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Los Feliz ‘Murder house’ in Los Angeles.

Dr Perelson bludgeoned his wife one night before harming their daughter and then killing himself in 1959.

The house was put up for sale last year after sitting abandoned for over 50 years… weirdly, it was bought right after the murders but sat untouched, still with it’s original furniture and all of the Perelson’s belongings. 

The top photo is the exterior, middle photos; a before and after of all the belongings inside before being gutted before the sale and the bottom; the room where Mrs Perelson was found. 

(Photos are embedded with source other than where credits are in the caption)
Harry Styles of One Direction seeks $8.5 million for his Hollywood Hills West crib
Harry Styles of One Direction has listed his contemporary-style home in Hollywood Hills West for $8.495 million.
By Neal J. Leitereg

Harry Styles is headed in a new direction. The singer-songwriter of One Direction fame has listed his contemporary-style home in Hollywood Hills West for sale at $8.495 million.

Tucked behind a motorized gate on a quarter-acre lot, the multi-level home boasts an open floor plan and pocketing walls of glass that capitalize on Southern California’s indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Views from the home, set above the Sunset Strip, extend from the downtown cityscape to the ocean.

The renovated home in Hollywood Hills West features multiple terraces, a covered patio and a swimming pool.

The 4,100 square feet of subdued living space includes a center-island kitchen, a screening room and a gym. The four bedrooms and six bathrooms include a top-floor master suite that opens to a private balcony.

Tall bamboo hedges form a natural screen around the swimming pool and spa. Expansive decking extends outward to create additional space as well as a covered lounge area below.

Styles bought the house a year ago for $6.87 million, property records show.

Justin Huchel of Hilton & Hyland holds the listing.

Earlier this month the 23-year-old Styles released the self-titled album “Harry Styles,” his first as a solo artist. He is set to make his acting debut later this year in the Christopher Nolan-directed war film “Dunkirk.”

Another illustration by my partner, @lunaraspect!

I LOVE this concept. I’m actually a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, but I never even imagined combining these two properties!

LA only recently began drawing Rick and Morty, so I’m incredibly excited to see his various style experiments. I hope he keeps up this trend of drawing a new AU every day!

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Hi Sam! Random question I've always wondered about, which I think you might be eminently qualified to answer given what you've mentioned about your research at work: how accurate do you think the net worth estimates of particularly wealthy people are? For example, one site suggests that RDJ's net worth is $240 million. Based on what you've learned in your research of the super rich, is that likely to be way overstated, probably about right, or possibly even under-estimated?

Estimating net worths of people is literally what I do for a living so you are RIGHT TO ASK ME THIS, Anon. 

Here’s the short answer: It’s probably not that wrong. If you want to know why I say “not that wrong” instead of “correct”, read onwards! :D

The long answer is complicated. In part it depends on who’s doing the estimating; automated wealth estimations are available for pay through a number of sources (WealthEngine, for example) but are carried out by computer and have no sense of nuance, so they’re not very good. Forbes, on the other hand, has people with financial training doing the estimating, and they are aware of stuff like whether someone’s real estate is going to realistically reflect their wealth (Richard Branson: yes, because he owns an island. RDJ? Probably not, for reasons I’ll get into in a second) but Forbes also tends to base its current estimates on past estimates so you have to tread carefully. Journalism that falls somewhere in the middle – it’s a person doing the estimating, but perhaps not a person with extensive financial research/document training – are usually in the ballpark, but they try not to get too granular. Then again they may have expertise in entertainment earning, which in this case could be a help. 

But let’s talk about estimation itself. There are certain things we can never know for sure: bank balances, for example. Journalists who do this kind of work generally have to stick to public record, which can be informative, but is never the full picture. And a lot of people will discuss their net worth, but we have no way of knowing if they’re being truthful. Plus, for the work I do, our estimates are not precise: they fall under “bands” that encompass X value to Y value – net worth of $1M to $4.9M, for example. And after $1B we basically give up because how much detail do you need once someone’s a billionaire?

So, estimation. There is a readmore below! Read more! 

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Spanish Vocabulary - El cuento de hadas

This is a list of some very useful words related to fairy tale stories or some mythological vocabulary.

Especially for beginners, fairy tales are extremely helpful because most of the stories are ones that people know or at least have heard of before… so this vocabulary will help navigate some very well-known fairy tales (and Disney movies).

