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Words can’t describe how grateful I am for the last week in Paris. From attending the incredible @chanelofficial show at the Grand Palais, to having an intimate tour of Coco Chanel’s apartment on Rue Cambon, to attending a women’s rights rally at La Republique, and having sleepovers with my best friend every night. I feel like I’m dreaming. Thank you @chanelofficial I feel so lucky. 🇫🇷❤

😃LoL Comedian John Oliver pleads to the French to show their smarter than the upset/marginalized American & English voters felt in the US presidential & Brexit elections respectively. Let’s hope the French electorate isn’t fooled towards the bigoted & fascist candidate preferred and openly endorsed by Putin. En Marche vote for Emmanuel Macron! 🇫🇷

Vive-la-France 🇫🇷


Eugene Onegin: drunk and singing karaoke at every high society party, Pechorin’s best friend and big brother

Pyotr Verkhovensky: stalking Stavrogin’s Instagram and Myspace, tagging their photographs #meandmybetterhalf #красавец #lookatthesuniinvented, otherwise respectable forthcoming world leader and your favourite politician

Nikolai Stavrogin: worked as model in spite of the strong disapproval of his mother while ‘studying’ = becoming notorious for his excessive debauchery in Petersburg, among his scandals marrying drunk because of a bet, being suspicious of various crimes including murders and speculations about his bromance (?) and collaboration on the election campaign with a young ambitious politician

Aleksey Kirillov: chooses ‘suicide and the postulate for existence of God in an a priori meaningless world’ as theme for school project (probably yelled Vive la republique! Liberté, egalité, fraternité ou la mort! after presenting his project and jumped out of the window which was, however, on the ground floor so nothing really happened except his reputation as ‘that nutty Les Mis fanatic…’ ever since)

Uncle Vanya: taking care of the estate, always doing work for others, complains about lethargy, follows healthy lifestyle blogs and tries the paleo diet but no matter, everything is same as ever

Pierre Bezukhov: socially awkward, unsuccessfully attempts to become a dandy, daydreaming about Napoleon in history class

Andrei Bolkonsky: cynical, disillusioned and depressed, disappointed by the reality of conservative values such as family life and military career gradually abandons his earlier beliefs and finds peace in unconventional relationship with a younger woman and general forgiveness for all, in other words becomes a Buddhist or some beat generation freak idk

Dmitry Karamazov: has existential moments in pubs, doesn’t even need to be drunk to act like an ass

Ivan Karamazov: too intelligent, everyone at school hates him, tired of his family, could have chosen theoretical physics but studies philosophy, morality is his fav problematic, sometimes throws altruist books against the wall

Alyosha Karamazov: never screams, always nice, helps small kids with their homework, rides a bicycle everywhere

Yuri Zhivago: wants to buy Red Velvet Cake Crème Frappuccino at Starbucks, buys Oreo Shake at Coffeeshop Company instead

Yermolai Lopakhin: tough childhood, sad eyes, successful business, marriage never

Rodion Raskolnikov: Nietzsche’s greatest fan, likes reading the Bible anyway, goes to anonymous alcoholics sessions just to declare that he’s fine and walk away, sometimes sleepwalking looking for a bloody sock (maybe that’s how he got the nickname Lady Macbeth), obsessed with cleanness, always thinks he has a red stain on his clothing and shoes, begins conversation with strangers by telling them about ideal murder

Dmitry Razumikhin: does pub crawls frequently, everyone’s favourite drinking pal, brings people home in his arms after three bottles of vodka

Anna Karenina: says shopping malls and birthday parties are dumb but still goes there, thinks she’s going to die each time she argues with the boyfriend or the boyfriend argues with the husband

Konstantin Levin: refuses to buy a smartphone, has own eco farm and environmentally friendly bio cosmetics label named Levinder, everything handmade!

Yevgeny Bazarov: gets PhD in medicine and doesn’t care, gets Nobel prize and doesn’t care, gets incurable disease leading to death and doesn’t care but he would like to kiss that girl he just saw through the window

Ilya Oblomov: lying in bed all day watching the same channel with soap operas and Bollywood dramas because he is too lazy to get up and fetch the remote control

Taras Bulba: dad of the year, likes listening to (Cossack) songs by Кубанский казачий хор [this means you should listen to their songs, I love them]

Dmitry Rudin: always talking about his dreams, going to America, starting jogging, learning Japanese and finding a girlfriend, gets invited on a date, doesn’t go, always bitching about politics, never voted

Behemoth: that fat black tomcat who is going to take over your apartment, yeah, that one lying on your couch

The Man from Underground: sits on a bench in the park and talks to himself, makes fun of himself and doesn’t mean it, compliments you and doesn’t mean it, forever alone

Pavel Chichikov: falsifying fuel consumption, making nonexistent trade agreements, doesn’t pay taxes, lmao why

Lev Myshkin: cinnamon roll too pure and good for this world, never dresses accordingly to the weather outside, doesn’t speak sarcasm, charity hero, unintentionally breaks every fragile object in 20 km distance, didn’t get the driver’s licence, pope’s rival

Nastasya Filippovna: girl growing up on Princess Diaries, steals your man, then cries, apologises to you, then slaps you

Grigory Pechorin: does nothing all day except partying and getting into fights, rotting with melancholy and futility of existence, watches Death Note and reads dark manga, always bored, thinks he’s lord Byron


Les Miserables Movie Meme | [2/5] Deaths | Grantaire

He repeated, “Vive la Republique!” crossed the room firmly and took his place in front of the muskets beside Enjolras.

