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Cure Parfait’s design is already out! Never tell Toei a secret, they can never hide it!

Anyways, let’s check out Ciel/Cure Parfait and talk about her design, style and everything else! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

Future AU where Jack and Bitty have a kid (going with Alex for neutrality) and do a series of cooking vlogs a la Misha Collins ‘Cooking Fast and Fresh with West’. Jack’s on cameraman duties, and Bitty is torn between letting Alex’s imagination run wild, and not ruining pumpkin soup forever. It gets super popular. They also do versions when Alex is older, where Jack’s the one picking ingredients, and Alex films, and Bitty is banned from interference of any kind but gets around it by using extreme facial reactions to warn Jack off mistakes with varying levels of success.


ThatcherJoe -Magicians ULTIMATE FAIL

idk, i just found this too funny.. 


Klossy in LA | Karlie Kloss

Cuando te preguntan cuanto tiempo llevas esperando:
-Boda wigettil
-Vlog de la nueva casa
-Foto de vegetta sin camisa
-Directo wigettil
-Noche intima vegettil
-Beso wigetta
-Que mami luzu vuelva
-Beso Rubelangel con lengua
-Boda Luzana
-Ver las chichis de Willy
-Beso luzana
-Foto wigettil
-Garry’s mod de todos juntos como en los viejos tiempos

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It’s time to talk about our little yellow dwarf, Himari! Spoiler: episode 02 was amazing! We’re on to a great start with this season (〃^▽^〃)