la perla bras


Maria Borges by Vanina Sorrenti and styled by Sophia Neophitou for 10 Magazine

wearing Carine Gilson (photo 1) and La Perla (photo 2)


May 24, 2012 attending the 2012 amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS during the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Hotel Du Cap in Cap D'Antibes, France

Ulyana is wearing

  • Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2012 top and skirt
  • Jean Paul Gaultier La Perla Collection Créatuer Spring 2011 bra ($618)
  • Yana Raskovalova Mystery of Colors collection ruby earrings
  • Charlotte Olympia Dolores espadrilles with strap removed ($895)

Modern Morgana, Summertime Aesthetics 
overcast shores, afternoons in the shadows of gothic cathedrals, blood red nails, snakeskin sandals, black lace, faded greens, and far, far, far too much coffee

for alifeinfinitelystranger who requested “modern Morgana/Merlin AU, but with a summertime aesthetic. AKA the eternal hot-weather struggle of the girl who prefers oxblood nails and emerald velvet”



The beat of Janet Jackson ‘Would You Mind’ played softly throughout the candle lit suite. With my hands trailing dangerously slow up my toned body, his dark brown eyes watched my every move as I moved my body ever so gracefully. I rolled my hips in a figure eight my hands trailing from my breast to my curly hair.

At first I was nervous and too scared to even consider doing something like this but the way he watched me and the look in his eyes made every previous emotion fly out the window. He made me feel so comfortable within myself and he deserved so much more so if being a freak for him was one of the many ways I could show my appreciation than I was going to give my all.

Slowly easing out of the black silk robe, leaving me in nothing but the red lace La Perla bra and boy shorts left nothing to the imagination as I let it fall in a silk pool around me. The thigh high suspenders and sky high Christian Louboutins added to the look I was going for and the hungry look in his eyes made me grin. I rolled my hips to the beat of the song ultimately dropping down onto my knees crawling the short distance over to him. Sliding my hands up his legs and to his waist I kissed him letting him slide his tongue in my mouth before pulling away and smirking.

He frowned before sighing and sitting back I knew he wanted to touch me, just to feel me but the silk scarf was keeping his hands from wondering my body.

He was only dressed in black jeans and his Jordans.

With my breast pressed up against his hardened member I traced the ink on his chest with the tip of my tongue. Still slowly rotating my hips my hands caressing his smooth skin. “Fuck Gi!”

Ignoring him I straddled his lap sitting directly ontop of him feeling just how much he wanted me. I let out a whimper like cry in his ear gasping when I felt his dick jump, but still kept my composure. “And I’m gonna kiss you, suck you, taste you, ride you feel you deep inside me ohh.” I sung lowly in his ear all while grinding my lower half on him just like I was taught.

“Mayne Gi, let me up out dis shit.” His breathing was ragged and the low growl that emitted from his full plump lips did nothing for the mini pool between my legs.

Licking my lips I untied him, wanting to feel his hands over my body as I danced for him.

Before he could touch me I stood up walking over to my Chanel backpack. Unzipping it I pulled out three bands which were rolled perfectly. Grabbing the freshly rolled blunt I found myself smirking before holding it in my hand and zipping my bag.

Mizhani suggested this and I thought it was a sexy idea so why not?

Walking over to August who sat in the comfortable looking chair I placed everything in his lap along with the lighter.

“Dats ha ya feelin’?” The excitement in his voice made me do a little dance on the inside but I nodded. “Yes, papi.” Bitches wasn’t even Spanish but I spoke it so fluently and it sounded sexy rolling off my tongue and by the way he just shifted in his seat he did too.

I watched as Aug sparked up placing the lit blunt between his lips. The smell of the weed filled the entire room. Inhaling it in the most sexiest way he blew it out making me lose all composure.

When Aug smokes as much as I hate the smell. I’ll sit and watch him or stay in the room because he looks good as fuck doing it.

Let me put your mind to rest I’m nothing like that other guy im’a put yo ass to bed, just call me a lullaby.

A deep low chuckle escaped his lips and I slowly winded my hips to soft bass of the song. Walking over to him I placed my knees between his legs kissing his neck.

Holding me by my waist with one arm he took a long pull of the blunt pulling my face down. Parting my mouth he blew the smoke in and I inhaled it kissing him.

Smacking my ass I chuckled pulling away from him. Eyes low he licked his lips slowly making my heart beat speed up.

“Gon’ head n’ dance fa me babeh.” Placing two hundred dollar bills inside my panties I giggled.

Biting my bottom lip I hooked my thumbs alongside of the red lace boy shorts teasingly pulling them down while rolling my hips.

Aug eyes roamed my body a cloud a smoke covering his features each time he blew it out.

I wanna turn you on I wanna lay with you, that’s the least I’mma do.

Dropping down into a split Aug mumbled a ‘Damn’ throwing the bills towards me.

Left, right, up, down, round and round in a circle I made my ass move. The hardest shit ever but I did it. Sliding my legs together I pushed myself up on my Beyonce shit. August pulled me towards him my ass brushing against his dick. Sliding his hands inside the front of my panties he kissed my neck.

“Keep dancin’.” I didn’t realize I stopped, and now that I did it was hard when his fingers would brush against me.

Kissing you there, fucking you right, loving you there, loving you right, fuck with a pro.

“Chill baby.” Hitting him with his words I pulled his hands from my panties grabbing his hand. “Whea’ we goin’?” Ignoring him I lead him into the second room opening the door and walking in.

