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Strange Magic writers and artists!

:Is seriously thinking about selling her soul so she can write as well as…:

@tevlek @humanityinahandbag @suzie-guru @artbymaureen @jaegereska @dancesonmoonlight @spirrum @rosewaterwitch @frootilla @ohtd-love-forever @loracarol @mrscartoon @pikuna @obbsessedturtle @magicalstranger13 @lotus0kid @abutterflyobsession @vanguardshepard-commander @pereprinthings @gigiree @dainesanddaffodils @bifacialler @anthropoidal-lifeform  @thealeksdemon @natashow@waitingxinxsilence @blue-butterfly-days @happybumblebee @whimsicalitywheee @siffieleafy

First, these are just the writers who I know on tumblr, but there are many on AO3 who are incredible!

These are just a few of the FANTASTIC AMAZING writers in the Strange Magic fandom!!! I just cannot say enough good things about these writers, only that I would love to be even a quarter as skilled as any of them!

AND this isn’t even mentioning the artists!! A great many of these writers also draw but then there are amazing artists such as

@goldwerewolf @straighton-stranger @krocatoo @thatchickwiththeheadphones @chocolatefrizz89 @ladybajingoarts @ai-kue @whatwouldwaltdo @potatokraken  @mamonna @allmaiheart @inuki-loves-steak  @caitlinlaneart @danger-flammable @samantha-maclean-draws @magicalgirlmarianne @ive-been-mistreated @mollyflood @i-lavabean @greenmutt @i-griffona @doodlinglina @ukthewhitewolf @sibera-the-wanderer @jazzru @sugarpiehoneybog @smoothieillustrasion

Then there are simply amazing people such as:

@jupiter235 @girogirl723 @deluxetrashqueen @gotta-strange-magic-therpg @meredithannebull (voice of Dawn) @bat-birdandhum @witch-of-the-veggies @sophaoat @my-badgerpride @joons @reina-de-las-hadas @tiniestflamingo

I know there are people I am missing and I am sorry if I missed you!! Just know that I am happy to read or see anything you guys create for this fandom! Feel free to drop me a line if you want me to see or read something I am always happy to do so! I know I am missing a ton of people which makes me feel like such a heel!! So please tell me who I missed so I can mention them in another post!!! Or just add them to this one!

This is one of the most amazing fandoms!!!

anonymous asked:

Si na y es reina de las hadas, fritz y otras/os hadas/os sean sus súbditos, no, y ella fue quien le dio a fritz el deber de "proteger" a scott?

e rey Edgar creo a Fritz pero este si tiene una reina jiji UwU