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UGH I have a really fluffy idea,, a bunch of homeless human kids were victims of brutal experiments. They have some cool powers from it, and with combined efforts, they all escaped. Swindle hears about a gang of homeless kids, all camping out in an old abandoned hotel. The ages range from 7-18. They're all traumatized AF, constantly dodging and fighting the people sent to recapture them. Swindle finds one of the older kids, and tells them he'll help fighting the people after them. (Part 1)

(2) The kids are fucking ecstatic. Some cry. They don’t have to fight anymore, they don’t have to run any more, and they finally get enough food. Some of the kids are missing limbs, so they get high-tech prosthetics. One of them cries, because she can finally walk! They just,, finally have what they need. They finally get to be kids. When the time comes where Swindle tells them about the adoption thing, they go silent. One kid steps forward. “We’re all sort of a family already…”

(3) Swindle just smiles, and jokes, “alright, so I’ll just mark you all down as a package deal, then?” And that’s the story of how one(or two?? Or a whole ship crew *looks @ the LL) get like 27 children (sorry that was so long AaaAAH)

OMG!  It’s like Oliver Twist but with robots!!!  :D :D :D  I never knew how much I needed something like this in my life until now!  


Our love was lost
Your heart turned cold
And that was when I let you go
I let you go

Fall back to
the upstairs bedroom
Way back when
It all just seemed
to make more sense than
Fall in place
There was a time when
I felt okay

Being As An Ocean (BAAO) -  Waiting For Morning To Come
06/11/16 Paris - Boule Noire

All I want is a cute person to cuddle with. we can stay up all night talking about the deepest parts of our life’s. we can eat pizza and listen to real friends and cuddle all the time and go on adventures. we can also go to New York City and go on the train and go to a cute small venue like Webster hall and see seahaven and we can both crowd surf together. we can also go on cute dates and longboard through the city streets just us, happy, smiling. I’ll always text you a cute good morning message to wake up too smiling and a cute message going to bed and a billion inbetween. and random facetime while we stare at each other and smile like idiots. I want to fall in love with you as much as you fall in love with me. I want this to be real. I want us to be real. I want to take care of your heart and make you realize what a wonderful person you truly are.