la riche direction

ME: You know, I think I’d like my hair to be a lot more pink than it is right now.
MY BRAIN: Don’t you need to bleach your hair to get that colour to stick?
ME: I’ll just leave it on four times as long as the instructions on the bottle say.
MY BRAIN: Wait what?
ME: I’m gonna do it.
MY BRAIN: No, this is a bad idea!
ME: I’m gonna do it though.
MY BRAIN: Wait wait wa-
MY: I did it.
MY BRAIN: (facepalm)


Apparently I used to take a lot of photos of the top part of my hair. I miiiissss you colorful hair~ 


I seem to have acquired quite a few blue hair dyes over the years …

These paper swatches might be useful for some of you.

Manic Panic - Atomic Turquoise
Special Effects - Fish Bowl
Renbow Crazy Color - Peacock Blue
La Riche Directions - Lagoon Blue
Manic Panic - After Midnight
La Riche Directions - Midnight Blue
La Riche Directions - Atlantic Blue
Sparks - Electric Blue (this one has the greatest longevity btw)
Arctic Fox - Poseidon


I made some gifs of my tri-colour hair. I used to do it with all three colours along the shaft (red at the root, blue at the tips, mixed in the middle) but I’m trying colouring the layers separately. 

If anyone’s interested, the red is Renbow Crazy Color in Cyclamen, the blue is La Riche Directions in Midnight Blue. The purple is a mixture of the two. 

It’s also a little darker in real life than it looks here. 


My hair evolution since September. My hair was soooo damaged with bleach! I can’t stop cutting my hair because of dried ends! The three last pictures are recent, I’ve finally redyed my hair with henna because it’s so much healthier. It’s feels so much soft just with this and now I’m using sidr powder for wash my hair, it’s less drying than a classic shampoo and more economic!
And look at my undercut, it’s grow so much during less than 5 months (the last trim was in the beginning of September, I’ve trim this in 0,6mm with my hair clippers)! Let it grow!