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Future AU where Jack and Bitty have a kid (going with Alex for neutrality) and do a series of cooking vlogs a la Misha Collins ‘Cooking Fast and Fresh with West’. Jack’s on cameraman duties, and Bitty is torn between letting Alex’s imagination run wild, and not ruining pumpkin soup forever. It gets super popular. They also do versions when Alex is older, where Jack’s the one picking ingredients, and Alex films, and Bitty is banned from interference of any kind but gets around it by using extreme facial reactions to warn Jack off mistakes with varying levels of success.


KiraKira PreCure is getting more colorful soon! ٩(◕‿◕)۶
Let’s talk about the new Cure Parfait images? (☆ω☆)

LA VLOG #1 - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Characters:Youtuber!Stiles, Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Reader.

Trying something new! It’s kinda short but it’s just for a test run.

Originally posted by dontgobrienmyheart

“Hey, guys! Stiles here! Today I’m out in LA for Vidcon! I hope to meet some of you guys here, I posted my schedule in the description.” The boy on the screen points down.

You were going to Vidcon today too, to meet the boy you’ve watched since YouTube first started. You’ve grown with him, and as weird as it sounds you feel like he’s one of your best friends.

You get dressed and open the video back up to screenshot his schedule.

The video resumes from the spot you left it last time. “Derek here is coming with me. Isn’t that right, Derek?” He looks at the older boy. Derek looks at him somewhat annoyed and looks to the camera nodding. “Scott should be around here somewhere?” Stiles says, looking around.

You smile, watching him look around. He was cute, you couldn’t deny that but there was something there. Something sort of ominous.

You’re in line with your ticket, looking around nervously. You should’ve come with a friend. You sigh and run a hand through your hair. You spot a head of dark hair and get up on your tiptoes. Your eyes widen. “Scott?” You yell and he whips around. You wave him over and he smiles.

“Do I know you?”

You shake your head. “No, I just wanted a picture.”

“A picture? With me?” He asks and you nod. He leans in and the two of you get a selfie.

“Who are you here to see?” He asks.

“Honestly, just Stiles.” You shrug and he laughs.

“Well, Derek and I will be walking around with him so I should see you again.”

You wave as he turns to leave. “Thanks for the picture!”

You finally get inside and you immediate go to look for Stiles. It’s almost impossible to find him with all of the crowds. You’re just about to give up when you head outside when you spot him.

You walk over and smile up at him.

“I was just thinking I wouldn’t see you again!” Scott laughs. “I never caught your name?”

“Oh, it’s Y/N. Nice to formally meet you.” He smiles and you shake hands.

Stiles watches the two of you talk. “Well, Y/N, wanna be in the vlog?”

You nod. “Hell yeah!”

He laughs and turns the camera on, showing you and him. “I met Y/N here at Vidcon! Say hi, Y/N.”

You throw up a peace smile and grin. “Hi, vlog!”

He turns the camera off and looks at you.

“Do you think it’s possible to get a picture?” You ask sweetly.

“Of course!” He laughs and you two take a picture. “You can stick around with us if you want.” Stiles points between him, Scott, and Derek and you nod.

“I’d love that.” You move over to Derek and get up on your tiptoes to try and reach his ear. He leans over to help you. “Picture?” You grin and he laughs. You broke Derek Hale. You’ve seen him on Stiles’ channel for years and he’s never smiled.

He leans down to reach your height and the two of you take a picture.

“We’re going to go grab lunch…wanna come?” Stiles asks and you nod. “Let’s go then.” You walk behind him and he waves you in between him and Scott.

“So, how long have you been watching my channel?” He asks and you shrug.

“Since you started.”

His eyes widen and he throws his arms up spastically. You catch Derek roll his eyes. “That’s frickin’ amazing! Kind of embarrassing but amazing!” You laugh and he wraps an arm around your shoulders. “How old are you?”

“Oh, I’m a senior…17”

“Me too…but you probably knew that.” He facepalms and you giggle at his cuteness.

“I get watching YouTube and stuff, but why me? I have no specific theme.” He raises an eyebrow.

“I uh…you know I love the skits you do, also the gaming part’s pretty great too.”

“Let me get your opinion then.” He says. “Facecam for gaming or no?”

You nod kind of aggressively. “Facecam. You’re too expressive not to have a facecam.”

Scott laughs. “I told you.”

Stiles waves him off and laughs. “I wanted someone who watched to tell me.”

“So, Y/N.” He pats your shoulder, his arm still around you. “Want to film a video with me?”

cor-ta  asked:


Happier de fondo (Un coldplay, que es mejor que la original) y ligeramente drogado.