The room was dark only being illuminated by red lights giving a dark but sexy atmosphere. Against the wall held a large plush white California King bed with nothing but black silk sheets covering it.

In the center of the room held the main attraction. The silver pole.

Turning around to face my speechless boyfriend I stood on the tip of my heels kissing his lips. “It’s all for you.” Guiding him towards the edge of the bed he sat down his eyes watching my every move.

Turning on the black beats pill the sounds of Beyonce filled the room.

I just wanna show you how much I appreciate you, yes. Wanna show you how much I’m dedicated to you, yes.

Standing in front of the pole I wrapped my hands around it slowly rolling my hips to the song. Spinning around I pulled myself up before dropping down in a split making my ass clap.

Feeling the money fall on me I grinned shaking my head.

I moved my body in ways I didn’t even know I could do. The pole became my best friend doing tricks like I was a pro at it. Looking at August he had his phone facing me and I grinned sliding down and twerking for him.

“C’mere.” His voice made me so weak in the knees.

Walking over to him I straddled his lap his hands resting on my hips. “I luh ya.” I grinned and blushed, “I love you too baby.”

The song switched to Lloyd ‘I Need You’ and I pushed my curly hair to one side placing my hands on his shoulders.

This had to be my favorite part of the whole routine I had planned and the excitement in my eyes must of been prominent because he grinned his dimple that I’ve aways noticed deepened.

Words weren’t needed between the two of us because our body language spoke volumes.

Grinding against him his hands rested on the side of my hips, his eyes glued to the movements of my body his bottom lip lodged in between his teeth.

Rotating my hips in the opposite direction I let his shoulders go placing them on his knees.

Baby I need you..

Turning around I sat in between his legs my hands on my knees and my back arched while I grinded on his hard dick. Occasionally he would hold onto my hips, ass, and stomach before the spots he touched would become cool.

“Got damn Gi!”

And I be missing boom boom boom boom. I be needing you.

Each time the beat dropped so did my hips. Moving up and down against him I moved my hands to my hair, twerking on him while I did it with no hands. His warm hands slid up my stomach to my breast grabbing them in the palm of his hands. I moaned lowly leaning back still moving my body on him.

All I wanna hear you say baby is yes.

Standing up I turned around placing my hands on his shoulder pushing him back against the plush bed. Crawling on top of him I straddled his lap rocking my hips against him watching the faces he made. Leaning down I kissed his neck licking and sucking on the places my lips touched.

The slow grinding continued until the song faded out being replaced with 112 ‘Sweet Love.’ August hands lowered from the wire of my lace bra down to the thigh suspenders which was attached to my boy shorts.

Wordlessly he unhooked them never once breaking eye contact with me. Hands down it had to be the sexiest shit I’ve ever witnessed.

Unexpectedly I raised off him sliding out the bed altogether. Surprisingly, August didn’t mutter a word which I assumed was because he was either anticipating my next move or he was stuck in a trance.

Walking over to the mini refrigerator which I had filled with all different types of fruit, I pulled out the tray grabbing the chocolate sauce which set alongside of the bottle of champagne and two chilled glasses.

I sat them on the bed as August sat up watching me. Pulling of my heels I rolled down the thigh suspenders slowly watching him lick and bite his juicy lips. Successfully getting both off he looked up at me his eyes extremely low. “Lea’ em on.” His voice. His accent was extra thick right now and I was ready to say fuck all this and go straight to the love making. He was high so I knew the sex was about to be everything.

Slipping the heels back on and standing in between his legs he held me against him by my waist just staring at me. I blushed and grinned causing him to lick over his lips.

Hold your body close to mine it feels so right , don’t let go of me.

“I luh ya Gi.” Laying my hands flat against his chest I pushed him back making him lay on his back. Climbing on top of him, sitting directly on bulging manhood I moaned lowly when he pushed my hips down.

Wet wasn’t even the proper word to describe what was occurring between my legs. As bad as I wanted him inside me right now I really wanted this night to be perfect. It wasn’t just a birthday gift but an appreciation gift as well.

Grabbing the fresh pineapple that was dripping with its juice I placed in my mouth holding in between my teeth. Motioning for Aug to come here with my finger he obeyed my request.

Feeling the pineapple juice drip down my chin and chest August licked it up occasionally sucking on my skin before he reached my lips. Taking the fruit out of my mouth he ate it before kissing me.

I wanna make love, sweet love, all night long to the rising of the sun.

Sitting up I grabbed the chocolate syrup holding it upside down and pouring it on his chest and stomach making a trail and stopping at the top of his pants.

Starting from his chest I licked off the chocolate with the tip of my tongue sliding my hands in between us.

Unbuckling the Hermes belt I followed along the trail I made reaching his undone jeans. Licking my lips from the remaining chocolate on my lips I looked up at August who was looking at me.

Pulling off his pants I climbed back on him grabbing the caramel. I wrote my name on his body getting the stickiness of the sweet dessert on me.

Licking my name off him I grinned hearing his breathing become uneven as he kept a firm grip on my ass. Reaching the ‘V’ I slipped my thumbs inside his boxer getting them half way down but he stopped me.

Flipping us over so now he was on top. Pulling away from him I went to say something but gasped when I felt the coolness of chocolate being placed on my stomach.


She neva failed ta keep a nigga on his toes. It was neva borin’ wit ha, she had it all. Beauty, brains, and tha sex always left a nigga speechless.

