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Hello po! I am 15 years old and I am also into art, But I don't have materials for making digital arts yet q-q) I am already in grade 10 and is thinking about doing animation but I don't know how to start or even do animation because I don't really think that would be easy, like the school I should go to, or would I even get a job for it. So as someone who has an experience in digital art and if it doesn't bother you, would you give me tips or something?


Thing no. 1: Materials - The stuff you need that are specific to digital art isn’t easy to get (esp. bc they’re expensive) but its a good investment! You can start by getting a drawing tablet, which ofc wouldn’t work without a compatible computer (which ofc, you might already have.) Software is also another thing you will need, but usually you can get it along with the drawing tablet you bought! (WOW!! SO COOL!!!) 

Thing no. 2: Animating. Oh Geez - You can start practicing animating by doing some simple animations (if you research a bit, you’d animate a ball for starters) and as you go along, you’d learn about the different *magics* you can use in frame-by-frame animation, and the different transitions you can use. Though a little forewarning: animation - whether its 3D or frame-by-frame - takes a HECK LOAD of patience. Especially if you wanna get good at it, you’d have to practice drawing fast and accurate as possible! SO JUS KEEP GOING and you’ll be fine! 

Thing no. 3: Schools - there are a lot of schools in the Philippines that you can enroll yourself in by college! Most of them are Small but that’s actually The Point if you think about it: iAcademy, La-Salle College of St. Benilde(though this is p big), CIIT are some! 

Thing no. 4: OFC YOU’RE GONNA GET SOMEWHERE WITH IT - its a matter of perseverance and interest for the field! it would take awhile to get a hang of the basics, and eventually put your own style into it, but as long as you keep going and keep making art you like, then its totally Cool and Rad! The audience for your art will flock to you, so be sure to make art and be patient. 

:^D AND DANG, you’re so young bes! am p proud you’re thinking so far into the future already but don’t forget to live your Present, alright? the only way you’ll finish an artwork is when you simply start it :^DDD don’t b scared! I believe in you. ;D

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