…“Will you permit it?”

Enjolras shook his hand with a smile. The smile was not finished before the report was heard.

…Grantaire, struck down, collapsed at his feet.

Excerpts from “The French Revolution Romance”

Here are some excerpts from the book “The French Revolution Romance” (”法国大革命演义” in Chinese) originally posted by WhimoLee. (Click to read the original text.) This book was written by a Chinese writer as a fan fiction general introduction to the history of the French Revolution, with so many ridiculous depictions of literally everyone and wild historical inaccuracies. Hands down the funniest French Revolution book I’ve ever seen. Please keep reading. Believe me you really need to read this. :P

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🇫🇷 President Barack Obama endorsed the intelligent & inclusive Centrist, pro-E.U. candidate Emmanuel Macron last week. However on the eve of the French Presidential election we learned of similar Russian interference and hacking of the anti-Putin candidate just as they did of the Hillary Clinton campaign in the US. Let’s hope the French electorate isn’t fooled towards the bigoted & fascist candidate preferred and openly endorsed by Putin.


“i’ll keep you safe while you sleep.”
a sleepy time playlist


The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home // Agnes Obel - Riverside // Feist - Caught a Long Wind // Aria - Holocene // Natalie Lundley - Born to Die // Daughter - Smother // A Fine Frenzy - Riversong // The Civil Wars - Dust to Dust // Lykke Li - I Know Places // Ben Howard - Black Flies // Bonobo - First Fires // Gabriel Royal - Remember Us // Jess Buckley- Hallelujah // Bon Iver - Holocene // Birdy - I’ll Never Forget You // Dry the River - Demons & Bible Belt // Daughter - Shallow // The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the Birds & Transformation // Ellie Goulding - I Know You Care // Brooke Waggoner - Fresh Pair of Eyes // Coldplay - Midnight // Couer de Pirate - Place de la Republique 

Vannak ezek az instant sírógörcs zenék

meghallom őket, és a könnycsatornáim egy arcfacsaró rándulással elkezdik ontani a sós löttyöt:

Passenger - Let Her Go

Lykke Li - Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone

Hurray For The RiffRaff - Something’s Wrong

Coeur de Pirate -  Place de la Republique 

nyilván mind rajta van a youtube kedvencek listán, hát egy időben tényleg a könnyeimbe-taknyomba akartam belefulladni.

Kinek mi az ordítva fetrengős, szívet kiszedő zenéje?

Manci közvéleménykutat.

i. Sam Vimes dies at nineteen, and not in his bed. The People’s Republic dies with him, blood on the streets and blood in the river and blood in Sam’s hair, matted to the cobblestones his feet will never learn to read through his boots, and that’s life. He dies, and the Republic dies with him, and that’s life, because life, as Sam knew even at that age, isn’t fair. When they find his body, no one recognises him, and he is buried not in the grave of the unknown soldier but merely in the grave of the unknown, the tombstone which marks his final resting place left blank, eerie. When the springtime comes the lilac blooms and they remember. When he died, he died for nothing, as all men do. He died crying and afraid and for nothing, and when he died, the Republic died with him.

Without him, Vetinari dies at the end of an assassin’s blade and the city they both died for doesn’t see a real democracy for a thousand years.

But that’s life, and life’s not fair. 

ii. Sam Vimes dies at twenty-nine, and not in his bed. He dies in a gutter, and is truly forgotten, Nobby and Fred the only mourners at his graveside, a true watchman’s funeral. He dies, as all men must die, and certainly all men who drink twice as much as anybody’s liver could reasonably handle. Nobby cries and Fred pretends he doesn’t, and they flip a coin to decide who becomes Captain now. Both outcomes, be assured, are equally disastrous. 

His ancestor, the Kingkiller, becomes a footnote in history, and he too is forgotten in time. There are no more republics in Ankh-Morpork, and no more kingkillers either, and the city feels the weight of a lacuna no-one knows how to name. The city greys and dies, and there is no justice in its streets, no bravery in its hidden little cloisters. The city herself becomes forgotten, and even her gods die.

Deep beneath the earth, in what was once a little cemetery by the Ankh, there is a stirring. But that, for once, is another tale.

iii. Sam Vimes dies at thirty seven, and not in his bed. He stands up to a dragon, to the Patrician, and above all, to himself, but is caught by a piece of falling masonry as the battle rages forth. His city burns, and burns, and dragonfire spreads across the world, leaving nothing in its wake but suffering and death.

In the never-dark, they whisper: a man held his sword to the dragon, once, long ago. If he did it– if he did it. Can we?

They don’t even know his name, but it doesn’t matter. Sam Vimes was born to inspire revolutions. They don’t need him to be living to bear his name. They don’t even need his name at all.