Ma mind was still stuck on tha way ha body moved ta each song she danced to. Won’t een’ lie n’ say it ain’ have me n’ a trance. Tha way ha ass grinded up against ma dick, tha way she took control had a yungin’ ready ta give shawty ma kids.

Giselle, looked sexy as hell too. Ha skin up against that red see through lace n’ tha way ha legs looked in em heels..Ma babeh was lookin’ like one of Victoria Secrets models. Hair all curly n’ shit. Gi went all out fa me n’ I fell in luh wit ha mo’ fa it.

Could we get a room, on the south side of the ghetto.

Placin’ ha legs on ma shoulders I hovered ova ha, ha breathin’ uneven as she looked at me wit’ those pretty brown eyes.

Bitin’ ma lip I lowered ma face ta tha trail of chocolate on ha body. Startin’ from tha top of ha panty line I sucked off tha sweet chocolate hearin’ Gi try ta keep ha breathin’ even. Layin’ ma tongue flat against ha I gripped ha hips cleanin’ off tha rest of tha chocolate.

Baby i’m feenin’ and I need some more, just a little bit more

Gi dropped one leg from ma shoulder wrappin’ it around ma waist. Pullin’ me down ta ha she licked tha corner of ma mouth. “Ya a freak.” She chuckled, “yo lil freak.”

Smirkin’ I moved ha leg from ma shoulder grippin’ both ha legs n’ layin’ em against tha bed.

Can we stop and stare, just lookin’ at eachother.

Gi sat up ha elbows against tha bed watchin’ me as I kissed tha inside of ha thighs. Tha closa I got ta ha center tha louda ha breathin’ got.

I like the way you touch me.

With tha lace material na between ma teeth I pulled it down ma nose brushin’ against ha already swollen clit. Gi’s body reacted jus’ tha slightest befo I got em completely down ta ha ankles n’ eventually on tha floor.

Gonna have you speakin in tongues the way you like it.

“Damn.” I mumbled. Ha shit was glistenin’ n’ I ain’ een did shit yet. Draggin’ ma finger up against ha slit Gi moaned lowly ha eyes hooded wit lust.

“Dis ma shit right?” She nodded archin’ ha back but I ain’ touch ha. “Use ya words Gi.” “Yess.”

Grabbin’ tha strawberry from off tha tray I placed it in Gi mouth. “Don’t let it drop.”

You’re so loud when your excited, oooh you get excited

Pourin’ tha chocolate all ova ha body makin’ sure not ta miss a spot I set it on tha side of me. Holdin’ ha right leg up, I started from ha toned leg workin’ ma way down ta ha inner thighs suckin’ tha chocolate off ha skin. Showin’ tha same attention ta ha otha leg Gi’s thighs was completely marked up.

Gi whimpered lowly and I looked up at ha smirkin’ ta which she rolled ha eyes ta. Ma eyes fell ta ha moist center. Lickin’ ma lips I squeezed Gi’s thighs leanin’ down. “Don’t drop it B.”


How do he expe- fuuucck. His tongue, oh god his tongue…and ice oh my God!! Biting down on the strawberry to keep from screaming it didn’t help when the juice dripped down my lips and on my chin.

My hands went directly to his hair as my back arched off the bed. I really tried not dropping this fruit, I really did but when I felt him spread my folds and slip his tongue inside of me with the ice in his mouth curving the tip all while he nibbled on my clit I lost it.

“Auguuuust.” The high pitched scream followed by my legs locking around his waist and my heels in his back made him pull away.

He shook his head and a faint grin rested on my features. “Wha’ I tell ya B?” Licking my lips I tasted the sweetness from the strawberry still noticing how their was chocolate all over my body.

“Don’t drop it b-” he stopped me by pulling me up. He grabbed the same silk scarf I used on him tying it around my eyes. I pouted and groaned, “you can’t use my stuff on me.” All I heard was his laugh before I felt my bra being taken off and his large hands running freely over my hardened nipples.

He pushed me back against the bed my head hitting the pillows. Me being blind folded and completely exposed to him should’ve made me feel nervous but it didn’t. It did the complete opposite.

“Ya so fuckin’ beautiful Brooklyn.” The way my name rolled so effortlessly off his tongue and the way the words slipped through his lips had me even more drenched yet I wanted to cry all at the same time.

“Let ya panties hit tha floor, let cha body steal tha show right na.” He sung in my ear before he placed my diamond studded ear in his mouth.

Feeling his fingers trace my sides he continued singing the lyrics but he was no longer close to my ear.

“It’s sum’n ‘bout that sexy skin ya in ya clothes don’t do ya justice so come out a them.” His breath hit my skin before I felt his tongue on my breast. Sucking on my chest he trailed down lower before his mouth covered my hardened nipple. “Baby!” The sensitivity and the way he was sucking on me felt so good.

The biting, groping, licking and close attention he paid to each breast made the building up in my stomach increase. “Ya bout ta cum Gi?” Slipping his long finger inside me I twisted my face up pushing at his arm. Only for him to move it with his other hand and hold it on to the bed.

“I can’t hea’ ya.” Curving his finger inside me I gripped tha sheets biting the shit out of my bottom lip. “God! yeess!” I was so close I could feel it and then he stopped.

“Why the f-” “I tol’ ya not ta drop it.” Even with the blindfold on I’m sure he could feel the glare and the eye roll I deadass just gave him.

