la rundel

La Rundel, Abandoned Mental Asylum, Bundoora

Friday just gone, Friday the 13th, Flues, a few other mates and I adventured up to Bundoora, just on the other side of the city, wasn’t too bad of a drive.. After a short mission and getting lost because we were trying to find a store that sold paint.. we arrived at the asylum.

The atmosphere and our surroundings were on edge, but we didn’t come face to face with any paranormal activity, except for the good old bail out the window and scale the building at the sound of heavy footprints walking up the staircase behind us, was great fun.

Some of the things that still remain there (that we found) you could only imagine of, cutlery still in the kitchens, childrens shoes, bed sheets and even more, even know its been abandoned for somewhat time.

Was definitely worth the adventure, and would love to go back there pretty soonish, going at night would be a bit more creepy I guess.