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Dear Catherine, I’ve been sitting here thinking about all the things I wanted to apologize to you for. All the pain we caused each other. Everything I put on you. Everything I needed you to be or needed you to say. I’m sorry for that. I’ll always love you ‘cause we grew up together and you helped make me who I am. I just wanted you to know there will be a piece of you in me always, and I’m grateful for that. Whatever someone you become, and wherever you are in the world, I’m sending you love. You’re my friend to the end. Love, Theodore

french garden vocabulary 🌻🌷

🌿 Types of gardens

  • le jardin garden
  • le patio patio garden
  • le jardin sur le toit roof garden
  • la rocaille rock garden
  • le jardin floral a flower garden
  • le jardin d'agrément an ornamental garden
  • le jardin botanique a botanical garden
  • le jardin de fruit a fruit garden
  • un verger - orchard
  • le jardin potager a vegetable garden
  • le jardin paysan cottage garden
  • le jardin d’eau water garden

🍁 Some garden objects

  • un etang à poissons fish pond
  • le parterre flowerbed
  • le pavé paving
  • l’allée path
  • la pelouse lawn
  • la haie hedge
  • le potager vegetable garden
  • la serre greenhouse
  • le tas de compost compost heap
  • la fontaine fountain
  • le sol soil
  • la terre topsoil
  • le sable sand
  • la chaux chalk
  • l’argile clay
  • les outils de jardin garden tools
  • le balai à gazon lawn rake
  • la bêche spade
  • la fourche fork
  • le râteau rake
  • la tondeuse lawnmower
  • la brouette wheelbarrow
  • le terreau compost
  • le gravier gravel
  • les gants de jardinage gardening gloves
  • le pot à fleurs flower pot
  • l’arrosage watering
  • l’arrosoir watering can
  • le tuyau d’arrosage hose
  • la pelouse lawn

💐 Verbs

  • tondre to mow (the lawn)
  • ratisser to rake
  • tailler to trim
  • semer to sow
  • bêcher to trim
  • arroser to water
  • désherber to weed
  • pailler to mulch
  • cultiver to cultivate
  • récolter to harvest
  • cueillir to pick

🌱 Types of plants

  • les plantes à fleurs flowering plants
  • les plantes plants
  • les mauvaises herbes weeds
  • le bambou bamboo
  • la fougère fern
  • l’herbe herb
  • l’arbre tree
  • la plante aquatique water plant
  • le palmier palm
  • à feuilles persistantes evergreen
  • à feuilles caduques deciduous
  • la plante grasse succulent
  • le cactus cactus
  • la plante en pot potted plant
  • la plante d’ombre shade plant
  • la plante grimpante climber
  • l’herbe grass
  • la plante rampante creeper
  • l’arbuste à fleurs flowering shrub
  • les graines seeds
  • saplings les jeunes plants d'arbres
  • plant cuttings - les boutures de plantes

🌹 Types of flowers

  • rose la rose
  • marigold le souci
  • tulip la tulipe
  • crocus le crocus
  • lily le lys
  • iris l'iris
  • sweet pea le pois de senteur
  • geranium le géranium
  • gladiolus le glaïeul
  • chrysanthemum le chrysanthème
  • sunflower le tournesol
  • zinnia le zinnia
  • aster l'aster
  • dahlia le dahlia
  • daisy la pâquerette
  • carnation l'oeillet
  • primrose le primevère
  • peony la pivoine
  • bluebell la campanule
  • begonia le bégonia
  • daffodil la jonquille
  • jasmine le jasmin
  • lavender la lavande
  • azalea l'azalée
  • orchid l'orchidée
  • water lily le nénuphar

🌲 Types of trees

  • orange tree l'oranger
  • lemon tree le citronnier
  • plum tree le prunier
  • pear tree le poirier
  • olive tree l'olivier
  • cherry tree le cerisier
  • apple tree le pommier
  • apricot tree l'abricotier
  • fig tree le figuier
Awkward Encounters // Tom Drabble

Pairing: Tom x Reader

Featuring: Tom Holland

Warning: none

Request - you’re living in the same building as Tom and you walk out of the apartment and walk into Tom wearing some unruly clothes and hair.

Originally posted by kiingholland

The day was going to be a good one. Until you woke up with an agonizing headache and sweaty skin. You were sick. And it was the achy, cold kind of sick. The type that drained all your energy and made you dead on the couch for five days. You hated being sick. Well, you were positive everyone hated being sick, but you especially hated it because you always felt like you were losing days you could be doing something productive. 

