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ya know what?

I hope the ending theme for episode 12 would be like a slow piano version of “You Only Live Once” or something equally as sentimental. and all the instagram pictures will be of everyone after the grand prix, dressed in suits or dresses (i imagine mila and sara will be wearing matching dresses because that is perfect and beautiful). and the pictures are all fun and stuff, such as phichit catching people off guard with his selfies or chris making everyone feel slightly uncomfortable or leo and guang-hong singing super bad (but super cute) karaoke. (minami and emil would have been the ones to pass out from eating so much).

and after there have been pictures of every skater and whatever - from seung-gil to georgi to michele to even jj - the last few focus upon viktor and yuuri - viktor wearing a black suit with a white rose, and yuuri wearing a white suit with a red rose. and it’ll be them at the altar, with captions such as “exchanging vows!!! how cute!!!” and “there goes the ‘I do’s’!!!” (captions courtesy of phichit chulanont of course). and the transition between pictures go slower and slower until it falls upon viktor and yuuri kissing with the caption “You may kiss the groom.”

(as a little bonus, there’s a video clip of yuuri throwing the bouquet into the air and everyone scrambles for, but it conveniently falls right in front of where yurio and otabek are standing. and while everyone starts cheering and laughing, yurio’s totally embarrassed and telling everyone to shut up but otabek picks it up and says “we will see you all at our wedding in a few years. please bring gifts.” and yurio just dies of a mix between embarrassment and happiness.)

on gurren lagann and kill la kill

i recently rewatched gurren lagann and it made me think a lot about all the ttgl VS klk discourse there was back when klk first aired, and now i understand a lot more shit than i did back then.

when i first watched gurren lagann, i was probably around 10-12 and didnt notice a lot of shit, mainly the fanservice. like, okay, it was pretty obvious most of the girls were always half naked but it took me a rewatch as an adult to realize how many fucking ass & tits shots there were and just how ridiculous the animation on boobs was.
and then there was the story, full of bullshit incoherences and weird characterization. also for some reason getting it with yoko = sudden death.

and then after finishing gurren lagann for the second time, mourning my favourite character dying and eating a bunch of peanuts, it hit me. how kill la kill wasnt to be compared to gurren lagann, but rather be seen as an evolution of it.

because no matter how “fanservice-y” klk was, we have to make sure not to forget these are the same people who made gurren lagann, and also the very same people who were so sick of the anime industry and its bullshit rules they made a new studio to produce what they really wanted to make.

ironically enough, despite how revealing the outfits in klk are, the actual amount of boob jiggling  and other hilarious ways to pander to single otakus is very limited. yeah, the boobs are there, but theyre mostly a shock factor and the audience stops giving a fuck pretty fast and focuses on whats actually happening in the story. nudity is more of a joke/theme than a gratuitous thing.

in the same way gurren lagann did, kill la kill does have some contradictions in its narrative, however here they are completely assumed: sometimes the story doesnt make sense but its embraced by the writers whereas in gurren lagann the writers kinda went bonkers and didnt really pay attention to what made or didnt make sense.

in the end, kill la kill is both a revenge on what its staff didnt like about the anime industry but also an improvement over scenario and characters. im also extremely happy that the first protagonist studio trigger created after it was formed was in the form of a badass, foul-mouthed girl whos not shamed for taking control of her body and sexuality and ends up dating an adorable girl.

yay for anime, i guess :V


i had the sad idea that like. sometimes avatars try to reconnect w/ past lives and stuff and obvs all the avatars are different, ya know, but what if theres a few of these past lives who are kinda young? (kinda stay that way forever once they’re a spirit i think?) i dont wanna step on toes with it cause i know its kinda sad/troubling but i wanted to draw the idea anyways. i hope i make sense? 

I watched La La Land for the second time today.. and it is just the kind of movie that makes you want to make movies… I absolutely adore musicals. the vibrant colors and how they’re emphasized because they’re meant to be prominently symbolic, the work oh god the woooork that’s put into every musical number, the opening scene that was shot in one continues take????? that’s in the middle of a highway in downtown la??? who does that anymore???? and how the whole damn thing was able to just really.. transport you into another level of catharsis.. ugh it’s so amazing. Damien Chazelle is brilliant. not to mention that the last movie that I saw in theaters that blew my mind as much as this one did was Whiplash. he’s on a roll. I hope this film takes over the Oscars next month. 