The world burns, but fire fights fire, and, when all is said and done, what else was Sam Vimes but that? 

iv. Sam Vimes dies at forty eight, and not in his bed. He dies with a demon under his skin, after he changed the world, or most of it, perhaps even saved it, run ragged by the Summoning Dark, because the human body has limits and he’s tested them once too often to make it through this time. He dies in agony, the second most powerful man in Ankh-Morpork, the veins of his eyes shot black as night and the scar on his wrist pools blood into the dust of Koom Valley, and what use is money and power when you’re a vessel for a demi-god, or at least something like it, and he’s too human, much too human, in the end, to make it through. 

When his blood touches the ground, it sizzles. Vetinari kneels beside his corpse, and does not say that he died a hero, because he would never insult him that way. From a mountaintop, he looks down and sees the mark scored into the earth, his friend’s body the epicentre.

“This place belongs to Him now, and is protected forever,” says a grag, and Vetinari feels the initial more than hears it.

“A copper, even in death,” Vetinari does not say, for his breath catches in his throat, and some things are beyond words, even for him.

v. Sam Vimes dies at sixty nine, and not in his bed. He dies with a crossbow bolt in his heart, stepping clean between the Patrician and certain death, an automatic reflex that he would have done consciously, if that sort of time constraint had left him with the illusion of choice– and perhaps it did, time slowed down so palpably he could count every white eyelash, every thread on Vetinari’s collar. He always knew he would die for this man. He always knew he would die for this city. Same difference.

“Don’t you dare, Sam,” says Vetinari, and Sam opens his mouth to say, oh, piss off

VIVE LA REPUBLIQUE, says a voice, and two eyes that are not eyes shine like the implosion of galaxies in the dark.

“What?” says Sam, which is odd, without a mouth.


“And now I’m sodding dead!” says Sam, “Don’t tell me Heaven’s bloody real. Another king, all I fucking need.”


“Finally,” says Sam, that great weight slipping away for the very first time, “Well then. I might get a bloody rest.”

Macron Voice Post
Emmanuel Macron
Macron Voice Post

Emmanuel Talking

  1. 00:00 - 00:23  Introduction: Talking in German. Introducing himself, tribute to Helmut Kohl, quoting Kohl.
  2. 00:24 - 01:30 Talking in Greek during his visit to Greece this year, talking democracy and thanking Alexis Tsipras. Pay attention to how he pronounces Alexis’ name.
  3. 01:31 - 06:32 Talking in English. Make our planet great. Macron talking about the EU, Iran, North Korea, peace and nationalism. “Nationalism is all about war. We experienced that eighty years ago in Europe. … At the end of the day, it’s all about how to fight against each other and it’s all about war.”
  4. 06:33 - 07:57 Talking about Trump. Please pay attention to the beautiful word déstin. His lisp is killing me.
  5. 07:58 - 08:25 TV debate with Marine Le Pen
  6. 08:26 - 08:56 Manu singing
  7. 08:57 - 09:23 With Brigitte. Brigitte calling him cheri, big mood! He also has the sweetest laugh. “Si.” That lisp. D: Brigitte telling him she won’t give him the “saloperies” he asked for. Parenting?
  8. 09:24 - 09:30 Cordon bleu
  9. 09:31 - 10:41 Manu Au Tableau: “Ça, c'est un beau cadeau. … En tout cas, c'est sympa. Ça merci beaucoup.” Explaining different family models.
  10. 10:42 - 10:53 His political positions. Talking about le libéralisme. “Moi, je suis Socialiste et je l'assume.” “Je ne suis pas Socialiste.” “Pour ma part, je suis de gauche.” He is so extra!!!
  11. 10:54 - 11:01 Esoteric Macron. Talking about trees, rivers, fish, brothers and sisters.
  12. 11:02 - 11:07 Macron talking about security: “Parce que si vous écoutez les mecs de la sécurité, vous finissez comme Hollande. Peut-être que vous êtes en sécurité, mais vous êtes mort.” (If you listen to the security guys, you will end up like Hollande. Maybe you are safe, but you are dead.) Which reminds me of this quote: “I’m claustrophobic about life. I can’t stand being shut in, I have to get out, that’s why I can’t have a normal life. Deep down, my flaw is no doubt that I don’t love normal life.”
  13. 11:08 - 11:10 Macron au foot. Missing the goal.
  14. 11:11-12:32 Talking about Trudeau, calling him inspiring, pointing at his dynamism and optimism, and that he communicates clearly and simple - they have that in common. He has a lot of respect for what Trudeau achieved. Talking about leadrship: “Un leader, c'est en même temps qui inspire le maximum de gens à faire de leur mieux.” (A leader is at the same time someone who inspires the majority of people to do their best.) Flaubert is one of the authors who inspires him. He calls him the absolute writer (écrivain absolu) who uses intense words. Intensity is a good word in that context.
  15. 12:33-12:49 “Parce que c'est notre projeeet!!! Vive la republique, vive la France!”

Is “en tout cas” the new "en même temps"?