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Varnishing “La Petite Voleuse” before shipping her off to her new home in Australia! 💖 #oddlysatisfying #asmr #varnish

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(@la-belle-voleuse) “What Would You Like?”

Send “What Would You Like?” … and my Muse will confess a fantasy/desire they’ve had about yours. (The fantasy/desire doesn’t have to be sexual. They might just want you to bake them cookies…or for you to die horribly.)

Your chest~

[boob squeeze]

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(@la-belle-voleuse) ✎ (Haru can speak French ^^)

“Isn’t normally the guy who tries to woo the girl with french?…”

He was impressed, but of course the always exhausted Joker wasn’t letting it show. They where walking around Shibuya when she started talking to him in french, making him wonder if this was her take on flirting. She never did fail to make him feel like the hottest guy in Tokyo.

“… Maybe we should go to Akiba?”

Where else could he find her a maid outfit? Even if that seems more Ryuiji’s line of thought, no guy in their right mind would deny a french maid. Even Yusuke would probably appreciate his efforts for the sake of ‘team moral’ 

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🎉 💌 (right back at ya :D),💍(for @la-belle-voleuse; yours the only 'Goro' muse I'd ever ship her with ^^)

💌 I just think you’re amazing
🎉 We’ve been mutuals for ages, and this makes me so happy!
💍 I want to be exclusives with you

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((My Haru Okumura-ship exclusive…That has a nice ring to it~ X3c))

- Ábrelo.

- Para Liesel, de Max. ¿Qué pone aquí?

- Escribe. En mi religión nos enseñan que cada ser vivo, cada hoja, cada ave, solo está vivo porque contiene la palabra secreta de la vida. La única diferencia entre un puñado de barro y nosotros es la palabra. Las palabras son vida, Liesel. Todas esas páginas en blanco son para que las llenes, ¿vale?

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(@la-belle-voleuse) Δ

Δ = playing with their hair .

Futaba was surprised when Haru asked if she wanted to hang out. She was even more surprised when the hacker admitted she wasn’t having the best day and didn’t want to go out, Haru asked if it would be okay if she came over. The two were talking when, was Haru going behind her?

Haru was….Playing with her hair. She blushed. It felt…..really nice. The hacker relaxed a bit. No one had ever played with her hair before…


[text] It’s a slow day at Leblanc

[text] So I’m practicing my coffee making, want to head over?

He knew Haru had grown a greater appreciation for coffee since meeting him. And something about these seemed like the best chance to spend a few hours with each other. Boss was out for a few hours so holding down the fort alone when it was this dead was almost… boring. 

This blog will be in a sorta semi-hiatus indefinitely.

Meaning, I won’t start any new RP but only continuining my currently ongoing RPs with @expirationdaycrimes, @detectiverobinhood, @pillcger0ftwilight, @the-phantom-crow and soon-to-be-started RP with @okumuraempress.

I’m just feeling this muse a little less, and wish to focus more on the muses I feel more in tune lately (@the-crow-prince, @navi-oracle, @la-belle-voleuse & @katanabrush).

I’ll still post memes and ask memes and you’re still welcome to invade Kaito’s askbox, but don’t expect me to be much present here.

Thank you all for your patience :)