Note: There may be some repeating words

Snow White

  • (la) Blancanieves = Snow White
  • blanco/a = white
  • la nieve = snow
  • el cabello = hair (on the head)
  • negro/a = black
  • pálido/a = fair, pale
  • la palidez = paleness, pallor
  • la reina = queen
  • malvado/a = evil, wicked
  • la Reina Malvada = the Evil Queen
  • el cazador = hunter / huntsman [feminine form “huntress” is la cazadora]
  • el corazón = heart
  • la envidia = envy
  • los celos = jealousy
  • el espejo mágico = magic mirror
  • bello/a = beautiful
  • precioso/a = cute, lovely | precious
  • bonito/a = cute, pretty
  • lindo/a = cute, pretty
  • la amenaza = a threat
  • la inocencia = innocence
  • la belleza = beauty
  • la pureza = purity
  • el enano = dwarf
  • siete = seven (7)
  • la choza = hut, small house
  • la casita (de campo) = little house, cottage [lit. “little field house”] 
  • dulce = sweet
  • viejo/a = old
  • feo/a = ugly
  • brujo/a = witch, wizard
  • la manzana = apple
  • la poción = potion
  • el veneno = poison, venom
  • venenoso/a = poisonous, venomous
  • envenenado/a = poisoned
  • inmóvil = still, unmoving
  • el ataúd = coffin, casket
  • el féretro = coffin, casket
  • el velorio = wake, vigil
  • el príncipe = prince
  • el príncipe azul = knight in shining armor [lit. “blue prince”]
  • el beso = a kiss

Sleeping Beauty

  • la Bella Durmiente = Sleeping Beauty
  • bello/a = beautiful
  • durmiente = sleeping, dormant
  • dormido/a = asleep, sleeping | half-asleep, “out of it”
  • el bautismo = baptism, christening
  • la reunión = a gathering, a meeting
  • el hada, las hadas = fairy, fairies
  • el don = a gift, a blessing
  • el obsequio = a present, a gift
  • el regalo = a present, a gift
  • la maldición = a curse
  • el hechizo = a hex, a curse
  • la magia = magic
  • mágico/a = magical
  • la bendición = blessing
  • el encanto = enchantment, a charm
  • el escape = an escape
  • la huida = an escape, fleeing, flight
  • la búsqueda = a search
  • las hadas buenas = the good fairies
  • la selva = forest
  • el bosque = the woods
  • la corona = crown
  • el trono = throne
  • el huso = spindle
  • la rueca = spinning wheel, loom
  • la hoguera = bonfire
  • pincharse el dedo = to prick one’s finger
  • la rosa = rose
  • la espina = thorn
  • espinoso/a = thorny, covered in thorns
  • la zarza = thornbush, bramble, briar
  • el fuego = fire
  • la espada = sword
  • el escudo = shield
  • el dragón = dragon
  • despierto/a = awake

Beauty and the Beast

  • La Bella y la Bestia = Beauty and the Beast
  • bello/a = beautiful
  • Bella = Belle [Spanish translation of a French name]
  • la bestia = a beast
  • la aldea = small town
  • distraído/a = distracted, absentminded
  • ensimismado/a = distracted, engrossed in one’s own life
  • la belleza = beauty
  • el trato = deal, contract
  • trato hecho = done deal
  • secuestrado/a = kidnapped
  • la torre = tower
  • el ala este = the east wing (of a house/castle)
  • el ala oeste = the west wing (of a house/castle)
  • la escalera = staircase, stairwell
  • las escaleras = steps, stairs
  • el escalón = a step (of a staircase)
  • el salón de baile = ballroom
  • el espejo = mirror
  • la pintura = painting
  • el retrato = portrait
  • el autorretrato = portrait / self-portrait
  • maldito/a = cursed, accursed
  • el mueble, los muebles = a piece of furniture, furniture (pl.)
  • el reloj = clock / watch
  • la tetera = teapot
  • la taza = teacup / coffee cup
  • el candelabro, el candelero = candelabra, candle-holder
  • la rosa = rose
  • el pétalo = petal
  • el tiempo = time
  • el monstruo = monster
  • el hombre = man
  • humano/a = human