He wouldn’t even let me take in a deep breath before he was back to sucking on my skin. Feeling him hover over my lips he kissed me slipping his tongue in my mouth. The taste of chocolate mixed with fruit filled my tastebuds and I moaned in his mouth. Our tongues battling for dominance. Spreading my legs he slid my body down and I gasped feeling the hardness of his dick pressing against me.

Got a nigga so hard like i’m standin’ at attention girl.

Gasping I dug my nails in his back. August pulled away and once again a pout graced my lips. “Got’a nigga dick hard n’ shit.” I blushed covering my cheeks but he pulled them away before he tied them together. Feeling the bed shift before I heard Augs footsteps I frowned but didn’t say anything.

Instead I tried setting my hands free but whatever he had holding them together was too difficult.

His deep chuckle filled my ears mixed with the soft sounds of Marques Houstons smooth voice.

Tell the mattress to be quiet, I can’t hear you.

The bed dipped again and I felt something cool and wet brush against my legs. I gasped from the coolness.

Dragging it from my neck to the middle of my chest I inhaled deeply from it being so cold. Trailing the ice down my stomach he reached my pelvic area and I breathed heavily out of anticipation. Because he liked to play games I felt him trail the ice to ankles and up to my legs and eventually my thighs. Squeezing my hands into fists my body jerked forward when he placed the ice directly on top of my clit with his mouth.

“Auug!!” I couldn’t move my hands and I couldn’t see anything. It was so frustrating yet I was completely aroused because of it. Between his heavy breathing and the ice heightening my senses I came right there.

“Damn B.” Throwing my legs over his shoulder I arched my back able to grab a hold of the pillow.

This feeling..I couldn’t explain it but it was different..This was different. The way his hands held onto my thighs the way he curved his tongue inside me. The way he worked his fingers in and out of me.

The way he would move his head side to side yet keep his tongue laying flat against my slit.

His hands trailed up my body before I felt him untie my hands sighing in relief next the blindfold came off and my eyes adjusted to the light.

Sitting up some I wrapped my arms around Augs neck kissing his glistening lips again. Tasting myself.

I managed to flip us over so now I straddled his lap. Licking my lips I grabbed the mango placing it in my mouth before leaning down and kissing him.

I rotated my hips to the song that was now playing in the background. Licking the remaining juice from his lips I placed butterfly kisses from his neck to his chest not missing an inch of his skin.

Hooking my thumb in the waistband of his boxers I grinned watching the rise and fall of his chest as he stared at me with hooded eyes. Now, I’ve only done this twice and both times were with Aug and till this day I still have no clue what I’m doing contrary to what Aug thinks.

Pulling down his boxers I kept my bottom lip embedded in between my teeth as I focused on the task at hand. I couldn’t look at him because I knew that I would become extremely nervous.

After what I did to you, you return the favor and by my love faces, you can tell that you’re my savior.


I threw ma’ head back clenchin’ my jaw as her head bobbed up and down. Bitin’ on ma’ bottom lip I trailed ma hands up ha back reachin’ ha curly hair tangling ma hands in it. She ain’ need help but shit I needed sum’n ta hold on ta. Ha jaws was sum’n serious.

She relaxed ha throat befo’ deep throatin’ me. Shit had a nigga toes curlin’. Swirlin’ ha tongue around tha tip her small hands massaged ma balls. “Fuck B!” I grunted out. She was enjoying this but I was too. “Ba-ooh!” I smirked pulling her back down on my face.

Moving my hand from ha hair I placed both of them on the back of her thighs laying my tongue flat against her clit. B moved her hips with the movement of my tongue going back ta what she was doing. I grunted feeling her hands wrap around my dick jerking ha hands up and down.

Your body is my playground, let me lick you up and down.

B clenched ha walls around ma fingers and tongue poppin’ ha lips off ma dick ha tongue grazed ma balls befo she placed one in ha mouth massagin’ tha otha and I gripped ha ass cheek in ma hand movin’ ma face from ha drenchin’ pussy moanin’ out ha name.


I wanna play in your deep baby, the deep baby, the deep

The satisfaction I got from hearing him moan out my name made me do it more. I’m not sure where all this new found boldness was coming from apparently I was channeling this shit and Aug was enjoying it.

The only sounds that could be heard throughout the room was the sounds of my moans, slurping and his grunts mixed in with the soft baritone of Beyonce’s voice.

I hummed lowly against his shaft causing him to twitch in my mouth. Knowing that he was almost close I went faster still in control. His hands squeezed at my waist in a death grip, sure to leave his imprints along my side.

Feeling him swell in my mouth I popped my lips off him blowing on the tip jerking my hand up and down. “Fuuuuck.” I smirked but didn’t say anything. He had me feeling like I was that bitch.

Send all your sins all over me babe.

Before I could even really finish what I started I was flipped on my back, one leg on his shoulder and the other around his waist as he slid inside me. Grabbing the silk sheets between my fingers I opened my mouth but no sound came out.

Climb until you reach my peak babe.

With his face in the crook of my neck he bit down on my skin making me cry out in pain and pleasure. I felt it and I heard it. The sounds of how soaking wet I was for him. I felt him constantly slipping out of me making me gasp every time he would slide back in.

“Ya so wet Gi.” Staring down at me he kissed my nose and lips. My hands went from the sheets to his head massaging his curls as his tongue explored my mouth while our bodies had their own conversation.

My hands rested on his face and I pulled away from his lips kissing his small goatee. “I love you Anthony.” My voice was shaky as he rocked slowly inside of me. So slow, yet so deep to where I felt everything.

