la woman photography


Recently I had the pleasure of working with photographer Mr. Phillip Dixon and visionary Ms. Nana Ghana.  These photos and florals were styled at Mr. Dixon’s home, a retreat oasis discreetly tucked away in Venice Beach, California. Nana inspires me with her incredible light, beauty, and love for life and people.  She is currently working on a documentary style film following the mornings of women living in Los Angeles. Be sure to check out her work - ‘LA Woman Rising.’ These photos were captured with my iphone - to say I’m excited to see Phillip’s snaps is an understatement.  Stay tuned for more. 

xo - Dara


Photos inspired by La Dispute’s “Woman (In Mirror)” - work in progress

“In the mirror with your eyes wide…you never look away when you do
Your eyes don’t move I never move mine from you

And I watch you your reversal
It’s an honest thing when there’s no one there
Some days they feel like dress rehearsals
Some days I watch and you don’t care

…tiny dots on an endless timeline.”