la viva loca

I just imagined the tf2 mercs playing Just Dance. Now I’m in a store looking constipated trying not to burst out laughing.

I can also see Spy being really good at it but refusing to play but then one of the other mercs (probably Scout or Demoman) convinces him to play and he get’s really into it and starts acting like a child.

“Another round?”
“Come on, Viva La Vida Loca.”

Okay lets calm down and recap yesterday's concert:

- We died knowing that Calvin was there

- We died again when she was with the basketball shirt in the back of her neck

- Then we died because Pitbull shows up and they sang ‘Give me everything tonight’ 

- Taylor’s sexy dance moves

- Pitbull almost slapping her butt

- Calvin at the concert watching it

- Taylor brought out Ricky Martin and sang ‘Viva La Vida Loca’ AND SHE SING A LITTLE BIT IN SPANISH

- Taylor dropping down and doing a lot of sexy faces and moves while singing with Ricky

- Did I already said Calvin as watching all this?


And this is the representation of us right now

¡Por fin ya es Viernes! ¡Viva la vida loca! ¡Ya puedo encerrarme en mi cuarto a escuchar música, dormir y leer!
april fools!

what ive learnt from this is that i think hardly any of our followers are
a) aware of the date
b) aware they were even following homestuckresources in the first place
c) aware they could go back a couple of pages and see what this blog used to be

we lost over 600 followers, which is 400 more than last years neopetresources! so next year we have to lose over 1k or we’ve lost our a-game

unfortunately mod a went to bed and he’s the one with the original url so who knows when we’ll go back to homestuckresources. probably in like nine hours time. 

thank you for everyone who understood the joke and joined in, and thank you to everyone who was completely confused for the last 24 hours and kept trying to convert us to homestucks. we didn't receive any death threats this year, which was a huge improvement!!

viva la vida loca!

5SOS Preference - Drunk, Part Two [4/4]

anon asked: ’that was really cute, maybe you can reverse the roles and write one where you’re drunk and he’s sober?’

enjoy, anon! :)

any requests or feedback can be submitted here.

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