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more about your modern cr au?

Oh god, there’s so much.  Here’s some random thoughts:

  • Keyleth’s car is a dark green convertible.
  • Orthax is actually the name of the drug that Percy takes, but since he doesn’t know the name of his dealer, he just refers to the dealer as Orthax.   His friends take to calling the dealer “the demon”.
  • The most popular computer/phone operating system in Exandria is the Matt system.  Instead of Siri, they have DM.
  • Vax’s leather jacket has wings stamped on the back.
  • When Vox Machina are in Syngorn, Vex meets Saundor in a seedy club called the Shademurk.  When he creeps on her, she shoves him away, which sparks a huge fight.
  • The Slayer’s Take is an old hunting lodge that’s been converted into a casino hotel.  The first time Vox Machina stay there, they accidentally get on the wrong side of the owner a la property damage and she offers them a deal: they work for her, do exemplary work, and she won’t press charges.
  • Keyleth’s dissertation is on topics in botany.
  • A large number of the Vox Machina vines are Vax and Grog pranking each other.
  • Velora is a tiny punk.

Shippy Things:

  • Vex occasionally likes to pop by the garage and watch Percy work.  Victor doesn’t mind, of course, since she’s just so pretty.  Sometimes she’ll bring Percy food if she’s in a really good mood, like she does once in a while when she watches him fix her motorbike.
  • When Percy works at home, Vex sometimes helps out, especially if Keyleth’s busy.
  • Vex likes to be around Percy when he’s fixing cars because she finds it comforting and because she knows he’ll be safer with someone watching him.
  • Percy threw the first punch in the Shademurk bar fight and broke two of Saundor’s fingers.  Saundor’s buddies dislocated his shoulder for it, but afterwards, Vex fixed it for him and sat with him in the back of Keyleth’s car on the way home.
  • Whenever Percy needs to be woken up, the others send in Vex, because she’s the only one for whom his half-asleep grumpiness won’t turn into outright irritation.
  • Sometimes Percy and Vex text each other to make sure the other is okay.
LA Officials Bring The Hammer Down On Tiny Houses For Homeless
One citizen has taken the Los Angeles homeless crisis into his own hands, building dozens of small shelters and giving them to the homeless. But the city says the structures are unsafe.

This should make your blood boil!!!! These are the kinds of things we should encourage. Ugh.

“Willie Hadnot lost his tiny house when the city confiscated it.

‘About my house, you know, you know I had a peace of mind,“ he says. "I could shut the door, go lay down, quiet. And that’s what I miss a whole lot, man. I don’t want to start crying.’”

Because I’ve been watching too much HGTV: where is my AU where Niall and Harry are the contractor/designer partners who have a reality TV show where they help people buy fixer-uppers and then renovate them while being adorable and weird (a la the Property Brothers minus the brothers bit), and Zayn is the single father who’s the client on their latest rehab? (Louis is the cameraman. Liam is Zayn’s best friend who goes on tours with him). And Harry is utterly fine with the fact that this new client is the mot attractive man he’s ever seen. With an adorable daughter he’s adorable with. Who has good design ideas and is a total nerd and also once catches Harry before he almost falls. He is totally okay with this, he’ll just make Zayn and his daughter the best house they’ve ever had and then be on his way, like he always is. (Niall laughs when Harry tells him this. “Sure, you give all your clients custom comics racks?” he asks, which Harry scoffs at because of course he does.) Meanwhile Louis is running around trying to catch this romance on camera because it will make their ratings soar, and so there are a lot of shots of Zayn and Harry leaning over a design together, their shoulders brushing, or of them talking and Harry’s laughing and Zayn’s beaming at him, or when Harry shows him the plans for his daughter’s new room and Zayn’s got a hand over his mouth like he’s about to cry and Harry’s never looked so proud. Harry also wears a lot tighter shirts that rehab, for no reason at all definitely. 

Then finally the rehab’s over and they do the final showing of the house and Zayn’s glowing because it’s exactly what he wanted and a new home for him and his son to start over on and Harry can’t take his eyes off Zayn, and Niall can’t stop laughing at them. They’re about to go when Zayn stops Harry with a hand on his arm. “Um, you want to stay for dinner?” he asks, with a smile that’s not quite shy. “Help break in the kitchen?” 

“Do you want to stay forever?” Niall mutters, in a decent impression of Mulan. Louis’s laughter is clear on the tape. 

Harry does, in fact, end up staying forever. 

My anaylisis of the “Louis is a dad crisis”

I’ve spent much time looking over the article written by People magazine, and things just don’t add up.


The British boy band member and Jungwirth, both 23, met through mutual friends earlier this year after his split from longterm girlfriend Eleanor Calder in March and were spotted on a number of dates in May.

This was the time that Louis was being seen as a “party boy” clubbing every night. People magazine is counting her being included in a group of his friends while clubbing a date? Which seems odd when later they state that they are just friends.


