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Finally finished my ★YoI x Zodiac★ designs! ^q^/

Preorders will open tonight (May 24th) at 8 PM (GTM-3)! They’ll be open plenty of time, so no need to rush :D More info later tonight! ♥


Yo, people. We put up a redbubble page because we wanted to print some stuff and then thought that maybe some of you might want it as well.
|| If you know any place where we can sell stuff for a lower price it would be great and please let us know! (because the price seems pretty expensive to us ???)
EDIT: Yo, pleaopleeeee we are idiots so here’s the link that we forgot:
[LINK to the shop HERE}

Supreme Olive Box Logo Tee

In the process of cramming as many stickers as I can on one sheet because economy of space.

Supreme rack

via @mikey_nerdy