“I love ya too Giselle.” Grinning I rolled us over so now I was straddling him. It was still his birthday present and I wasn’t done showing him everything I’ve learned.

Positioning my legs into a split I placed both my hands on his stomach raising off him. Placing his hands behind his head I let out a low giggle making him smirk before I dropped down on him.

The smirk disappeared and the way his twisted up made me lick my lips. Swirling my hips I grinned at the song now playing.

Baby light the candles, lay you on the table so we can make love.

Sliding my hands up his chest his hands moved to my thighs. Moving nothing but my hips I mouthed to lyrics to the song while riding him slowly to the beat.

I’m a make you scream my name out loud.

Lifting up I rode just the tip throwing my head back my hair brushing against his legs. Groping my breast in his hands he squeezed them massaging them in his palms. Moaning at the feeling I lowered myself down leaning over and kissing him sloppily.

I can hear your body speaking to me and it’s saying things that I like, so I’m a lay you down tonight.

I felt it build up in the middle of my stomach almost like a small pinch and I gasped biting down on his bottom lip when he slid his hands in between us brushing against my clit.

I rode him faster feeling him twitch inside of me. He grabbed ahold of my side with his free hand, his face in my neck, my eyes closed teeth permanently lodged in my bottom lip. Twisting up my face I held on to the edge of the bed as he took control making me lose all my sense of thoughts.

Not even two seconds later did I finally cum feeling the warmness of his seeds spill into me as I moaned out his name.

Rolling off him I laid on my stomach trying to get my breathing back to normal. August pulled me close to him to the point where I was now under him. Kicking off my heels I wrapped my leg around his waist and arms around his neck.

“Did you like your party?” I asked breathlessly to which he nodded feeding me grapes. “Yea, it was coo’ seein’ family n’ shit I guess.” I chuckled a little and shook my head.

August kissed the ‘A’ on my necklace that rested between my sweaty chest. Trailing butterfly kissed upwards which tickled some.

“Turn ova.” His voice was dripping with sex making me obey his request in a heartbeat.

He moved so that I could turn around and once I did he kissed my shoulder. From the large mirror that sat in front of the bed up against the wall I could see everything he was doing.

Grabbing the chocolate he poured it down my spine making me gasps. Next he grabbed the whip cream and I stared at his facial expression. He was so focused that I would’ve laughed if I wasn’t so turned on. With his tongue peeking out his mouth and his eyebrows furrowed together..sighs. He was so sexy.

The melted chocolate rolled down my sides getting on the bed and I let out a low giggle. “You’re messy.”

Dropping the can of whip cream he pulled my legs apart looking down before looking up at me with a grin on his face. “’a lea’ dat alone.” Rolling my eyes playfully I hid my face in my arms only for him to pull my hair making me look up at him.

“Don’t close ya eyes, jus’ watch.” I gasped when I felt him place something cool yet warm between my legs.


Startin’ from ha shoulder blade I licked off tha whip cream mixed in wit’ tha chocolate holdin’ eye contact wit ha through tha mirror.

Ha pretty brown eyes were glossed ova wit lust as she watched me trail ma’ tongue across ha shoulders. Sucking softly on ha skin I wiped sum’a tha chocolate off ha back placin’ it ta ha mouth. Partin’ ha talented lips she did tha most sexiest shit. Grabbin’ it she licked just tha tip of ma finger befo suckin’ off tha chocolate a grin on ha face as she watched me.

“Mmm baby you taste good.” I groaned grippin’ ha hair in ma hands. Turnin’ ha face around I kissed ha, tongue all down ha throat not carin’ dat ma chest was na’ jus’ as messy as ha back.

Archin’ ha back I chuckled pushin’ ha back down. “Chill babeh.” Purposely layin’ ma accent on thick B shivered against me and nodded.

I worked ma way down ta tha middle of ha back, ha pantin’ bein’ music ta ma ears. Wit’ ma fingers between ha legs I pushed tha mango in ha makin’ ha cry out. A nigga was on sum’ real freak shit but I ain’ care dis was ma wife.

Cleanin’ tha chocolate from ha sticky back I grabbed both ha ass cheeks in ma hand kissin’ ha lower back. I looked up at B seein’ ha lookin’ at me fightin’ ta keep ha eyes opened.

“Ya trust me?” She nodded wit’out hesistatin’ and I grinned. “Arch it fa me.” Bitin’ ha lip she arched ha back, ha chest pressed against tha bed and ass pokin’ out jus’ tha way I liked it.

“Spread em.” Partin’ ha legs I got tha perfect view of ha pretty pink pussy dat was drippin’. Lickin’ ma lips I grab ha hips pullin’ ha towards ma face.

She smelled good n’ shit. I breathed in and out heavily causin’ ha ta sigh deeply. “Hurry up.” I only listened ta ha cause I was tied a playin’ games otha then dat she would’a got ignored.

Layin’ ma tongue against ha drippin’ mound, tha taste of mangos mixed wit B had a nigga hard as shit. Spreadin’ ha lips apart wit ma thumb and index finger I blew on ha openin’ makin’ ha call out ma name.

“Aug!!” “Don’t close ya eyes B.” Flickin’ ma tongue against ha swollen clit I sucked on it pullin’ ha closa ta me.

Gi’s legs started shakin’ and I had ta hold ha ankles still not lettin’ up. “Yes!!” Squeezing ha hands into the sheets she closed ha eyes and I tapped ha thigh makin’ ha look up.