Sun draped the walls as you groggily walked from your large comfy bed, to the living room. Staring out the large windows at LA. Sun kissed the roof tops and spelled out a forecast of high twenties. You smiled warmly as you felt the sun reach your skin and warm your aching body. What you really needed was your favourite tea and to watch Gossip Girl on repeat. Gathering more strength, you dragged your body to the kitchen, which was open to the living room so the sun followed you where you went. 

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La Ferrari “Spider”, 2017MY. Ferrari have released the first images of a new open version of their flagship La Ferrari which will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show in late September. The car’s name is being withheld until then as well. The new limited-edition special series will be available with a removable carbon-fibre hard top and a removable soft top

Why I hate Orihime Inoue.

She’s utterly useless for starters. Her powers have only ever saved one person in the start of the series and that was Tatsuki the one time she actually managed to toughen up and kill a hollow. Her shields are jokingly small and much too easy to break whenever a new enemy comes, examples being Yammy and Ulquiorra, they both broke it instantly after getting over the initial surprise of it being there. As for her healing, really what’s so great?

She can heal cuts and wounds? So can the whole fourth Division as well as anyone else who has been trained in medical Kido, Isshin and Urahara are two good examples.

She can restore lost limbs? So can Kurotsichi, even if his way is much more crude, he can still do so.

She can reject death? No, she actually can’t. If she could there would have been no character death in the series and she would have been able to heal Ichigo on the roof of Las Noches, but she didn’t because she couldn’t. It was Zangetsu that saved him there, not Inoue. The only people who actually believe Aizen’s line about her powers encroaching on Gods territory are the ones delusional enough to think she was a good character, like seriously, wake up already. Aizen only said that to play head games with everyone! He has always been a manipulative bastard, what’s so hard to get this time?!

As for her personality? She never grew into anything other than the girl that had a crush on Ichigo, and by the end of the series she was reduced to nothing more then fan service for all the fat chest lovers out there. She portrays a very obsessive woman on the verge of being a stalker, and somehow it isn’t considered creepy or invasive but intended to be ‘cute’. If the roles were reversed and it was a male acting like she did then everyone would be up in arms about the creepy stalker however just because the character is good looking and has a large chest it is okay? Great role model for all the woman reading Kubo, if you want your crush to like you, just show his some cleavage and stalk him!

She doesn’t deserve Ichigo, she never truly loved him, the only things she actually knows about him were learnt from someone else – mostly Tatsuki and you guessed it, Rukia – she never made an attempt to know the guy she supposedly loved by actually asking him, she went behind his back and invaded his privacy.

The thing I hate most about her is the fact that she could never accept Ichigo as what he is, part hollow, she never could. Even at the end of the series during the Yhwach fight when Ichigo used his new hollowfication she froze in fear again, Ichigo had to assure her that he was still him just for her to calm down, he shouldn’t have to do that.

The only other person who showed real fear at Ichigo’s hollow side was Ishida during the fight on Las Noches, and do you know how he responded? By saying “Stop Kurosaki, you’ve done enough Kurosaki, if you go any further than this then you won’t be you anymore,” he didn’t say “stop hollow” or “stop you monster” he said “stop Kurosaki” he knew that no matter how terrifying he looked on the outside that it was still Ichigo and he just needed someone to help bring him back to the light. Inoue could never look past his appearance, her love for him was superficial, she loved him as a night in shining armour, nothing else.

Another thing, she always had to be saved, and every time she was she would always say “I’m going to improve so that I won’t be a burden on anyone anymore.” yet where was this improvement? No matter how many times her precious Kurosaki-kun had to come save her she never once improved herself, Only one time she actually tried and it was a half ass effort at best which resulted in her being taken to Hueco Mundo and guess what? Needing to be saved again!

And can we talk about that for a moment? What an absolute pile of scum she is, the only reason she went to Hueco Mundo with Ulquiorra was not to ‘try and protect’ her friends, no, it was nothing glamorous like that, the only she went to Hueco Mundo was because she wanted to see if Ichigo would come and save her like he did Rukia. Instead of telling them about Ulquiorra’s conversation with her, instead of believing in her friends, her comrades, trusting in them to win, she ran off to Hueco Mundo making them chase her into enemy fucking territory because she is an immature and selfish bitch who was jealous of Rukia.

Inoue is a horrible person and Kubo should be ashamed for not only creating scum like her but for pairing her with someone as incredible as Ichigo.

Easy to knock down but never fragile

This story takes place few weeks after Amelia’s brain surgery. Just to be sure I’m not thinking this will happen in the show but the idea came in my head and I wanted to get it out. I hope you enjoy it

It was one of the coldest nights in Seattle when Amelia got out of the bar. She had drank a lot. AGAIN. Amelia didn’t go to Joe’s anymore because she was afraid to get caught. She headed back to the hospital where she had started working again. First Amelia thought she’ll sleep there but she was craving for something else. Oxy.

