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Los Angeles

Hey all!
it’s been a minute and I’m sorry. Sometimes i get hella inspired to keep this thing constantly updated and others i just can’t be bothered. i promise to try harder.

i’ve just spent the last month out here in LA and i gotta say, it’s pretty lit. i mean i’ve visited before of course but this trip I kind of feel like i could actually live out here. it’s still probably unlikely any time soon, but it’s definitely an option. just been laying out, catching some of this damn sun yall hoarding over here! chill’n at the beach. going out dancing and every other thing. i get why everybody rushes out here! i’ll definitely be back before too long.

this update is mostly just to let yall know i’m still active over here and to let you know what’s to come! i’ve now been freelance for over a year and i couldn’t be happier or more proud of the work. now that i’ve proven to myself i can do this, it’s time to elevate! it’s time to step up and put that work in to get to a more established level. moving forward i want to take this whole thing more seriously and i’m going to be doing this in a few ways.

for starters, i want people to know i’m serious about this modeling, and not just commercially. i really enjoy the art of modeling and conveying emotion and moments through images rather than just selling clothing. to do this i’m going to be setting up a patreon which will have 2-3 sets a month of mature content. this won’t be pornographic by any means but you will see more of me than you likely have before both literally and figuratively.

secondly, i want to keep this blog up to date more often! yall better hold me to it!

thirdly, ive been wanting to get into acting for basically my entire life and it just hasn’t happened for a number of reason. i’m tired of excuses and by the end of the year i hope to have been cast in SOMETHING! at this point i almost don’t care what it is, just something!

so those are the goals moving into the last 4 months of the year. god fucking damn this year’s going by fast!

i’d really love more interaction from all of you guys so by all means if you have any comments or questions or suggestions by all means, send them my way! i love new friends!

anyways, you know the drill!