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Gone Wild (The Renegade)

An apple tree growing wild at the edge of the woods.

New Jersey, May 4, 2017.

Photo by @mellowcat-artist All Rights Reserved.

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So I did a thing guys and posted my first video on YouTube. I’m not sure how much I will be vlogging but at least I started and I will update it every once in a while. If you want to check it out here is the link

Also check out that shoulder/bicep pump from last nights workout!

A mí me cuesta mucho confiar en la inteligencia de las personas que pasan mucho tiempo en el gimnasio. Claro, no digo que yo sea un divulgador científico o un filósofo empírico, es que, alguien que pasa ejercitando demasiado sus músculos ¿A qué hora tiene pensamientos que lo lleven a sentir curiosidad por otro lado? Bueno, yo no podría estar cuidando todo lo que como ni verme al espejo doce o quince veces al día para creer que mi cuerpo es todo lo que le da valor a mi humanidad. He intentado hablar con los tipos musculosos, igual, no creo que a ellos les interese pensar, imaginar un personaje, hacer una poesía, transferir la mirada hacia las redes del macro cosmos, así como a mí no me interesa el conocimiento de suplementos alimenticios o sentir que poseo autoestima porque la gente mira mis hombros o mi trasero. En fin, en todo caso, claro que es bueno hacer ejercicio de vez en cuando.
—  Memorias de un músico que se convirtió en escritor, Quetzal Noah

Spring Is Here by TOTORORO.RORO
Via Flickr:
Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) in Vancouver BC Canada Camera Information: Model: Sony NEX-6, Shutter Speed: 1/320 sec, Aperture: f/5.6, Focal Length: 30mm, ISO: 100 Lens: LA-EA1 + Sony 30mm F2.8 SAM Macro Lens Alpha Mount (SAL30M28)

Drinking Games with Colossal Boy

(a story I wrote)

Winter is not mild at the University of Abilities.

I muttered obscenities at the falling snow and clouds as I trudged through the snow after a long Friday afternoon of classes. The placement of UofA in the Midwest was supposed to be a gesture of centrality, a statement that the school would be the premier facility in the nation for the education of individuals with abilities. And that it was; UofA had succeeded beyond wildest expectations in the decade it had been open.

But it was cold. And I’m from California.

There was an upside to the frigid January weather, however: it made for great house parties. Rather than be spread out over barbecues and other outdoor events, those students that liked to party descended upon a select few houses every weekend for absurd amounts of revelry. I discovered this “tradition” my freshman year, and, as a sophomore, I and three of my friends landed a lease for one of these party houses. Finally, as juniors, we were throwing our first winter bash.

Hundreds were invited, from freshman to seniors, but there was only one person I was excited to see: Gim Allon, or as the media had taken to calling him, Colossal Boy. Gim was a transfer from a small private school on the East Coast, and he had already caused quite a stir in the campus social scene, for a few reasons. The first was that he was stupidly, unfairly, impossibly hot. Taken from the same mold as Liam Hemsworth, this kid radiated attractiveness. The second reason exacerbated the first: his ability was quite a show-stopper. Simply put, Gim could grow. It was common to see his head poking above the trees of the wooded UofA campus during training class and to hear his footfalls softly thundering across the quad. During move-in weekend, he helped freshmen on the upper floors of his dorm move their furniture in, by passing it through their windows. Because of this, it didn’t take long for the entire campus to be familiar with his adorable face. The third reason was the linchpin: though Gim had been a student at UofA for over a semester now, no one had ever seen him at a party or bar. He was completely absent from campus nightlife, and no one knew why. This made his rumored attendance at my party tonight an incredibly rare occurrence.

Though my mutual friends assured me that he was indeed coming, I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I busied myself with cleaning while my some of roommates picked up the kegs, and the time inched by toward 9pm, the starting time of the party. Every 15 minutes I would pull out my phone and check the Facebook event, frantically scrolling through the “Attending” list. It wasn’t as high as I would have liked, but hey, it was our first party. Each time, Gim’s name was absent, and I sighed.

My latest sigh prompted a snigger from Luke, one of my roommates, who had emerged from the shower. I flashed him a glare.

“He’s coming, alright? I confirmed it with Natalie this morning”, Luke said. I slumped in defeat.

