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Uber drivers must accept service animals under lawsuit settlement
Uber drivers who refuse to transport passengers with service animals may soon be ousted from the platform, according to new policies the ride-hailing company is adopting as part of a lawsuit settlement with the National Federation of the Blind.
By Los Angeles Times

Uber plans to terminate contracts with drivers who refuse to transport customers with service animals


We’ve come a long way since we said goodbye to LA. You know what we are proud of? We have done every single thing we said we would and everything we’ve wanted to. It might not seem like a lot to some people but we have set goals and accomplished them. We’ve struggled, cried, wanted to give up so many times but we stuck to it. We’ve grown as individuals and our family is stronger. We’ve lived our adventure and dreams I’m not sure everyone can say that. If we can convince just one person that it is worth it to pursue their dreams (whatever they may be) then we’ve succeeded! When we were still in LA and thinking about buying land and moving I searched for blogs or websites and found a few things here or there but nothing that was detailed. I’m glad we decided to document our journey from the very beginning to share with people who might have similar dreams.

It has been a bumpy road (unemployment, floods, missing our family) but we’ve held onto the bigger picture. We want to experience life, we want to explore and grow as people. We want our children to have a hands on experience of living more sustainable. We collect rainwater and teach our kids about the importance of conserving and not taking more than you need. We share this planet with every living thing.

Our veggies will be going in the ground soon and we just planted strawberries and grapes. We have farm fresh eggs everyday with enough left over for neighbors. It may seem like a small thing to some but we are happy with this little homestead life and the memories we are giving our children! ❤❤❤

what if emma became the dark one but it caused her to forget all memories she’s ever had and all she knows is she’s bad. but regina keeps trying to save her and then one day she’s cornered and emma tries to kill her. But before she has a chance to, Regina finally lets out her true feelings for her and emma remembers everything because “true love is the most powerful thing in the world”…