Amelia knew there were still some pills left at her office. After the surgery Amelia didn’t know who she was anymore. She felt exactly the same as she did before the surgery but again something was completely different. That made Amelia very confused and the aftermath of it had arrived.

Amelia was taking drugs and drank alcohol whenever she could. She had shut everyone out and Amelia had to sneaked into Meredith’s house every night what she spent there because she couldn’t face Owen like this.

The neurosurgeon found what she had came for.

“Damn it.” Amelia said when she saw only four pills left in the bag.

She sat on the couch and downed the oxy with another vodka shot. After some time she felt high again. Amelia had missed the free feeling for years. She stood up and went out of her office.

Amelia wandered through the halls till she had made it in front of Megan’s room. She felt hurt. Amelia noticed Megan was still awake but alone in her room.

She opened the door and stepped in.

“Long time no see.” Megan said. “Owen told me about your surgery. I hope you’re okay now.”

“Yeah, I am.” Amelia said coldly.

“Is there a problem?” Megan asked.

“I’m sure you know very well there is.” Amelia stepped closer to her.

“Are you drunk?” Megan was surprised. “It’s just pathetic. Go home.”

“Who are you to ask me that? Who are you to tell me what I should do? Who are you to tell Owen what he should do? Who are you to tell my husband he should get a divorce with me? Who are you to judge my actions when you have no idea who I am? Who are you…?” Amelia was shouting now.

She was stopped by Owen’s voice. “Amelia! That’s enough!” He demanded.

Owen had stepped in the room with Farouk after they had went to get the ice cream. He sent the boy outside and pointed to one of the nurses who he could go talk to.

Amelia turned to him and looked at him with her pissed eyes. “And you!”

“Me?” Owen asked.

“Yes, you! Who are you to ask me for a baby?” She was very pissed now.

“Amelia.” Owen’s heart broke when he realized it. “You’re drunk.”

“So what? You can’t judge me!”

“Owen…” Megan started but was stopped when Amelia moved quickly to her and faced her closely. Megan could smell a very strong smell of an alcohol.

“You stay out of our lives!” Amelia hissed but was stopped when she felt Owen grabbing her arm. She tried to fight back but he was way too strong.

Amelia stopped moving and looked into Owen’s eyes again. “Let go of me or I’ll…” She threatened him.

“Or what? You’ll hurt me?” Owen tried to stay calm.

Amelia stared coldly into his eyes. “You cannot only blame me!”

“Blame you?” Owen asked.

“You are as messed up as I am. Maybe even more. You blame me that I run but you do the same thing. When you don’t want to talk about your problems it’s all fucking right. You don’t have to talk because you don’t need to talk things to death. And when I don’t feel like talking about my problems I’m the worst fucking person and wife in the world!”

“Amelia…” Owen said hurtfully.

“Don’t Amelia me. It’s always my fault. You are the golden boy like Derek was in our family. Everything is always amazing with you and you are always the good one. You never ever do things wrong.” Amelia paused.

She wanted to walk out of the room but she was stopped by Owen’s hand which was still grabbing her arm.

“Let go of me!” Amelia tried to get his hand off.

“Amelia, you need help!” Owen was now grabbing both of her arms.

“I need help? I? Need? Help? Look at yourself!” Amelia hissed. She tried to fight Owen’s hands off of her.

“Owen, let go of her.” Megan said.

Owen’s focus went on Megan and Amelia used her chance. She pushed Owen to the wall and ran out of the room.

“Owen… what was that?” Megan asked scaredly.

“Don’t.” Owen raised his hand to air. “She’s an addict. She can’t drink.” Owen covered his face with his hands and sighed.

“Owen.” Megan said sadly when she saw how hurt he was.

“I have to go find her.” Owen was out of the room before Megan could say anything.

She took her phone and dialed Meredith’s number what she had given her just in case she needed anything. Farouk came back in the room and laid down next to her mom. Hugging her tightly.

“Hi… I’m sorry to call you this late. It’s Megan.”

“Oh, hi. Is something wrong?” Meredith’s tired voice said.

“I don’t know.” Megan sighed. “Amelia was here. She was drunk and…”

“She was what?” Meredith’s shocked voice filled her room.

“Drunk, she was drunk. She was all pissed and yelled at me and Owen.”

“Where is she now?”

“I don’t know. She ran off and Owen went after her.” Megan could hear Meredith getting out of bed.

“Thank you for calling me. I’ll be right there.”


“Maggie.” Meredith opened her door and went over to Maggie’s bed. “Maggie!” Meredith shook her.