“That obvious, huh?” I had been nervous to come out to my roommates at a military-minded school like UofA, but I needn’t have worried; Luke, Rob, and Josh had become incredibly dedicated wingmen, since each of them had girlfriends and were sad that I was being left out of their absurd triple-dates. In fact, I had them to thank for Gim’s alleged attendance tonight: I had drunkedly confessed my infatuation to Josh, and he and the guys secretly plotted for Gim to be at the party. I didn’t know how they did it, but I was incredibly thankful. The thing was, I didn’t even know if Gim was gay. I had one friend who swore that he was, but all he had to go on was that he hadn’t dated any girls yet. I brushed the thought aside, yet again, and pocketed my phone.

The first guests arrived shortly after. The first retinue was the girlfriends, of course, gliding and dazzling (literally, one of them can fly and another manipulates light) into the room armed with wine. I had to hand it to my roommates, they each had incredibly beautiful girlfriends. And nice, too. I fought off the pangs of loneliness as each embraced their significant other, and began cleaning an already pristine glass. Over the next few minutes, some of the closest members of the gang arrived, and slowly the party began to bustle.

At 9:15, the doorbell rang again, and I opened it absent-mindedly, assuming it was Jill, or Joe, or William, or whoever else, but it wasn’t.

It was him.

There were two others beside him, but I barely even noticed them. He was tall (duh), probably 6'4" at least, wearing a button down and dark jeans under a warm black coat. I found myself at eye level with his chin. He was looking down on me with a soft smile, and I had to crane my neck slightly to make eye contact because he was standing right in front of me, at the threshold of the front door. Part of me wanted to just stay there. Thankfully, while the lower functions of my brain went haywire, years of socialization allowed me to take charge of the situation with poise.

“Welcome!” I greeted warmly as I took a step back and gestured the trio inside, out of the increasingly snowy evening. The weather was picking up in intensity. I attempted to play the part of host:

“I can take your coats; beer is in the garage, wine in the kitchen, bathroom down the hall next to my bedroom. Enjoy the party!”

The two girls immediately thrust their coats upon me with a smile, one making a dash for the bathroom and the other for the wine. Gim took a slower approach.

“Hey, I’m Gim,” he said modestly, offering a hand. I struggled to extricate a hand from the mountain of girl-coat that had descended upon me, and I flailed a hand toward him while saying with probably too much enthusiasm, “Nice to meet you, Gim! I’m James.”

As he pulled off his coat, he eyed me struggling to contain these absurd garments. My six-foot-tall self should not have had a problem with these coats, but for some reason, my extremities were hardly behaving. I needed a beer.

“Here,” Gim said with a laugh. “I’ll take mine to the coat room.”

“Thanks,” I returned with a laugh, “Follow me.”

The coat room was Rob’s bedroom, which was right across the hall from mine. Gim and I exchanged the standard college introduction as we walked down the hall, threw the coats into the corner of the room, and headed back to the living room. The hallway wasn’t very wide, and Gim and I were shoulder-to-shoulder the whole walk. Well, more like shoulder to bicep. We were met there by Josh, Luke, and their girlfriends, who immediately introduced themselves to Gim. Each of them shot me a mischievous glance as they shook hands with Gim. I silently thanked them for baptizing Gim into the party smoothly, and then noticed that my throat had gone dry in the minute of introductions during which I had been silent.

“Want a drink?” I asked, turning to Gim. The rest of the circle of friends already had red cups in hand.

“Nah, I probably shouldn’t,” Gim replied, looking down in a small gesture of embarrassment.

“What!? Why not? The beer’s actually pretty good!” My roommates nodded enthusiastically, gesturing with their cups.

“No, no, it’s not that. Alcohol, uh… It messes with my powers,” Gim said with a sigh. I was intrigued. More than intrigued: a thousand fantasies rushed across my eyes, and I may have involuntarily shivered a bit, but I pressed on.

“How so? I’m sure all of us have done stupid shit with our abilities when drunk.” Again my roommates nodded enthusiastically, the girlfriends joining in. They’re the best.

“Yeah?” Gim perked up a bit. “Sorry, I haven’t done much drinking at UofA yet. Well, when I drink alcohol, my body responds as if I were poisoned, and I grow to dilute the effects. It doesn’t even work; I still get drunk, it just takes a bit more than normal. I can’t shrink back until I’m sober.”