Perdido. Perdido en mierdas que básicamente no tiene significado. Así como las cosas que justo ahora escribiré y estoy escribiendo (a la par que siento).

Perfección, la de un ser que me hace sentir jodidamente imperfecto.

¿Qué es esto? ¿Un mal que hace bien? ¿Cómo puede ser esto posible? ¿Cigarrillos que matan con la mayor alegría de su existencia?

¿Amor propio? ¿Para qué? Si igual te importa un pensamiento ajeno… Patrañas y putas mierdas.

Mierda, lo que eres y lo que somos.
Pensamientos; locuras envueltas en el mejor envoltorio que podamos encontrar.

Amor; la majestuosa arma mortal de los inmortales. ¿Qué estoy diciendo? ¿Que estoy respondiendo? ¿Por qué escribo sin pensar?

Oh, cierto… Los diversos pensamientos de los diversos sucesos tomando el control.

Astrid - Atic (toma lugar ahora)

Mujer; el ser más incomprendido y a la vez el más nos justa comprender… O creer que podemos comprender.

¿Oportunidades? ¿Bestialidades? ¿Confianza?

Confiar; el acto más idiota y el que más nos gustan hacer sentir…

Ed (otra vez) - Perfect

¿Extrañar? ¿Morir? ¿Suicido mental? ¿Despacio?

Ojos; puertas a lo desconocido y a la par la belleza y pureza de una persona…

¿Cariños? ¿Esperanza? ¿Encontrar? ¿Esperar?

Gustar; Gustamos de todo así como de la nada. (Que estupidez)

¿Depresión? ¿Felicidad? ¿Ansiedad? ¿Maldad? ¡¿Alegria?!

Encontrar; Todos buscamos pero… ¿Todos queremos encontrar? He ahí la cuestión.

¿Responder? ¿Preguntar? ¿Lágrimas? ¿Beber? ¿Fumar? ¿Incoherencia? ¿Dolor? ¿Masoquismo? ¿Sadismo? ¿Sado?

Sexo; El mejor comienzo para un final.

¿Un ask? Mis inspiraciones ocasionales.

Concluyendo con Sody - Wasted Youth

¿Mi vlog? La mierda más pura que te puedas encontrar.


Decided to start vlogging about my life in Cali! Check out week 1!!


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LA VLOG #2 - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Characters: YouTuber!Stiles, Scott McCall, Derek Hale, Reader.

Part 1

Originally posted by loverxo1234

“So, Y/N. I’m thinking a challenge video, you know like what’s in my mouth or something.” Stiles says as he grabs the ketchup bottle from across the table.

You smirk, the wheels in your dirty little head spinning. “What’s in my mouth, huh?” You giggle and take a sip from your straw, Scott laughing. You even see Derek smile.

“Oh, come on! Not you too!” Stiles throws his hands up and you laugh. “I’ve been trying to get Scott to do it with me for months but he says it sounds too dirty.”

You shrug. “Sorry. It’s dirty. What about a mad libs challenge? Or maybe the headphones challenge?”

Stiles raises an eyebrow and nods. “Yeah, let’s do mad libs. I kinda want the whole dynamic to be fan based.”

You look up at him and cock your head.

“There’s no way to say this without sounding douchey, but I want it to kinda be like ‘look at this lucky fan who gets to be in my video.’ You know what I mean?”

Scott practically chokes on his burger. “That was incredibly douchey.”

You raise your hands. “No, no. I get it. I know you talked in your last vlog…I think it was the day in the life one, you said you wanted to get a fan in a video.”

Derek looks at Stiles with an annoyed look on his face. “You made the girl sad.” He mutters and you laugh.

“I’m not sad! I get it…and also I am not a girl. I am a woman.” You say, holding a finger up and straightening yourself out.

“How old are you again?” Derek crosses his arms.

You take a long sip from your straw before answering. “Seventeen…” You whisper and Scott laughs.

“It’s a reasonable age to say you’re a woman at.” You defend.

“Leave her alone.” Stiles joins in the laughter.

“Alright…are we going to film?” You lean back in your chair and Stiles nods.

“Back to the hotel room?” He asks and you all stand up.

Stiles leads you all back to the hotel, where you follow him up to his room. He waves Scott and Derek off and the two of you sit on the bed.

“So, how often do you invite fans up to your hotel room?” You ask and he chuckles.

“Oh, every day. But the pretty ones are a rarity.” He smirks and picks his phone up.

You feel a furious blush creeping up your cheeks. “So, when was the last time you had a cute fan in your room then?” You can’t actually believe you’re flirting. You can’t flirt with guys at home, much less Stiles Stilinski.

