la vampires goes ital

LA Vampires Goes Ital - Streetwise from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

Former Pocahaunted member, Amanda Brown has a new musical endeavor called LA Vampires.  Teaming up with Daniel Martin-McCormick, aka Ital, LA Vampires is releasing a 12" later this month called Streetwise.  The title track from this collaboration is heavy on the ethereal side of things, carrying a dreamy, haunted haze for just under four minutes.  It might be your newest sunset jam.

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I put this track in a mix recently (here), but since I’m in such a dubby phase (what with my HTRK post), I figured I would add this in there. I especially appreciate the distorted vocals panning mixed with the heavy bass.


LA Vampires Goes Ital - Streetwise. Sorry, that’s now three Amanda Brown tracks in a row. I just love this woman.