“I c-c-can- baby!!!” Flickin’ ma tongue up and down ha slit, she moaned out ma name fightin’ ta keep ha eyes open. Gi bit ha bottom lip starin’ at me ha eyes low as fuck as I french kissed ha pussy.

“Oh God! Aug.”

Curvin’ ma tongue up I sucked on ha swollen clit harder feelin’ ha walls clench around ma fingers. “Let it go babeh.” Breathin’ heavily through ma nose I went back ta what I was doin’. Gi was so wet a nigga was drownin’ in ha shit. Shakin’ ma head side ta side Gi let out loud ass scream, ha sweet juices plus tha taste of tha fruit spillin’ in ma mouth. Cleanin’ ha all up I pulled tha mango out’a ha hearin’ ha whimper lowly. Wit tha fruit in ma mouth I turned B ova hoverin’ ova ha and kissin’ ha.

Slipping tha fruit in ha mouth she ate it and blushed when I called ha a freak. “What about you?” She asked softly draggin’ ha nails up ma chest and lickin’ tha chocolate off ha finger.

“Ya gon’ get it off?” She nodded sittin’ up and climbing on top of me.


This night was better than I really expected it to go. Everything I had planned for tonight didn’t get accomplished but just being in this moment with him was everything.

I’m truly in love with him, he’s my everything. The sheets were ruined and the assorted fruits and other stuff I had was now gone. The music had been cut off and was replaced with our own music. I dug my nails in his skin causing him to hiss in my ear.

Holding onto the headboard he moved his right hand from under mine wrapping his long arm around my waist his hand against my neck.

Kissing my shoulder I met his thrust not able to form words but all I could do was moan out his name. “Look at me Gi.” He growled, pulling my hair. It took a lot but I did feeling him go deeper. My legs were shaking and if it wasn’t for him holding me up I would’ve been fell.

His eyes left mine looking down as his dick disappeared in and out of me while I clapped my ass. Something I learned how to do while in Miami. Augs bottom lip stayed in between his teeth and the sexiest expression on his face graced his features.

His grip on my neck tightened and my nails dug deeper on the top of his hand. Feeling him swell up inside of me, he went faster his thrust becoming sloppy as he dropped his hand down to my swollen and sensitive skin.

Dropping my hands from the headboard I grabbed the pillow burying my face in it but he took it from me. “Let it out B. Wha’ I tell ya?” His words were choppy but I heard it loud and clear.

“But i-oooh Auug.” Grabbing his wrist he ignored me altogether.


I kept ma eyes glued ta ma dick as I watched it disappear inside ha tight warm walls. Smackin’ ha ass, I smirked when she screamed out ma name followed by sum’ shit in french. Sounded sexy as fuck tho.

Placin’ ma hands in ha curly hair I gripped it and pulled it back. “It’s not weave.” She managed ta get out through ha moans. It went ignored tho as I focused on bustin’ dis nut and fuckin’ ha shit up from tha back.

“Ya gon’ have ma kids B?” Pussy so good had a yungin’ wantin’ ta start a family n’ shit. “Oh shit!”

“Dat ain’ a ansa’.” Thrustin’ upwards ha back arched and tha back dimples dat I peeped she had was noticeable as hell. Placin’ ma thumb against em I brought ha hips back. Ha ass clappin’ against ma balls.

“Fuck! Yas! Auug.” Wit’out warnin’ B squirted e’rywhea’ makin’ me slip out’a ha. I ain’ had time ta gloat about it tho. Slidin’ back in ha she was still cumin’ and I wasn’t far behind ha.

My face in B’s neck I held ha close ta me and afta a few mo’ thrust I was releasin’ tha fattest nut up in ha. I stayed still up inside B as I tried catchin’ ma breath.

Pullin’ out she gasped fallin’ on ha stomach. Chucklin’ breathlessly I rolled on ma back pullin’ ha on top of me.

“Babe, I’m sticky let’s take a bath.” I nodded, waiting fa ha ta get up but she didn’t. “Carry me, my legs hurt.” I grinned, “daddy ga’ya dat good dick.” She rolled ha eyes. “You not my daddy.” She ain’ really fuck wit tha daddy shit n’ I ain blame ha. Not when she always callin’ ha pops daddy n’ shit. I still said it ta mess wit ha tho.


“So ya ain’ gon tell me whea’ ya learned ha ta dance like dat?” She shook ha head and blushed lookin’ away from me. Grinnin’ I licked ma lips and chuckled. Dis shy shit she be doin’ was cute n’ shit but it was all an act.

B ain’ shy tha way she had ha lips wrapped around ma dick n’ shit proved dat. “Why ya ain’ gon tell me?” She sat on one side of tha large tub and I sat on tha otha jus’ watchin’ ha. “Because it’s for me to know and you to enjoy.” I shook ma head, “nah it’s fa me ta kno n’ ta enjoy fuck you thought.” She laughed coverin’ ha face.

“You aggy.” Grabbin’ ha by ha ankle I pulled ha towards me. “You need to s-” “stop handlin’ ya like a doll. Yea’ I kno but ya like it so shut up.” Ha mouth dropped and ha eyes widened, “close ya mouth unless ya tryna put it ta use again.” Punchin’ me in ma chest I laughed rubbin’ whea’ she jus’ hit me. “You ignorant.” She pouted crossin’ ha arms ova ha chest.

