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Jacsee Week - Day 2 - Team Rocket/Pokemon AU

In honor of today’s Pokemon theme, here’s my design for Pokeman Jacques :3c (This would have been posted earlier but .. c’est la vie..)

  • Trainer: Josée
  • Type: Ice/Dark
  • Moves: Ice Fang, Aurora Beam, Flatter, Foul Play, Rapid Spin

Josée picked out the blond Pompup because of his showmanship, and quickly taught him that gold was the goal—no matter what you have to do to get it! He evolved into Iciclutz just in time to meet the height requirement for one of their Trainer/Pokeman performances, and then evolved into Jacquesky (Jacques-skee) with the assistance of a Shiny Stone that they won as a prize in final tournament.