Luke started cracking up; he’d already had a few drinks. “Dude, that’s nothing. When I first got drunk I blew a hole in the roof of the dorm, and Josh’s girlfriend nearly destroyed space-time. How big we talking?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Not that bad; like a foot per drink. I’ve just been a little nervous to get drunk. At my last school I fell on a kid and put him in the hospital.”

“Relax,” Josh said, reaching up to put a hand on Gim’s shoulder. “This house is full of super-powered kids. We’ll cut you off if it becomes a problem.”

No one else seemed to be reeling from the math Gim just unveiled. A foot per drink!? Good Lord.

“Beer pong?” Luke offered. “Josh and Gim vs. James and me?” I smiled, shook away my daydreams, and nodded vigorously.

“Uh, sure,” Gim said sheepishly. “But I should go back and get my suit. I don’t want to rip my clothes up.”

I had to turn away to hide my red face. Luke covered for me, though he was hardly subtle.

“Nah, man, that’s fine! If there isn’t a little skin showing at the end of a night of partying, it was a lame party. Plus your dorm is like a half hour away! Don’t waste that time just for modesty.”

“But James could just–” Josh began, but Luke cut him off.

“Let’s get started!”


We cleared the kitchen table and set up the cups. Spare ping pong balls were placed next to the sink. Luke and I lined up on one side of the table, Gim and Josh on the other. Josh, standing only 5'7", looked comically short next to the imposing Gim. The cups were filled generously with beer, and the game began.

It was decided that we would go first. Luke, who is a very good beer pong player, casually lined up his shot, and sank the cup at the tip of the pyramid. Josh took the cup and drained it. I sighed in anticipation. It was my turn to shoot.


Josh and Gim both missed their first shots too. Gim looked embarrassed, but Josh assured him that he was just warming up.

As the balls came rolling back to our side of the table, I picked mine up with slightly trembling hands. Luke patted me on the back with a chuckle as I lined up my shot. I made eye contact with Gim, and without breaking it released the ball.

Plop! The ball landed in the cup closest to Gim. Gim looked to Josh, who gestured toward the cup. Gim gingerly picked up the cup, appraised its contents, and them smiled.

“Here goes!” And he drained the cup in a single gulp.

Luke, Josh and I raised our eyebrows to see what Gim was talking about. Nothing seemed to have happened. Luke sank his ball as well, which meant that we got to throw again. Luke sank his easily, and I, with determination, echoed my motions from last time. Eye contact with Gim, throw ball. Plop! I was very excited. Gim took the cup without any hesitation and drained it. He shook his head a bit as he lowered the cup from his mouth, beaming. He seemed to be having a great time, but where was the growth I was promised? I couldn’t tell if he was taller, and Josh was a terrible benchmark, since he was so much shorter already.

We lined up to take our third shot in a row. Luke lined up, but totally woofed it. The ball sailed over the table and hit against the back wall. This made me nervous. As I attempted to repeat my earlier success, I locked eyes with Gim again. Wait… were his ears at the level of the poster before? I could have sworn… The thought lingered in my mind as I released the ball.

Plop. Luke was ecstatic. “Dude, you are on fire!” he exclaimed. Turning to the far side of the table, he pointed at Gim. “Go on, drink two!” Gim looked confused. Josh turned to him and explained, “If someone gets three shots in a row, it counts for two cups.” Gim shot me a look (grin? glare?) and grabbed two cups in hand. He poured the first into the second and drained the second cup without a moment’s hesitation. As he put the cup down, I began to notice that the sleeves of his shirt no longer reached his wrist. I bent under the table to pick up Luke’s ball, which had rolled back to our side of the table, and I looked over to Gim’s legs. His pants now showed a good two inches of ankle. He was wearing low-cut socks. I couldn’t believe that it was working.

As I rose to my feet with the ping pong ball in hand, I was greeted with the sight of Gim unbuttoning one of his shirt buttons. Luke noticed as well. “Ah, feeling something, are we?” Gim smiled sheepishly. “Maybe a little?”

“A little!” Josh exclaimed. “Dude, you’ve grown like 3 inches.”