  • la Cenicienta = Cinderella
  • la ceniza, las cenizas = ash, ashes
  • ceniciento/a = covered in ashes
  • la madrastra = step-mother
  • la Madrastra Malvada = the Wicked Step-mother
  • la hermanastra = step-sister
  • malcriado/a = rude, lacking manners
  • el macriado / la malcriada = a brat
  • mimado/a = spoiled, pampered
  • egoísta = selfish
  • exigente = demanding
  • mandón, mandona = bossy
  • chillón, chillona = shrill, screeching
  • la fregona = a washerwoman, a woman who scrubs dishes, a scullery maid
  • el criado, la criada = servant, maid
  • el / la sirviente = servant
  • abnegado/a = selfless, someone who doesn’t think of themselves
  • el ratón, los ratones = mouse/rat, mice/rats
  • el caballo = horse
  • el sollozo = sob
  • el llanto = crying, mourning, weeping
  • la lágrima, las lágrimas = tear, tears, crying
  • la madrina = godmother
  • la Hada Madrina = Fairy Godmother
  • el baile = a ball (“a dance”)
  • la vara = wand / staff
  • la varita mágica = a magic wand
  • el vestido = dress
  • la calabaza = pumpkin
  • el carruaje = carriage
  • el coche = stagecoach [“car” in modern Spanish]
  • la diligencia = horse-drawn carriage [named for the “diligence/task” that horses did when pulling the carriage]
  • la transformación = transformation
  • la medianoche = midnight
  • a la medianoche = at midnight
  • al dar la medianoche / al toque de medianoche = at the stroke of midnight [dar means “to strike” and el toque means “the touch / striking”… both apply since the “stroke” refers to “striking bells”]
  • el zapato = shoe
  • el vidrio = glass
  • de vidrio = made of glass


  • el cuento = story (short)
  • la historia = story (long) / history
  • el cuento de hadas = fairy tale [lit. “story of fairies”]
  • había una vez = once upon a time
  • érase una vez = once upon a time [older]
  • hace mucho tiempo… = a long time ago…
  • el rizo = curl
  • rizado/a = curly
  • el oro = gold
  • dorado/a, de oro = golden
  • el oso = bear
  • Ricitos de oro y los tres osos = Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • la Caperucita Roja = Little Red Riding Hood
  • la capa = cape
  • la caperuza = cape with a hood / riding hood
  • el lobo = wolf
  • la abuela = grandmother
  • la cesta = basket
  • la canasta = basket
  • el camino = road
  • el leñador = woodsman / woodcutter / lumberjack
  • la piedra = stone, rock
  • la paja = straw
  • la madera = wood
  • el palo, los palos = stick, sticks, twigs
  • la rama, la ramita = twig, sticks
  • el ladrillo = brick
  • joven = young
  • viejo/a = old
  • anciano/a = very old, ancient / old person
  • Alicia en el país de maravillas = Alice in Wonderland
  • los naipes / las cartas = playing cards
  • el conejo = rabbit
  • el sombrerero = the Mad Hatter [lit. “the hatter / hat-maker”]
  • la Reina de Corazones = the Queen of Hearts
  • la Reina Blanca = the White Queen
  • el Gato de Cheshire = the Cheshire Cat
  • El mago de Oz = the Wizard of Oz
  • el Espantapájaros = the Scarecrow
  • el León cobarde = the Cowardly Lion
  • el Hombre de hojalata = the Tin Man [hojalata = “sheet metal” or “tin” that isn’t very thick]
  • Pinocho = Pinocchio
  • la marioneta = puppet, marionette 
  • el títere = puppet
  • el carpintero, la carpintera = carpenter
  • el / la Hada Azul = the Blue Fairy
  • la estrella = a star
  • la ballena = whale
  • la madera = wood
  • la nariz = nose
  • la mentira = a lie
  • mentiroso/a = false, lying, dishonest
  • el mentiroso, la mentirosa = liar
  • la verdad = the truth
  • verdadero/a = true, real
  • de verdad = for real
  • el castillo = castle
  • la vela = candle
  • la rana = frog
  • el sapo = toad
  • el jinete = horseman / rider
  • desconocido/a = unknown
  • extraño/a = strange
  • raro/a = weird
  • extranjero/a = foreign
  • el despertador = alarm clock
  • el cocodrilo = crocodile
  • el barco = ship (large)
  • la nave = ship (large)
  • el naufragio = shipwreck
  • el / la capitán = captain
  • el garfio = hook
  • El Capitán Garfio = Captain Hook
  • la sirena = Siren (Greek mythology) / mermaid [or a “siren” as in an ambulance or shrill noise]
  • la sirenita = little mermaid
  • la aleta = fin [of a fish], flipper
  • el deseo = wish, desire
  • el engaño = trick, deceit
  • engañoso/a = deceitful
  • el troll = troll
  • el ogro = ogre
  • el puente = bridge
  • el tallo de judía / frijol / alubia = beanstalk
  • el gigante = a giant
  • gigante = giant, large
  • lejano/a = faraway
  • cercano/a = nearby
  • lejos = far
  • cerco/a = close
  • Juan y la planta de habichuelas = Jack and the Beanstalk (regional)
  • Juan y la mata de habas = Jack and the Beanstalk (regional)
  • la cuna = crib, cradle
  • la nana = lullaby
  • la canción de cuna = lullaby [lit. “crib song”]
  • la querencia = love, fondness, emotional attachment


