We don’t know exactly what happened that night. We may never know exactly what happened. But we’ve heard some of the details. And they are gruesome. By pleading “no contest”, Slava Voynov is essentially saying that he did these things to his wife.

Whatever the reason was, there is no excuse for his actions, and I hope the Kings terminate his contract. There is no reason for a man who did what he did to play in the National Hockey League.



JAW Cooper

“Give Me Darkness”

Acrylic & Oils on Fabriano Paper

“Give Me Darkness” all but finished! Can’t wait for the glazes to dry so I can take that tape off and sign it. This piece will be part of my upcoming August solo show at La Luz De Jesus gallery, contact the gallery with inquiries. @laluzdejesus #laluzdejesus #JAWCooper #oilpaint #august 2015 solo show”

  • clarisse:hey percy
  • percy:yyyeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh....
  • clarisse:i was just thinking
  • percy:yyyeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh....
  • clarisse:well you know im hedge's kid's godmother
  • percy:yyyeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh....
  • clarisse:so i wanted to know if when you and jason have a kid
  • percy:yyyeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh....
  • clarisse:if i could be their godmother too
  • percy:yyyeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh....
  • clarisse:k thanks good talk