the Museum serves the general public by providing the visitor a hands-on experience of “life in the Jurassic”….

This dark realm filled with curiosities opens up to a free tea room with biscuits. Follow the spiral staircase to the roof and you find a Moroccan garden with tame doves and other birds. I touched a dove!! It was so serene, I could have stayed there all day. I ended up buying a book about the 'Sacred Bee’, superstitions and mythology about the bee (my namesake) and  a tooth box with the inscription “wonder is bound with secret knots.”

The Museum of Architecture and Design

A strange little place on one floor. I went to see “Come In Les Femmes!” which is an annual exhibition which this year invited women to take over the space. It was quite limited and not the best art I’d ever seen but worth a look if you happen to be near LACMA.

Here’s their spiel:

Established in response to the need for a space that would be devoted expressly to the exhibition of progressive architecture and design in Los Angeles, A+D Museum opened its doors in January 2001 in the Bradbury Building, one of downtown Los Angeles’ premiere landmark buildings.

Now located on Los Angeles’ Museum Row, A+D continues to be the only museum in Los Angeles where continuous exhibits of architecture and design are on view.  Through exhibits, symposia, multi-disciplinary projects, educational and community programming, A+D serves as a showcase for the work of important regional, national and international designers, providing a forum for contemporary issues in architecture, urbanism, and design that are helping to shape the city. Support from corporations, community businesses, foundations and individuals will ensure the continued vitality of what Dwell editor and New York Times contributor Frances Anderton heralded as a “very real force in the city.”

A+D Museum is a non-profit 501© 3 organization and is a member of the American Association of Museums and the International Confederation of Architectural Museums and is recognized by design industry associations such as the American Institute of Architects, the American Institute of Graphic Artists and the American Architectural Foundation.


I only went to one of their three spaces at the Pacific Design Centre. I saw “Amanda Ross Ho: Teeny Tiny Woman.” The space was great, the expo didn’t grab me as much. A bit pretentious art school looking for my taste. Here’s what they say about the show:

This new installation by Amanda Ross-Ho encompasses architectural elements, large-scale paintings, fabricated objects, textiles, and photographs created specifically for the MOCA Pacific Design Center. AMANDA ROSS-HO: TEENY TINY WOMAN evolves her continued interest in translation, scale, and the authored collapse of authentic gesture and performance. Her work interrogates intimate territories of experience, toggling between the context of production and the context of reception, to create an infinite loop of meaning.

Huntington Library Art Collection and Botanic Gardens

I had a very beautiful morning here with my friend Gracie. Parts of the gardens made me feel like I was on Mars, others in Gatsby’s playground. The house was stunning and the library art collections interesting. The one thing the place was lacking was a good cafe. I got a very substandard burger and we were told we could only enter the tea room if we paid $35 for a buffet. RIP OFF!


tarfest 2013. la brea tarpits in los angeles california. september 21st 2013. merry karnowsky gallery presents greg “craola” simkins and axis painting live on a sunny saturday. music by the legendary bobby darin. filmed and edited by jordan ahern.

thanks for watching!

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052112 - La Brea Tarpits & UCLA. Got Diddy Reice! Best ice cream ever and high quality too! Had to run back to UCLA cause we were 30 minutes late for the tour guide! Had some yummy Carl’s Jr. Food and disgusting Thai Tea Boab, lol. Camerawhored and had Bella as my Bus Buddy<3 Love her to death. Tarpits actually smell! Aha…didn’t get home until 5:30 P.M. because of stupid traffic! Oh, and Mr. Pham & Brothwell paid for our ice cream! Too good to be true. L.A. is too rich for me (;