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Imagine’s Valentine’s Day Special: 14 Shades of Love

For your Valentine’s Day pleasure, here is a wee round-up of some of the Mods’ favorite loverly fics/chapters!

Bonnie: Flood my Mornings Chapter 7 | Hail Mary Part 2

Lenny: Wounded Pride Part 1 | A Living Token

Liv: A Record of Sorts | The Thief, the Whore, the Witch, and the Strange Woman Chapter Seven

Gotham: Jamie’s Phone (Part ONE) and (Part TWO).

Eloise: When All Work is Done | Dr. C. Randall, Chief of Surgical Staff

WTT: The Steam Rises  | Together in Paris: La Petit Mort

MBD: Rough

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Meet Fashion’s Favorite Puppet.

In fashion, no one bats an eye when cute lap dogs become stylish constant companions. In this scene, they are just as common as bizarre outfits. With this in mind, Parisian sound director Michel Gaubert decided to hire a puppet assistant, his very own “Petit Michel”. In our new fashion film, Petit Michel proves that he’s more than a puppet. He’s a real friend – and to some a real genius.