la photoshoots


It’s super late and I’m bored so I decided to make over Jade and Corbin as what I think they would look like as elders!  since EA loves to ruin body types the minute they age up 

I didn’t have a whole lot of couple poses so you can’t  see but Corbin’s eyes are duller and they both have more visible age lines in game but editing + skin tone choice ruins that. :P  Jade even puts on a little weight too contrasting to the usual trend of scrawny elders, and her hair definitely doesn’t go anywhere near full grey unlike Corbin; who did also get a little skinnier but I imagine he would still keep up with his workout routine and stay fit. 

 Idk I thought it would be a cute idea so don’t mind me. x3


Acting and photoshoots

BAFTA interview and Q & A with Benedict Cumberbatch. First question from the audience came at 33:33. ‘Considering all the different techniques and styles of acting out there, which one do you work with or choose…do you have a process?’

BC: ‘waffle - directors’ ‘waffle - homework’ ‘waffle - Meryl Streep’.   At 39:33: “Some directors, they want to position you. And they say wait, we’re just going to feel what this is like. It’s going to be lovely. Now, just put your left finger up, then there, there. No, no, there, there. And you’re like - this isn’t really…”

End of answer - 40:51