He looks like he’s thinking. “I’d say…maybe…right about now.” He smiles and the two of you meet eyes. “Do you hang out with nerdy YouTubers all the time?” He asks.

“Only the cute ones.” You respond with a smile.

“Fair enough.” He bites his lip and looks at you and you melt.

You’ve grown watching him, thinking he was the most adorable person you’d ever seen. When he did his lacrosse videos you’d just about fall apart from excitement. You remember when he went to tryouts freshman year, he made a video about it. You, although just a fan, can remember every major moment that’s happened to him. So to say this is a big moment for you is an understatement.

When you snap back to reality he seems to be examining your face. “What?” You look at him quizzically.

“Nothing, I just…I think you’re really pretty.” He smiles and tilts his head.

“Come on, Stiles..” You and you pull your legs to your chest.

“What?” He says defensively. “I really do think you’re pretty…where are you from?”

You’d hoped he wouldn’t ask but of course he did. “Actually…I go to a private school in Beacon Hills.”

His eyes widen. “Hey! Why didn’t you start with that?”

You shrug. “I think it would sound sorta weird, y'know? Saying that I’ve watched all your videos and I live in the same town as you.”

“It’s a big town. It’s not weird.” He smiles. “So does that mean I can see more of your pretty face?” He scoots closer to you.

“Only if it means I can see more of your handsome face.”

He leans in closer. “I think we can work something out.” You see his eyes flick from yours down to your lips.

You lick your lips, knowing he’s watching you.

“Oh, come on! That’s not fair!” He yells and you laugh.

“I’m going to run to the bathroom.” You smile and stand, rushing to the restroom. You look at yourself in the mirror, pulling your shirt down a bit to show some cleavage. You run your hands through your hair to give it more volume. This is definitely not how you thought your day would go.

You return and you sit beside him on the bed again, crossing your legs. “Sorry.” You smile at him and he shakes his head.

“You’re fine.” His eyes flick up from his phone and land on his cleavage. He says nothing but you can see his reaction. His eyes meet yours and he smirks. “Stop hinting and just kiss me already.” He pulls you into his lap and you straddle him, cupping his cheeks as you kiss him. His hands wrap around your waist as the two of you kiss. It wasn’t a sexually fueled kiss, it just felt like kissing your boyfriend. You both pull away and he pats his lap. “Stay here.” You smile, readjusting yourself.

“Morally, I shouldn’t kiss a girl I just met…hormonally I could take you right here, right now.” He smirks as your jaw drops. He leans in to your ear and whispers. “But I guess we don’t have time for that.” Goosebumps run up and down your arms as he pulls away. “Let’s film that video!” He says enthusiastically, as if nothing had just happened.


YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1227

Genre: Fluff

“Ready to get lost? Today we’re going to Busan!” Mingyu smiled widely at the camera as he stood in front of the Seoul train station. After the time he’d gotten lost while vlogging in LA on his trip to visit Joshua for a collaboration, Mingyu found that getting lost in a new city was a really fun video that was well received by his viewers as well and made it a point to get lost in a new city once a month since. 

“I asked Woozi hyung about good places to visit and he told me about this small beach on the northern part of the city and a sashimi place nearby so the goal today is to explore and eventually find those places.” He quickly made his way into the station to grab his ticket and start his journey for the day as he continued to talk, making sure to film everything as he went.

Signing the receipt after paying for the ticket with the selfie stick in one hand was a bit of a struggle, but Mingyu managed to do it before wandering off to grab some snacks to eat in the hours he’d be spending on the train. His eyes scanned the aisles of food, looking for the familiar green box of his favorite crackers. 

He wandered the little convenience store inside the station with one arm out to continue recording and the other trailing along the shelf when he felt himself bump into someone. Or did they bump into him?

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry.” Mingyu apologized as he bowed deeply.

“Sorry I should’ve looked where I was going and not just at the food.” You said as you bowed furiously in apology as well, causing the two of you to hit heads due to the limited space between the two of you. 

You both shot up and apologized again, unsure what to do. Your hand went to your head to rub the spot that had been hit and Mingyu muttered out another apology that you tried to refused. 

“Does it hurt? I’ve been told I have a hard head. Do you want me to buy you ice for it?” Mingyu questioned. You shook your head and promised him that it was fine as he continued to say how he felt bad. His filming was forgotten as he began to fuss over the you, his meticulous sides coming out. 

You told him that it was fine, the awkward silence enveloping the two of you once again as neither knew what else to say or how to get out of the situation. After a good few seconds you just mumbled out a bye and went to find yourself a drink for your train ride. 