Smackin’ ma lips I wrapped ma arms around ha pullin’ ha closa. “Ya so sensitive B.” Rollin’ ha pretty brown eyes she kept ha bottom lip poked out. “I am not.” Wrappin’ ha tiny body up in ma arms I kissed ha cheek. “Ya is but ya still ma babeh.”

She grinned, “sing to me.” Laughin’ I cleared ma throat, “wha’ I’m singin’.” “My favorite verse at the moment.”

I chuckled, she convinced dis song about ha but im’a let ha rock tho.

“Tell ha that I need ha, she’on belie’ dat I miss ha when she gon’ like whea’ ma Gi at? In a league of ha own, she a bad one Neva’ felt like this, ya neva had one She bad, I’m fly, we high, and the shit we on nigga fo’ life till we die.

"All I need is beautiful girl so me and ha can fuck tha world.

"Want to know why I like that song so much?” I nodded my head starin’ down at ma beautiful ass girlfriend. “Why?” Wit ha arms around ma neck she kissed ma lips repeatedly befo blushin’ and pullin’ away. “Because I remember when you wrote the verse. I was with you in the studio doing my homework. You didn’t think I noticed but I did. How you would nod your head to the beat and frown your face up in frustration. You would put the pencil and paper down frequently….” She trailed off chuckling lowly.

“Before picking it up and putting it down again. It was bothering me to be honest so I told you…” “Write from ma heart, say wha’eva is on ma mind n’ stop overhinkin’ it.” She blushed and nodded, “yes and you did. Never once taking your eyes off me as you wrote your verse and part of Jeezy’s…my favorite part. I really do love you August Anthony Alsina.

Kissin’ ha pink lips I grinned pullin’ away from ha. “I love ya too Brooklyn Giselle Alsina.” She blushed sum’n serious hidin’ ha face in ma chest.

It was quiet fa a minute befo B said sum’n. “Baby?” “Sup.” Laying against tha large tub I closed ma eyes twistin’ tha bracelet around B’s wrist. “Don’t get mad.” Openin’ ma eyes I frowned, “why would I get mad?” She shrugged, “just promise me you won’t.” “Nah, jus’ say it.”

Lookin’ down at ha she kept ha eyes on jus’ about e’rything but me. Liftin’ ha chin wit ma index finger I made ha look at me. “Wha’ Gi?” Blowin’ out a breath she moved ma hand placin’ em in ha small ones. “What happened to B-” I let out a frustrated groan makin ha sigh. “Wha’ I tell ya Brooklyn?” I ain’ mean’a snap on ha but shit she keep askin’ tha same questions she ain’ gettin’ tha ansa ta.

"I’m only asking because his sister keeps texting me asking about his whereabouts. I don’t have the answers to her questions and its apparent you do.” She snapped back stressin’ tha sista part like I gave a fuck.

If ya fuck wit whats mine it’s apparent ya’on give a fuck about shit. And B is mine.

"Tell ha ya’on kno man.” She sucked ha teeth. “I did and she said that he told her he was coming to see me because I texted him. And I didn’t, Aug I swear to God.”

She went ta get out tha tub but I pulled ha back down. “Stop always runnin’.” She stared at me blankly befo twistin’ up ha face and scoffin’. “You’re serious right now?” Tha fact dat she asked in disbelief like I’m tha one always up and runnin’ and shit agitated me. “Dead ass B.” Rollin’ ha eyes she crossed ha arms ova ha chest pokin’ ha bottom lip out. Spoiled ass.

“What did you do?” A part of me ain’ wanna tell ha cause I ain’ kno ha she would react. Tha otha part was scared dat she was gone lea’ me and I ain’ want dat.

Giselle’s eyes soften and she placed ha wet hands on ma cheeks. “Baby can you please just tell me?” She pleaded and I sighed lickin ova ma lips.

“He ain’ hea’ B.” She nodded, runnin’ ha hands through ha hair. “So you texted him making it seem like it was me asking him to come to New Orleans knowing he wasn’t coming back. Had yo goons or squad whateva you call em and told them to fly out to Miami and handle something for you. You made it look like a robbery by sending whoever you did to Miami to raid his trap house, not just any trap house but his main one. Where he kept everything. Because you know he has enemies it wouldn’t get traced back to you but you also know he has a lot of respect in Miami. So it wouldn’t look right if he just disappeared off the face of the earth so now people think it’s just some out of town niggas who did it. ” Hea’ing Gi talk like this made ma dick hard ta be honest and all I wanted ta do was fuck tha shit out’a her.

“It could of worked if you hadn’t texted him from my phone.” Pushin’ ma head to tha side she got out tha tub grabbin’ ha towel and walkin’ out tha bathroom. I sat there fa a minute lost as fuck. Giselle surprise me e’ryday, we been tagetha a lil ova five months n’ she still manage ta keep me guessin’ when it comes ta ha. I kind of luh dat Gi ain’ predictable.

Steppin out tha tub I wrapped tha towel around ma waist goin’ inta tha room. Gi was laid out across tha bed ha legs in tha air as scrolled through ha phone.

Pullin’ ha towards me by ha ankles, I licked ma lips turnin’ ha ova. “Ya mad?” She shook ha head but neva took ha eyes off ha phone. “Look at me then.” Shakin’ ha head no I nodded mine. Trailing ma hands from ha ankle ta ha legs and thighs I smirked seein’ ha bite ha lip.