Okay but are you a Hamilton person or an Usnavi person? Non-Stop or 96000? 21 Chump Street or Freestyle Love Supreme? Long haired Lin or short haired Lin? “Whaaaaaat?” or “No Me Diga?!”

you know how there are some films where you just…don’t want them to end??? you can feel the credits coming and you foolishly plead inside your head like “please just 10 more minutes”?? ever start a film and by the end of the first minute you’re sad that you have one minute less of magic left? there’s a quote that goes something like, “good cinema makes you nostalgic for a place that doesn’t exist” and la la land is that, it is so magical, every minute i was grinning i am so glad i splurged on an advanced screening!! the sets, the costumes, the music, everything was so big and emotional and colorful i felt so buzzy after who needs crack when there’s magnificent cinema??? 


Ofc I use the dog filter, even for cosplay selfies lmao c: Hopefully I can wear ochako for ALA, super excited for conventions this year!! Plus ultra!! 👊💕💫

It’s something I plan to go into more detail in that one essay I’ve been formulating for literal years on Kill la Kill’s cinematography that may or may not ever actually be finished, but there’s just a lot to say on the topic of Ryuko and physical touch.

At the start, Ryuko is emotionally distant. She doesn’t often show how she’s really feeling to anyone, doesn’t care (consciously) to make friends, and, fittingly, she shies away from any physical contact. In episode 1, Ryuko dodges Mako’s hug and shows no remorse as Mako crashes right into garbage cans. In only a matter of seconds, Ryuko’s pushed quite the point: she has no (conscious) intention to be close to anyone, and she’s made such abundantly clear in the most literal of ways.

Other times, like when Ryuko puts a barrier between her and Aikuro in episode 3, it’s less about Ryuko’s desire to keep her distance from others and more about how the attempted closeness is inappropriate and uncomfortable, but the fact remains that, in regards to Ryuko, there’s a recurring visual idea of “get away from me.”

Even when Ryuko does warm up to others and their touch isn’t pushed away—and, indeed, appreciated—it’s still rarely something Ryuko initiates herself. Even at the end of the series, Mako is the one hugging Ryuko, holding her, etc., and such is why Ryuko’s tender embrace of Senketsu in episode 5 is so meaningful (and likely why fans have particularly run with this image of “Ryuko and Senketsu hugging”). To see Ryuko pull someone close when she’s so often shown pushing people away or simply accepting their offers of physical intimacy is extremely significant to her character and growth.

So, perhaps what is even more noteworthy than Ryuko falling into her sister’s arms and calling her “Sis” in episode 24’s ending is when Ryuko herself pulls Satsuki close and initiates touch. It’s not merely acceptance, here—it’s an active display of Ryuko’s desire to have her sister in her life after a whole series where she has repeatedly pushed people away.

It’s a little moment, but it speaks volumes about how far Ryuko’s character has come.

here’s the thing my guys: la la land is an enjoyable film, I’m not saying it’s the best film ever but it’s really well made…. BUT the academy can’t pat themselves on the back for trying to fix #OscarsSoWhite when they’ve given La La “we’re gonna ignore the racial history of Jazz and there’s one poc character in the film” Land a record 14 nominations like yes there are poc nominated in each category which is a step in the right direction but La La Land is the whitest film on the list. Do you really think it’s a coincidence it’s gotten the most nominations? Also the fact that Casey Affleck is even nominated is fucking disgusting. The Academy still has a lot of work to do.

So at one of the panels at Fubuki Con they took our suggestions and drew them. I asked for Yami Yugi dressed in Ryuko Matoi’s battle suit and here’s the results.

We realized halfway through that the suit wouldn’t cover Yami’s parts so they drew the millennium puzzle there.

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When I first watched klk I thought I was weird for thinking that Senketsu and Ryuko should have ended up together but then I found your fuckyeahryuketsu blog and I started shipping it extremely. Thank you for blessing me with your ramblings.

To be fair, thinking that a girl and her clothes should have ended up together is pretty weird.


…this is an anime about alien clothes taking over the world. 

Is it really so weird to imagine two people who don’t look alike being interested in each other romantically?

The answer is yes. It is madness. It is all madness but idec that girl and her sailor uniform should kiss thank you for joining me in this madness and falling into the pit of crying over talking space clothes.