Mingyu blinked a few times before remembering his purpose for the convenience store trip and the camera in his hands. He quickly repositioned the camera to continue his filming and to continue his quest for the box of whale shaped crackers he loved. 

They were located in the next aisle over and Mingyu happily grabbed two packs before heading over to the register to purchase the food. From there he proceeded to the water fountain to fill his water bottle and then headed over to the platform to board the train.

“Ok, so I just got on the train and it’s currently about…” he adjusted his backpack strap with his free hand before he fumbled around in his pocket for his phone. “9:24 AM and the train leaves at 9:32 so - CRUD!”

Mingyu’s phone fell out of his hand as he tried to slide it back into his pocket and missed. He brought his camera down and started to lean down to pick up his phone when his forehead was hit by the back of someone’s head as the person tried to stand up. 

“Ow,” you said as you rubbed the back of your head with one hand and held Mingyu’s phone in the other. “You know you should really invest in a better phone case. This isn’t going to last long if you keep dropping it like this.” You said to try and make the encounter a little less awkward than the last one as you handed him the phone. 

“We also need to stop meeting like this.” Mingyu said as he brought his own hand up to his forehead after taking his phone back from you. 

“It’s only the second time.”

“In like fifteen minutes.”

“Fair enough.” 

“I’m Mingyu.” He said as he tried to stick out a hand to shake before realizing both of his hands were full. Awkward appeared to be a reoccurring theme whenever you met him. 

You introduced yourself and the two of you managed to make conversation (albeit a bit awkward) and you learned that he was a youtuber that lived in Seoul. The two of you proceeded to find seats together and you pulled up his youtube channel on your phone as he vlogged in his seat for a bit. 

His channel was a clutter of things and you found everything from cooking videos to random challenges to what appeared to be the only regular series other than Chefgyu, “Lost with Gyu.” You discovered a lot about his personality and saw that he was a bit talkative and actually just an overexcited puppy in the form of a really tall human being. 

“Do you want some?” You looked up from the video you were watching to find that Mingyu had stopped filming and was offering you some snacks. You thanked him and took a few.

“I didn’t realize you knew WonWooJi, I love that channel!” 

“Oh yea, Wonwoo hyung always comes over when he’s too lazy to cook and Woozi hyung also likes to nap on my couch. I actually did a video on their channel that should be coming out soon.” The two of you fell into a much more comfortable conversation than before, having found a common conversation point. You continued to talk about youtube for a while before the conversation turned to you and you talked about what you did.

“Sounds tiring.”

“It is at times though I do enjoy it at others, but that’s why I’m going to Busan for the weekend. Just taking a day off before it’s back to the grind. I’m honestly kind of just winging this trip. Thought of it yesterday and the only real goal is to get some good food.” Mingyu smiled as you talked.

“Sounds like we have a lot in common. I’m winging it too. The plan is to get lost and have some good food. I wouldn’t mind having someone join me.” Mingyu offered. 

“Are you inviting me on your little vlogging spree right now?” Mingyu nodded his head, but quickly said that you didn’t have to if you weren’t comfortable with the camera or with him since technically, you two were still strangers who’d met once. You told him that it was fine. 

“So do you want to get lost with me?” You nodded with a smile on your face, starting a friendship that would eventually blossom into something more as Mingyu’s viewers watched, them even shipping you before the two of you did.

Written by Admin Sea

LA VLOG #3 - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Reader.

Part 1  Part 2

Originally posted by nananaprincess

“So, Y/N will be doing the camerawork for this video. So excuse the sloppiness.” Stiles throws a goofy grin at the camera.

“Hey!” You try to defend yourself but you can’t help but laugh too.

“We thought we’d do a formal video like a tag or something but we decided to wander around LA and do LA things.” Stiles watches how you hold the camera. He reaches back and adjusts your hand before giving the camera a thumbs up. “And we’re out!” He turns on his heel and you follow him out of his hotel room, the camera focused on the back of his head.

“So Y/N. Tell me and the vlog a story.” He turns and looks at you as he walks.

“Hmm..” You think. “I don’t have any good stories.”

“Okay then give us a fun fact.”

“Well you know this but the vlog doesn’t..I was born and raised in Beacon Hills.”

“Wait what’s your last name?” He turns and looks at you as you walk outside the hotel. You tell him your last name and he claps and points at you. “I knew it! We went to preschool together. I knew I knew your name!”

“Oh my god, we did! Mrs. Preston, right?”

He nods and grins. “You’re in my yearbook.”

