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Italian idiomatic expressions about💖

Avere un cuore di pietra

To have a heart of stone

Avere a cuore

To take to hearth

Con tutto il cuore

With all my heart


Avere il cuore in gola

To have the heart in one’s throat

Sentire un tuffo al cuore

 To feel the heart skipping a beat.


Persona di cuore

A person with a good heart


In cuor suo 

In his heart


A cuor leggero

To do something lightly


Mettersi il cuore in pace

To find closure/peace


Stare a cuore

To be a matter of concern. 

Mi piange il cuore

My heart is crying (It breaks my heart)


Ridere di cuore

To laugh heartily


Col cuore in mano

With heart in hand, wearing his/her heart on his/her sleeve, sincerely


Avere un cuore d’oro

To have a heart of gold


Due cuori ed una capanna

Two hearts and a tent, love on a shoestring.



Hearts stealer, heartbreaker.


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Sicily, wait for me!

I am so excited. Tomorrow I am finally flying back home for a short holiday after 7 long months spent in the Netherlands. I think I am going to cry from happiness! I am looking forward to seeing my family and to being in my city after such a long time. All my posts have been scheduled, so your dashbord won’t miss me too much. And who knows… maybe I will be able to share something more while in Sicily.

Enjoy your week and see you soon, guys! ;)

La-Sicilienne xxx