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[#TAKEOVER] Another reason I love my job is because I am able to curate our zine collection at our new #LBPLZineLibrary!

This public library circulating zine collection is free to take home (25 at a time for three weeks at a time) with your library card! The collection was brought into existence last November, and we already have over 400 unique titles cataloged. You may go to to search our full collection under call number “ZINE.” This year I acquired zines from the Portland Zine Symposium, the OC Zine Fest, the LB Zine Fest, the TJ Zine Fest, the LA Art Book Fair, the LA Zine Fest and an independent publishing house in Matanzas, Cuba!

We also host zine workshops in the #LBPLStudio maker space if you’d like to learn how to make your very own zine! @LBPL_Librarian


We’re letting a few camera-obsessed POST readers take over our Instagram for a week to showcase how they live #LongBeach. This week, zinester, public librarian and bookworm @zebraradar shows you her #LifeInLB. #📖 #📚 (at Long Beach Public Library)

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We are delighted to present Ben Passmore’s new comic book, Goodbye

Comprised of three vignettes, this is a myth about polyamory, a parable about real punks, and an argument for aging gracefully/ killing yourself. 

Read the first 20 pages now at

“Goodbye” will premiere this weekend from our booths at the L.A. Zine Fest and Staple! Independent Media Expo in Austin, TX.

Ask your favorite indie-friendly comic shop to get you a copy, or order direct online from Silver Sprocket at


That’s right: Love and Rockets Jaime Hernandez, in conversation with Charles Hatfield, author and professor at CSU Northridge.  That’s about all we can tell you now (really, isn’t that enough??) BUT our official Facebook event page launches this Thursday with more information about events, panels, workshops, and all the fun stuff. We are really getting excited for February and we hope you are too!

The more Ben and I familiarized ourselves with each other’s work, the more we found ourselves adopting aspects of each other’s style. This resulted in a handful of response poems, and then two weeks of poems being written back and forth, while all other forms of communication were avoided. When I told my friend James Curry IV about this method of “ping pong poetry” he said, “You call that poetry, I call it a good fucking conversation.” This zine is a reflection of two styles in each other and above all, a good fucking conversation. We’re gonna have copies at the LA Zine fest and then online. Also: holographic paper. So cool. ~~Lora

The third annual LA Zine Fest is happening in the parking garage of the Helms Bakery building on Sunday February 16, 2014! The event will feature OVER 180 ZINESTERS in one place for one amazing day! 

ALSO, there will be some amaZINE events: 

**Black Hill Press Presents: Zine to Publishing**
Tomas Moniz, Yumi Sakugawa, Kevin Staniec, Mark Todd, & Esther Pearl Watson
Moderated by Lilliam Rivera

**The Cartoon Utopia**
A multi-media presentation by Ron Regé Jr

**Keynote Speaker**
Jaime Hernandez (co-creator of Love & Rockets)
In conversation with Charles Hatfield, author and professor of English, CSUN

Throughout the day, check in on Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson’s Zine Hut, stop by NOMAD artspace’s table, and drop in in on activities in the Pop-Hop Zine Zone!

The LA Zine Fest is FREE, it’s close to the new Expo Line, and it’s going to blow your mind right out of your skull in the best way possible. We will see you there!!

RSVP on Facebook here! Invite your friends, your mom, your dog (and your mom’s dog), and we’ll see you on Sunday, February 16th!


LOS ANGELES - see you all at L.A. Zine Fest this Sunday on February 15 from 11AM to 5PM! 

Debuting my newest mindfulness mini-comic on overcoming creative blocks - TRANSCENDENT EXERCISES FOR THE UNINSPIRED ARTIST. ($6)

Excited to be tabling with my favorite and insanely talented comic illustrator pal Kelsey Short.  Will also be selling my FRIEND-LOVE spam musubi prints and select older self-published zine works at our half table. 

Lastly, I will also be participating in a panel from 11:30AM to 12:30PM at the venue on people of color and zine culture. As described on the event page: 

“POC Famed, Reclaimed & Reframed”
How does our history affect our identity & what can we do to reclaim it? What role do zines play in reframing who we are and the work that we do in the community? This open discussion will be led by Todd Honma of Pitzer College with panelists Yumi Sakugawa (I Think I Am In Friend Love With You), Adam Bernales (Seite Books), Mari Naomi (Dragon’s Breath and Other Stories), Angie Wang (Co-founder of CALA), and Eric Nakamura (Giant Robot). 

More information on venue, panels, and keynote speakers can be found on the L.A. Zine Fest FB event page. See you all there! 


“Everything’s all so funny.” All About Eve & Other Films. Film Doodles by Jeaux Janovsky

Limited edition LA Zinefest exclusive book of film doodles by cartoonist Jeaux Janovsky all done while watching the films.

Movies included will be: All About Eve, Chinatown, Lady in the Water, Rocky, Zodiac, Taxi Driver, Edward Scissorhands, Eraserhead, Bladerunner, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Switchblade Sisters, Meatballs, Stripes, and more!

The cover stars James Dean for no reason.

For more info:


One sunny Chicago day, two friends named Danny & Leah found a used copy of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” single on vinyl, drank a pitcher of beer, and made dozens of puns on the phrase “friends with benefits.” After texting more pun(efits) back and forth for months, we realized we had to make a zine. So we called upon all of the finest illustrators in the world to bring our puns to life. This zine is dedicated to friends, especially those whose relationships are fraught with sexual tension—and fraught with sexual puns.

More puns at punefits. Message or tweet us to order the zine!!!

Text by Leah Shapiro and Danny Resner. Typography by Samantha Urbanick. Art by LA Johnson, Emily Parrish, Stephen Welch, Esteban Gonzalez, garlicbeard, Alice Stearns, and Leah Shapiro