“God, I can’t believe I never made the connection. That’s when you went by your full name though, isn’t it?” You smile and he nods.

“We don’t speak of the M word.” He says lowly and you laugh.

“We’re going on the bus tour.” Stiles says to the camera. “Except we’re going to do it the janky way and do it with an Uber and Google Maps.”

You laugh and he looks up at you warmly. You felt your heart skip a beat when he looks at you. He’s so soft and sweet.

“I love your laugh.” He says and you blush.

You run up beside him to catch up and the two of you walk side by side.

A woman comes up to the two of you and smiles, you assume she watches Stiles. “You two are such a beautiful couple. How long have you been together?” She asks.

“Oh, we’re not d-” You start but Stiles interrupts.

“A couple months.” He smiles at you and takes your hand.

The woman nods. “Sorry to bother you, you two just look so in love.” She sighs happily. “Have a nice day!” She walks away and the two of you exchange glances, still holding hands.

“A couple months, huh?” You laugh.

“Well we do look like we’re in love, don’t we?” He laughs.

“Hey.” You poke his arm. “I love your laugh too.”

He grins and continues to hold your hand, happiness radiating through you. The two of you walk downtown, looking around in awe. “When I graduate I’m moving down here.” Stiles says and you smile.

“This town was made for you.” You reply and look up at him.

“What’re your plans?” He asks.

“Honestly? I’ve always just wanted a family. That’s always been my main focus so I’m a bit unsure. I might take a year off.”

“A family?” He smiles. “How many kids?”

“More than one for sure.” You nod, breathing in the fresh air.

“Fair enough. It sucks being the only child.” He shrugs.

“Are you going to keep up YouTube when you move out here?”

“Yeah, and when I’m finished with that I’ll probably just move back to Beacon Hills and become a deputy or something. It’s not like I don’t have any connections.” He chuckles.

“Long live nepotism.” You smile and he laughs. “Where to now?” You ask and he smiles.

“Let’s go to In-N-Out.”

“Stiles we just ate. Plus In-N-Out isn’t exclusive to LA. We have one in Beacon Hills.” You give him a look.

“You wanted an experience.” He grins into the camera.

“Fine. Let’s go on the walk of fame.” He squeezes your hand and you smile.

“That sounds perfect.” The two of you head off, walking in whatever direction you feel like.

“Why did you go into private school?” He asks you.

“Oh well, kindergarten my dad got a new job, so we could afford the tuition. I mean, it wasn’t for any specific reason, my parents just thought I’d thrive.” You shrug.

“Are you smart?” He smiles.

“Well, I’m hanging out with you aren’t I?” You laugh.

“So, no. You aren’t smart.” He retorts and the two of you laugh.

“What about you? Why are you in public school?” You quirk an eyebrow.

“I have absolutely no idea how to answer that…I guess because it’s normal? I don’t know.” He shrugs.

“I thought as the sheriff’s son you’d be in private school too.” You look up at him.

“No, I mean my dad and I were pretty close…when my mom died that changed pretty drastically. I kind of took care of myself for a while so I matured. I started taking care of my dad and…” He sighs. “I guess that’s why I’m in public school. It never occurred to me that I had options.”

“I had no idea..I mean I did, but not details…how did she..?” You flip the camera off.

“Frontotemporal dementia.” He purses his lips and looks down at you.

“Do you have the gene?” You both stop walking.

“No..well I keep getting tested. There’s a 50/50 chance and they won’t be sure until my brain’s fully developed…how do you know so much about it?”

“I just find dementia interesting. I do a lot of research.” You shrug and you keep walking.

“I’ve never met anyone who knew a lot about it. I mean people know what it is but not how the genetics work and everything.” He smiles.

“Did I mention if the whole family thing doesn’t work out I’m thinking of med school?” You laugh.

“Ahhh. There it is. You are smart!”

You shrug. “I guess so. Honestly it’s a backup.”

Stiles drops his jaw. “Med School is a backup? How?”

“I dunno…I wanna experience things before I’m committed to a job and more school. By the time I’m thirty I’ll be ready for med school. Only if I don’t have a family though.” You smile.

He stops walking and turns to face you. People pass by you on either side, looking at you with annoyed expressions. He cups your cheeks and kisses you.

“You’re a very interesting person.”

You smile against his lips. “You’ll just have to get to know me then.”


It kinda took a while, but… Let’s talk about KiraKira PreCure episode 11!
Sorry for the bad quality, I recorded it with my cellphone, which isn’t that good to begin with…
I just can’t not talk about this episode, because it was soooooo good! And I am loving this season so much!