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Fisso il soffitto cercando di non piangere…


sonny headcanons

• when he was 10 he snuck out of the apartment one day and hopped on the train BY HIMSELF to go find “the government” and tell them to “stop being mean”

• usnavi and benny found him fairly quickly,, after usnavi stopped freaking out

• sonny puts whipped cream on his coffee because he would

• he doesn’t like to admit it but he LIVES for when he and usnavi go to the bronx to get his haircut because he loves to share stuff going on in the barrio with dani and carla <3

• he’s allergic to peanut butter and usnavi doesn’t sell peanut butter because of this

• it makes him upset because he really wants to try a reese’s cup but he can’t

• pretty sure?? i saw this somewhere else but he and vanessa dance together sometimes ah

• he tried wine once and spat it out so fast

• everyone ruffles his curls when he has his hat off (ESPECIALLY USNAVI AND BENNY) and he hates it so he wears a hat everywhere no matter what

• usnavi: “take ur damn hat off we’re going to dinner”

that’s all i got Nice™

There's this one song from La La Land (2016, movie) that I kept on listening over and over. 
It got me like crazy 'cause maybe I didn't expect Mia ( Emma Stone ) would sing that super meaningful song in an audition scene.
The song is just so meaningful and feels so special to me that it got me so bad, the song title is Auditon ( The Fools Who Dream ).
Maybe it got me ' cause I'm just a boy who's foolishly dreaming about wonderful and interesting yet unfamiliar and unfathomable matters.

Clarisse(Sharpening an axe like it has done her a deep and personal wrong): I need motivation not to kill anyone today.

Chris(Shrugging): I can’t f*ck you if you’re in prison?

Clarisse(Pausing her sharpening to consider this):…That’ll do.