la salle antipolo

Overwhelmed. Forreal.

Happiness Part 1:

The Party, our project for our Society Class, was a blast! Had some flaws but still it went well. And I’m really overjoyed when the people thanked me and told me that they really had a fun afternoon with us. It couldn’t be possible without the help of my co-organizers, the performers, and the host.

We were worried about the Chicken from Bon Chon that it might not come in time and the same with the 10 boxes of Pizza from Pizza Hut… they came minutes away from 1pm. I also spilled Iced Tea on my polo because of my clumsiness, thanks to Ken Magundayao I pulled it off! He’s a life saver and a good stylist. Don’t get me wrong, he’s straight though. Had so much fun!

Happiness Part 2:

We invited our chairperson to attend the party, and I guess he had fun as well. Anyway he asked me to drop by his office after the party but I was so tired plus my mom is already waiting for me so I forgot to go there. I’m really really sorry, Sir Ryan, if ever you’re reading this :))

Anyway when I got home I got a message from him, the reason why he wanted me to drop by at his office because he’s going to offer me a chance to have my works to be exhibited. I’m really excited for this.

Happiness Part 3:

I went to my friends house along with my other high school best friends to make a Film, it’s her project. I helped directing and filming the movie plus I was one of the actores.

The screening date is March 5, at La Salle Antipolo. I think it’s for free so if you’re from La Salle Antipolo please do watch it :)

Thank you, Lord :)