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Oh my gosh…I can’t believe it!

Aaaa thank you so much for 4,000 followers!

Really…I don’t even know how I got this far, but I couldn’t make it without you guys ; o ; You all are so kind, thank you so much for being there, it means so much to me! Anyways…I set up an art raffle to celebrate! <3

Reblogs only to enter! Likes don’t count!

There will be four winners! Please don’t be sad if you don’t get picked! I will do more raffles in the future! 

1st place: full body, lineless!

2nd place: half body, watercolor!

3rd place: full body, lineless chibi!

4th place: lineless icon!

Thank you so much again! I’m really at a lost of words how to express my gratitude to you all…I love you so much everyone! And good luck! 

This raffle ends April 5th!


( <3 )

@sixpenceee , I recently fell in love o-o

Portuguese man-of-war :

A floating colonial coelenterate with a number of polyps and a conspicuous float. It bears long tentacles which are able to inflict painful stings and occurs chiefly in warm seas.