  • el rey, el Rey = king, King
  • la reina, la Reina = queen, Queen
  • la princesa, la Princesa = princess, Princess
  • el príncipe, el Príncipe = prince, Prince
  • Alteza = Higness, Grace
  • Su Alteza / Vuestra Alteza = Your Highness, Your Grace
  • Majestad = Majesty
  • Su Majestad / Vuestra Majestad = Your Majesty
  • el señor = man / sir / lord
  • la señora = woman / madam / lady
  • la dama = lady, dame, noblewoman
  • el don, la doña = lord, lady [property-holding people]
  • el dueño, la dueña = owner
  • el jefe, la jefa = boss
  • el noble, la noble, los nobles = nobleman, noblewoman, noblemen
  • la realeza = royalty
  • la nobleza = nobility
  • la plebe / la clase obrera = the common people / the working class
  • el caballero = knight
  • la doncella = maiden [la doncella refers to a young girl who isn’t married… in fairy tales, younger than 18 and (most often) virgins]
  • el galán = gentleman / leading man [used euphemistically, el galán means “playboy” because it refers to “the guy who gets the girl at the end of the story”]
  • el brujo, la bruja = wizard, witch
  • el mago, la maga = wizard, witch, mage, magician
  • el hechicero, la hechicera = sorcerer, sorceress
  • el hada / la hada, las hadas = fairy, fairies
  • el villano, la villana = villager OR villain, evildoer
  • el ciudadano, la ciudadana = citizen, townsperson
  • el ladrón, la ladrona = thief
  • el pícaro, la pícara = rogue
  • el desconocido, la desconocida = unknown person
  • el extraño, la extraña = stranger, unknown person
  • el mayordomo = butler
  • el ama de casa, las amas de casa = housemaid, head maid
  • el criado, la criada = servant
  • el / la sirviente = servant
  • el aya, las ayas = governess, governesses
  • el niñero, la niñera = babysitter
  • el niño, la niña = boy / girl / child
  • el bebé, la bebé = baby
  • el chico, la chica = boy / girl / young child
  • el joven, la joven = teenage boy / teenage girl [lit. “young (man/woman)”]
  • el hombre = man
  • la mujer = woman
  • el padre = father
  • la madre = mother
  • el hijo, la hija, los hijos = son, daughter, children (at least one boy; otherwise las hijas “daughters”)
  • el hermano, la hermana, los hermanos = brother, sister, siblings (at least one boy; otherwise hermanas “sisters”)
  • Dios = God
  • el dios, la diosa, los dioses = god, goddess, gods (at least one boy; otherwise las diosas “goddesses”)
  • el / la protagonista = protagonist
  • el / la antagonista = antagonist
  • el amigo, la amiga = friend
  • el enemigo, la enemiga = enemy
  • el héroe, la heroína = heroe, heroine