“Ya sho’ ya ain’ mad?” Slippin’ ma finger in ha she dropped ha phone and moaned positionin’ ha feet flat on tha bed. “Ya kno I got you right? I ain’ gon’ let shit happen ta ya.” Twistin’ ma finger in a circle I played in ha insides hea’ing jus’ ha wet she was.

“I got’a hea ya, love.” She nodded archin’ ha back off tha bed when I brushed against ha g-spot. “Oooh, yes! Baby.” Bitin’ ma lip I watched tha love faces she made makin’ me go faster. B’s eyes rolled ta tha back ha head ha chest risin’ up and down as ma fingers went ta work.

The sounds of ha pantin’ mixed in wit ma fingers slippin’ in and out ha juices had a nigga hard as shit.

Pullin’ ma fingers out ha she opened ha eyes watchin’ as I licked ma fingers clean. Blushin’ she covered ha face and yelped when I picked ha up placin’ ha on ma shoulders.


I held onto the back of his head trying to remember how to breath as he spelled his name out on my pussy.

August head game was something serious. The way he always took his time yet his tongue explored places I didn’t even know could be reach.

Holding me up against the wall he kissed on my thighs reaching my moist center. I closed my eyes resting my head against the wall.

Biting my bottom lip I looked down being met with his curls. Gripping them in my hands I pulled him closer making him chuckle and pull away. “Damn babeh, I got’a breathe.” I chuckled, and licked my lips.

“My bad.” I half ass apologized and he smirked shaking his head before his face disappeared again.


Runnin’ ma fingers through ha curly wet hair B made invisible patterns on ma chest ha nails grazin’ ova tha scratches she created.

“Does that hurt.” I nodded, grabbin’ ha hand. “Baby?” Lookin’ up at me she yawned and giggled when I covered ha mouth. “Wha’?”

“You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.” I grinned and lowkey might’a blushed. “Word?” She nodded leanin’ up and kissin’ ma nose. “Yes. You my cinnamon apple.” I laughed causin’ her to smile.

Ha smile could light up the entire room. Everything about ha was perfect ta me. I was content wit’ ma babeh in ma arms, all I needed was a fat blunt right na. “I love you.” She mumbled kissing my lips. Droppin’ ma hands ta ha ass I kissed ha back. “I love ya too. Ya tryna roll up fa me tho.”

She shrugged, and sat up ha titties lookin’ edible as fuck at tha moment.

“Where is it?” Pointin’ ta tha backpack against tha wall she climbed off me and I watched ha ass tha entire time. Lickin’ ma lips as she bent down ta grab tha bag.

I wasn’t even tryna fuck cause I was tired but ma dick was hard again.

Climbin’ back ontop of me she sat the bag on ma chest not payin’ me any attention as she grabbed everything out ma bag. Ha gorgeous ass face so beautiful wit’out all day makeup shit n’ ha hair still curly but sweated out.

She looked like a goddess ta me. “Stop starin’ at me.”

I chuckled and shook ma head. “Nobody say shit when ya droolin’ ova me.” She blushed droppin’ tha bag on the ground. “I don’t drool over you so bye.”

“Im’a l-” “lea’ dat alone..yea’ I kno.” She mocked ma accent. Pinchin’ ha thigh she squealed holdin’ tha rolled blunt in ha hands. “Here you already had one finished.” Placin’ ma hands flat on ha thick thighs I ran one hand down ma face. “Light it fa me.” She frowned but did it anyway. “Who do you think you are?” I chuckled, “dat nigga.”

“Mhm I suppose.” Handin’ it ta me I placed it between ma’ lips pullin’ ha down on ma dick. “No, I’m sleepy.”

Blowin’ out tha smoke Gi shifted lowly ha eyes glazin’ ova wit lust. B tol’ me she like when I smoke cause it make a horny. She a freak.

“Ya ain’ got’a do all tha extra shit just ride it.” She chuckled, “I really want to know who you do think you are right now?” Grinnin’ she rolled ha eyes a smile on ha face. “August.”

She chuckled and shook ha head. Leanin’ ova me she kissed ma neck ha tongue grazin’ against ma ear. “I like feelin’ you inside me.” Runnin’ ma hand down ha back she continued whisperin’ shit in ma ear.

Slidin’ down on top of me B moaned out ma name and I held ha waist. Runnin’ ha hand through ha hair she pushed it out ha face bitin’ down on ha bottom lip as she watched me. Grindin’ ha hips against me.

Sittin’ up against tha headboard I held ha waist wit one hand. I couldn’t focus on wit tha way ha walls squeezed around ma dick and ha warm she was. She felt like home and I wasn’t lettin’ ha go.

Kissin’ tha corner of ma mouth she kept tha movement of ha hips slow. “Damn B!” She let out a cute laugh in ma ear, rotatin’ ha hips like she did befo. “Like this baby?” I nodded not able ta form words. “Use ya words Aug?”

Smirkin’ I looked at rollin’ ha on ha back. “My pussy good as shit.” She laughed but it sounded like a moan. “You mean mine.” I shook ma head no. “I meant wha’ I said.”

Ignorin’ me she wrapped ha toned legs around me, “slower Aug.” I licked ma lips and nodded watchin’ tha love faces she made.

“Happy Birthday Baby.” She moaned out in my ear.

Lookin’ at tha clock on tha nightstand which read in red letter 12 am I grinned.

“Thanks babeh.” And this is ha a real nigga like me started off his birthday.

Buried deep inside tha best pussy in tha world which belonged ta ma wifey.