“Wha.. what is it?” Maggie said sleepily.

“Amelia is out of control. She’s drunk at the hospital. Come on. I’ll be waiting in the car and move damn fast!” Meredith was out of her room already.


Amelia could feel tears burning in her eyes. She ran to the elevator and went to the helipad. Amelia sat on the edge of the roof and remembered how she got high with Ryan on one of the LA roofs. She cried hard and couldn’t believe how she had messed up her life again.


Owen ran through the halls and asked directions where Amelia had gone. One nurse told him she had took the elevator but she hadn’t paid attention to which floor.

He didn’t stop looking for her. Owen felt how he pumped into someone.

“Hey!” Bailey said. “What’s going on, Hunt?”

Owen walked back to Bailey and took a breath. “Have you seen Amelia?”

“No. Why?”

“She’s drinking again. She’s very drunk right now. I have never seen her like this.”

“I’m coming with you. I’ll check the OR floor, you take the ER.”

“Deal.” Owen’s phone rang. It was Maggie.

“Hi, is something wrong?”

“Megan had called Mer and said Amelia is drunk. We’ll  be at the hospital in a minute. Have you found her?”

“No, not yet. Bailey will go check the OR floor and I’ll take the ER. Can you go check Amelia’s office again?”

“Okay, we will. Call me if you’ve found her.”

“Okay. Bye!”



Amelia stood up and looked down. She felt free like she was the only one but it was fading away. Amelia needed more oxy for it to last. She walked back to the elevator to get more drugs for herself what she had hid in one of the supply closet.

Amelia got what she was looking for and went back to her office. She got it all ready to breath the powder in when suddenly the door opened.

Amelia turned around and was met with Meredith’s and Maggie’s surprised but again hurting faces.

“Amelia?” Maggie said quietly.

Meredith texted quickly to Owen that they had found her in her office.

“So you really wanna do it?” Meredith asked without any emotions.

“Seriously? What are you even doing here?” Amelia said but got a flashback how she had said the same thing during her LA intervention to Jake.

“Why do you do this to yourself again? Are you still the same junky you were years ago?” Meredith pushed the buttons.

“Mer, people don’t change. They modify. They adjust. But underneath, we are who we are. People just get better at covering up their flaws.”

“Amelia.” Maggie said quietly.

“You don’t believe huh? I’ll show you.” Amelia went back to the table to where she had two stripes of oxy. When she started inhaling the first stripe Owen opened the door and not less behind was Bailey.

Amelia didn’t notice the new audience and inhaled the second stripe of oxy in her system.

“Amelia!” Owen was shocked.

“Now you see who I am. I’m just an oxy addict and nothing else.” Amelia sat on the couch again and relaxed. She closed her eyes and sighed, feeling the oxy spreading all over her body.

“Amelia.” Owen said but no response. The room fell in silence. Owen walked in front of Amelia and kneeled down, putting his hand on her knees. “Amelia!” He shook her.

“What? What do you want?” Amelia said slowly, getting higher every second.

“Please, let us help you.” Owen pleaded.

“Haven’t you figured it out yet? No one can help me.” Amelia said calmly and her eyes were closed again.

“You have to go to a rehab.” Meredith said.

“And if I don’t?”

“Then you’re fired Dr. Shepherd!” Bailey said confidently.

“Well, I’m making your life easier. I quit!” Amelia stood up and took everything she needed and put them in her purse.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Owen could feel anger building in him. He couldn’t believe Amelia was that stubborn.

“I’m going home.”

“Wait… what?” Meredith asked shockingly. “No you won’t! It’s my house and I can’t let you near my kids while you’re high or drunk.”

“Fine!” Amelia felt anger too now. She walked towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Maggie asked.

“Away. You’ll never have to see me again and I make sure you won’t.” And with that Amelia walked out of her office.

Owen wanted to ran after her but he was stopped by Meredith’s hand. “Leave it, she doesn’t mean it. I’m sure tomorrow when she’s finally sober, she’ll come here to apologize. Seriously, don’t worry, Owen.” Meredith tried to comfort him.

Owen sighed and noticed he had hold his breath.


5 days later

“Mer, she still hasn’t showed up!” Owen was pacing in the attending’s lounge.

“I know! Don’t you think I know that?” Meredith was losing her patiences too.

Maggie was sitting quietly on the couch.

“I’m going to call Addison. I’m sure she knows where to find her or has any idea what we’re about to face.” Meredith pulled her phone out and called her.

She sat next to Maggie as she waited Addison to pick up.

“Hello?” Addison’s confused voice sounded when she picked up.

“Hi, it’s Meredith.”