He has even been looking for L.A. properties near Jungwirth, and has flown across the world to be by her side for every ultrasound so far.

First, I don’t remember louis looking for LA properties, he was pretty much MIA in LA last time. Also, it says he has been to EVERY ultrasound… as in muliple. When in reality if she really were 2 months pregnant she would be getting her first actual ultrasound right around this time while louis is busy with tour stuff.


“They are both really happy and although they aren’t in a relationship, their friendship is extremely strong and they are both really excited about the baby.

This part has no real evidence but it just seems kind of strange. They have only supposedly been friends for a couple months, and for me personaly i wouldnt be that comfortable raising a child with a friend i really recently started to get closer with. With Louis being busy with One Direction stuff I really don’t see when he had the time to develop this “extremely strong relationship”.
Actress Kerry Washington, ex-NFL pro Nnamdi Asomugha list in Hollywood Hills
“Scandal” star Kerry Washington and her husband, retired NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha , listed their compound in Hollywood Hills West for sale at $2.695 million and within days they had a buyer on the hook.
By Los Angeles Times

BEHOLD THE BULLSHIT!!!! But it’s all part of the “divorce” plan.

So, for starters, not only Kerry NEVER owned this house but ALSO… AND I HAVE THE DOCUMENTS, the sale is registered under FAKE NAME for him, because instead of his first and last name he used his second name and no last name (Ezenwa Onyekachi)  AND the address registered, his c/o, is that of GUESS WHO? A super famous LAW FIRM in Hollywood that I won’t even get into, suffice it to say CERTAIN people (and I do NOT mean Kerry) are clients of said law firm, and HE is NOT.

And yes I’ve known this for quite a while but I didn’t disclose because I KNEW something was coming related to this and because it was ALWAYS clear this idiot was NOT the actual owner of the house, even before I found the documents that stated so beyond all doubt. (In case you don’t know a person that doesn’t exist can’t own squat and NO you CANNOT use fake names on a property sale document. You can make them private, but you CANNOT use a non existent name, for obvious reasons.)

But the best part is that the OBVIOUSLY PAID OFF moron who wrote the article says at the end that THEY own something in Manhattan Beach when 1) ONLY HE ownED it and he bought that property LONG before he was EVER associated with Kerry and 2) HE SOLD IT last year!

THIS should tell you all about the complete BULLSHIT that is sold, even about real estate, on papers. I mean there are documents and this person clearly didn’t check SQUAT and only wrote what they were asked to write, for reasons. Now granted, because of that LAW FIRM being involved, they can have transferred the property to Kerry and SHE may have her name on the sale (going to check in a minute) but what’s certain is HE never actually owned it., and used a FAKE TRUSTEE name on the deed.

Just so we’re clear, I DO have screencaps of the documents so there is NO escape.

But, again… with what’s going on, this is all part of the plan. It’s called selling a fake divorce.
'Arrow's' Stephen Amell lands a wooded Tudor home in Hollywood Hills
Actor Stephen Amell , who stars on the CW series “Arrow,” has bought a Hollywood Hills home for $3.62 million.
By Los Angeles Times

I really enjoy real estate, so it’s a pleasant surprise when that interest crosses over with another fav… Stephen Amell. Pretty nice digs Esteban! Congrats!

Making money by buying foreclosed properties, and not to give them to poor people for charity, no, just to speculate and make money off of other people’s misery. Who would do that? Donald Trump, right? That is exactly his way of doing business. It’s also the Nnobody’s.

You read that right. Among the MANY shady dealings surrounding him, there’s also buying foreclosed properties to speculate and make money off of them. Right in the middle of the housing crisis.

Donald Trump would say “it’s called business!” because exploiting other people’s misery is exactly what he does, right? This is exactly what he did with the financial crisis, he said he was rooting for a real estate crisis so he would make money off of it.

The Nnobody did that exact thing, in 2009, right in the middle of the housing crisis. Bought two foreclosed properties in LA, one for $299,000 and another one for $228,000. He rented them out and no, not to poor people, not at low prices, nope. Just rented the way Trump would, to make money after exploiting someone’s disgrace as their property was foreclosed. Didn’t help anyone, didn’t do anything even vaguely morally acceptable in the situation. He simply transferred them to his LLC (more on that later) and then, in 2015, yes last year, he sold over SEVENTY PERCENT of his real estate portfolio, including these two properties, that he sold respectively for $428,000 and $335,000. And voilà, speculation done.

You seriously think someone as morally sound and charitable as Kerry is would actually associate with, let alone MARRY, a piece of scum like this?

And let me reassure you: this is not where the commonalities with Donald Trump end. More on that later.

Oh and… I’ve got copies of all the real estate transactions, the actual documents. So don’t even think about denying this. Here you go @bussystuff