Because I’ve been watching too much HGTV: where is my AU where Niall and Harry are the contractor/designer partners who have a reality TV show where they help people buy fixer-uppers and then renovate them while being adorable and weird (a la the Property Brothers minus the brothers bit), and Zayn is the single father who’s the client on their latest rehab? (Louis is the cameraman. Liam is Zayn’s best friend who goes on tours with him). And Harry is utterly fine with the fact that this new client is the mot attractive man he’s ever seen. With an adorable daughter he’s adorable with. Who has good design ideas and is a total nerd and also once catches Harry before he almost falls. He is totally okay with this, he’ll just make Zayn and his daughter the best house they’ve ever had and then be on his way, like he always is. (Niall laughs when Harry tells him this. “Sure, you give all your clients custom comics racks?” he asks, which Harry scoffs at because of course he does.) Meanwhile Louis is running around trying to catch this romance on camera because it will make their ratings soar, and so there are a lot of shots of Zayn and Harry leaning over a design together, their shoulders brushing, or of them talking and Harry’s laughing and Zayn’s beaming at him, or when Harry shows him the plans for his daughter’s new room and Zayn’s got a hand over his mouth like he’s about to cry and Harry’s never looked so proud. Harry also wears a lot tighter shirts that rehab, for no reason at all definitely. 

Then finally the rehab’s over and they do the final showing of the house and Zayn’s glowing because it’s exactly what he wanted and a new home for him and his son to start over on and Harry can’t take his eyes off Zayn, and Niall can’t stop laughing at them. They’re about to go when Zayn stops Harry with a hand on his arm. “Um, you want to stay for dinner?” he asks, with a smile that’s not quite shy. “Help break in the kitchen?” 

“Do you want to stay forever?” Niall mutters, in a decent impression of Mulan. Louis’s laughter is clear on the tape. 

Harry does, in fact, end up staying forever. 

Added some stuff, cuz the other one seemed empty XD

Well, I think I overdid myself in this one hehehe

Not so long ago I started to watch kill la kill, and it was AWESOME (the ending was a little meh).
Then I saw this sketch made by   (I think that’s the author) and I instantly knew I had to do this cuz it has 2 of my favorite things (Kill la kill and Panty and Stocking). 

Sooo, I made a clean lineart and colored it. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Original sketch/lineart by
Clean Lineart and colors by meeee

Kill la kill is property of TRIGGER

Dr. Ñeque / D-WTF

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more about your modern cr au?

Oh god, there’s so much.  Here’s some random thoughts:

  • Keyleth’s car is a dark green convertible.
  • Orthax is actually the name of the drug that Percy takes, but since he doesn’t know the name of his dealer, he just refers to the dealer as Orthax.   His friends take to calling the dealer “the demon”.
  • The most popular computer/phone operating system in Exandria is the Matt system.  Instead of Siri, they have DM.
  • Vax’s leather jacket has wings stamped on the back.
  • When Vox Machina are in Syngorn, Vex meets Saundor in a seedy club called the Shademurk.  When he creeps on her, she shoves him away, which sparks a huge fight.
  • The Slayer’s Take is an old hunting lodge that’s been converted into a casino hotel.  The first time Vox Machina stay there, they accidentally get on the wrong side of the owner a la property damage and she offers them a deal: they work for her, do exemplary work, and she won’t press charges.
  • Keyleth’s dissertation is on topics in botany.
  • A large number of the Vox Machina vines are Vax and Grog pranking each other.
  • Velora is a tiny punk.

Shippy Things:

  • Vex occasionally likes to pop by the garage and watch Percy work.  Victor doesn’t mind, of course, since she’s just so pretty.  Sometimes she’ll bring Percy food if she’s in a really good mood, like she does once in a while when she watches him fix her motorbike.
  • When Percy works at home, Vex sometimes helps out, especially if Keyleth’s busy.
  • Vex likes to be around Percy when he’s fixing cars because she finds it comforting and because she knows he’ll be safer with someone watching him.
  • Percy threw the first punch in the Shademurk bar fight and broke two of Saundor’s fingers.  Saundor’s buddies dislocated his shoulder for it, but afterwards, Vex fixed it for him and sat with him in the back of Keyleth’s car on the way home.
  • Whenever Percy needs to be woken up, the others send in Vex, because she’s the only one for whom his half-asleep grumpiness won’t turn into outright irritation.
  • Sometimes Percy and Vex text each other to make sure the other is okay.

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The Israelis have damn good desalination tech, IIRC. Per wiki, they get 50% of their water from artificial means and have capacity to spare. Energy concerns still stand, of course, but that's a general problem, so assuming civilisation survives fresh water is a problem that we can solve (ignoring Vegas-style "why did you build a city in the middle of a damn desert" problems of course).

I am so glad I don’t own any property in Las Vegas.