la mixtape

La prima volta, sì, proprio quella hai capito
Ricordo che dopo stavo disteso, zitto, fumavo e guardavo il soffitto
Con gli occhi d'ombra all'angolo
Era la prima volta che ho visto dormire un angelo.

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If we ever get a confession from Dean to Cas do you think it would be emotional (for them but also for us as the audience) - I'm not expecting a huge "I love you", typical romantic film line about "it's always been you". I also don't want it to be a life or death situation, like one of ten is dying so it's just said. If it were to happen I would like it to be angsty but with some sweetness after. I don't know what brought this on lmao

Hello my lovely Anon!

What a great question - forgive the overly long wait for a reply - and what brought it on was some bout of inspiration or other because I fucking love it, so thank you! :D

And oh we are getting that confession. It’s not a question of if anymore, it’s a question of when and how. If they don’t give us this moment I swear I will eat my hat. (you don’t own a hat) If they don’t give us this moment I swear I will go out and buy the most expensive hat I can find and proceed to eat it. 

As for the how… I can only speculate, mind.

*rubs hands together* *because destiel speculation* 


As in mirroring a scene that’s come before, one that we know and love, and one that would be serviced by being put into a new context.

For example: I feel Dean made a huge, big, terrible mistake in 12x12 when he couldn’t bring himself to tell Cas that he loved him back. Or even offer Cas a brief “We love you… I love you”, that could’ve been a brolove moment, right? I mean, I’m glad he didn’t, obviously, because Cas didn’t actually die, so if Dean had said “I love you” that would’ve completely taken away from when he says it for the first time and means it from the very deepest heart of him. After nine years of buildup I think they’ll make hella sure this moment fits the characters and the narrative to a goddamn T! 

But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a huge, big, terrible mistake to not give Cas back that proclamation of love. So I feel this moment could very well be mirrored in a moment in S13 that rectifies this huge mistake. They’re in peril -> Dean confesses his love -> they survive -> what the fuck did you just even say to me? And then there’s slow fallout a la mixtape scene and yeah, shit just got real here, and the romance is ramped up because Cas is still unsure what Dean meant and he’s too unsure to ask Dean what he meant and there’s growing tension and… I could go on and on, but I shall not.

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Out of the Blue

Well. Here’s the thing: however they choose to utilise the plot strands they’ve got dangling all around, I feel I’ll-eat-my-new-and-overpriced-hat-for-lunch certain that they will focus the Destiel love story moving into S13. That means upping the romance, contextualising it completely, weaving those strands into the surface narrative and leaving no doubt that these two men are in love and want to be together. 

And I have no doubt in my mind that, and I’ll say it again, after nine years of bloody buildup they’ll want to make this moment explosive, but perhaps they’ll still keep it low-key and romantic as all fuck. Perhaps they’ll do one of those scenarios where we would never ever expect either of them to say it, and then BOOM it’s there, it’s said, and it’s the cliffhanger into the next episode or shit happens that then separate them or suddenly there’s a lightning storm and Lucifer appears and takes Jack and there’s distraction and immediate need for action and those words are just left there between them and… you know, drama drama drama. It’s how they usually do, no?

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First Kiss

I mean, personally, I like this scenario the most, perhaps because Dean is a man of action and it feels right that he wouldn’t just say “I love you”, but rather he’d no longer be able to stop himself from kissing Cas. Like “I fucking LOVE you and it’s time you knew it” type moment. 

For that matter, I can see Cas kissing Dean because Cas needs to go for what he wants and it’s possible he might lead the way, or at least initiate, taking Dean completely by surprise. Or not. 

I mean, the lead-up to the moment could be the tension between them building and building until they both know exactly what they want and they just smash together because it’s undeniable to both of them and they can’t stop themselves for another seconnnnnnd.

I like the thought of flirtation and lots of it before the kiss, whatever shape the kiss takes. 

I like the thought of a slow build of a “canon” love story (though I maintain that Destiel has always been canon because subtext is part of the text and integral to it, but leaving that now as canon here simply means Obvious To The Casual Viewer) where we get the entire nine previous seasons of the Destiel joint journey condensed and focused as though it was an Entirely New Concept, given to us in a three act structure over the course of S13-14. Presented to us through obvious callbacks - that will more or less make it plain that THIS WAS ALWAYS THERE CASUAL VIEWERS - but that will allow the Casual Viewer to adjust and accept and get on fucking board.

Then the first kiss moment would be riding on the season’s undeniable UST and the clear need in these two to be together, and the moment would either be confrontational and passionate or it would be slow and intimate and timid, but whichever way they go with it I believe it would absolutely happen end of S13 or be pushed to midseason S14 depending on how long they intend to go on with the show etc etc et al

Given how protective and in tune with these characters Jensen and Misha have been throughout this show and how incredibly seriously they take their characters’ respective journeys I have such enormous hope and trust that they’re going to give us something spectacular. 

I can’t wait!!

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Also, I expect to be a bawling, quivering, overemotional mess of feels once this happens. There will be copious amounts of tissues needed. For hours afterwards, I think. Happy tears of joy joy, but tears and tears none the less. And, you know, my neighbours will call the police because all the intermittent screaming will convince them someone’s being murdered in my flat. Screaming and screaming of glee, but screaming none the less. :)