la raza unida

Hey do any of you have more info on that Anaheim kid who was grabbed by an off duty cop while walking home from school; and then shot at by the same cop when the kid’s friends tried to get the guy to let the kid go, and who was then arrested for TERRORISM?

if you haven’t seen the video look t up, La Raza Unida has video on fb. it’s the most blatantly white supremacist violence i’ve seen recently and white people are defending it like “citizens arrest” like it’s PERFECTLY NORMAL to assault young teenagers a foot shorter and three decades younger than you and then try and shoot them.

my people, white people, we need to be WAY more proactive in destroying white supremacy. it means putting our bodies on the line and we’re going to get hurt but that’s what it requires and we have to. we have to end this. it’s killing us too, just way slower.