la seconde chance

Can we start over?
Can we be strangers again?
Let me introduce myself
We can laugh, we can talk
Relearn what we already know
Come up with new jokes
Create new memories
Come on, let’s give each other
A second chance.
—  la


Me abandon you? I have worked like an animal for everything that I have and I never got anything but grief from you. You wrecked my childhood, you stole my money, you completely screwed up my life! You abandoned me a long, long time ago”. 


“That’s right, Mother. The Earth will never be a Cocoon Sphere. Surrender peacefully, and let’s go back together.”

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  1. Ra Ra Rasputin-Boney M
  2. 1789, Les Amants de la Bastille. All of it. I was going to list individual songs (Especially Nous ne Sommes, Maniaque, Pour La Peine, Pour un Nouveau Monde, and La Guerre Pour Se Plaire,) but that would take up this entire list. What can I say? ‘Tis the season. 
  3. L’Assasymphonie-Mozart, L’opera Rock
  4. Out of Sight, Out of Mind-A Tale of Two Cities
  5. Et dieu dans tout ça-Adam et Eve: La Seconde Chance
  6. Le Bien Qui Fait Mal-Mozart, L’Opera Rock
  7. Qui A Dit Qu’On Naissait Egaux-Adam et Eve: La Seconde Chance
  8. Les Maudits Mots D’Amour-Le Rouge et le Noir
  9. The Lady’s Got Potential-Evita
  10. One Night In Bangkok-Chess the Musical

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