“More than that,” Gim said with the hint of a smile.

Luke suddenly gasped. “Wait just a second!” He dashed into the garage, leaving the rest of us confused. I couldn’t stop staring at the shirt that was now obviously too small on Gim. The sleeves were halfway to his elbows. As he reached down to loosen his belt, I watched the fabric stretch taut across his back. When he straightened up, I noticed that the door frame behind him seemed awfully close to his head.

Luke returned with a tape measure in hand. “Let’s get scientific!” he cried, as he unfurled the tape measure and put it up against the kitchen wall. He reached up to fasten the top of the tape measure to the ceiling, but he couldn’t reach. As he looked around for a chair, Gim stepped over.

“Here,” he said with a smile, as he took the tape measure and easily stuck it to the ceiling with some duct tape. He didn’t even have to fully extend his arms. He turned and put his back to the wall. “Well?” he inquired, still smiling.

He really seems to be enjoying this now, I thought to myself. I wonder…

Luke backed up, stood up on a chair, and squinted at the tape measure. “6'7”,“ he decreed. "Wait…” he said, as Gim straightened up. Or did he just grow some more? “6'8”. Wow!“ Gim gave a small bow as the small group of partygoers "oohed” and “ahhed”.

Gim eyed the door out to the garage. “Well, time to start ducking,” he said with a playful sigh, as he bent his head and stepped into the garage. He turned back, bent down a bit so he could see through the doorway, and looked at me.

“More beer?”

I smirked and eagerly followed him into the garage, where there were just a few other students, all of whom gawked at the tall man with undersized clothes. He approached the keg, but looked confused.

“Never used a keg before?” I asked with a laugh. “Here, bring your cup over here.” I grabbed his hand with the cup and moved it over to the keg. Man, those hands were big. It looked like he could put his hand around the cup and touch fingers on the other side. and I put the nozzle in his cup and began pumping the tap. “So far so good?”

“Yeah man, this is awesome!” Gim was beaming. “Thanks so much for letting me come to the party!”

Gim’s cup was full. I gestured for him to take over pumping as I placed the nozzle within my own cup. I had barely had anything to drink. As he pulled and pushed the tap, I noticed those sleeves, which seemed to be even higher than before.

“So, no more shrinking for you?” I asked. “Let’s see,” Gim replied after my cup was filled. Gim took a step away from the keg and closed his eyes, concentrating. “Nope. I’m only going up tonight, it seems. I bet I could eventually learn how to shrink down when drunk, but it’s like suppressing your gag reflex: it takes practice.”

I did a double-take at this interesting choice of example. My wildest dreams again sprung to mind, but I wasn’t ready to play all my cards just yet. “Ah, gotcha. Well, I’m glad you haven’t practiced. This is fun!” With that, I turned to go back inside the house. Was that too obvious? Shit. I turned back to see a peculiar smile dash across Gim’s face before he followed me inside.

Gim promptly smacked his head against the doorframe. “Shit, I must not have ducked enough,” he remarked with a grimace as he straightened up inside the kitchen. Gim’s nose looked to be at the level of the door frame now, which meant that he had grown even more during our time in the garage. A measure confirmed this: “6'11” now, and you haven’t even drank any more!“ I stated with barely contained glee from atop the chair used to see the tape measure. Gim turned, and for once we were eye to eye. "Watch this,” he said with confidence, as he brought his full cup of beer to his lips. In four gulps, he drained it.

He gave an involuntary shudder as he finished the glass, and I watched his head creep up the wall. “7 feet now,” I said with a small laugh. He surged up again, and he had to resettle his feet because his stance had changed. “No, wait, 7'2”! That was a big one.“ Gim’s sleeves were almost at his elbows now, and the buttons of his shirt were strained across his toned chest. His shirt had ridden up so much so that his belly button was showing, with a little bit of happy trail. His pants were showing serious shin, and his belt was hanging from his waist unbuckled. Gim noticed me looking down and turned to me with a smirk. We were no longer eye-to-eye; once again, I was looking at his chin. "You haven’t seen big yet.” Whoa.

Those words caused me to take a step back, forgetting that I was still standing on the chair. I lurched backwards and began to fall. Gim’s arms shot out around me, catching me and bringing me close to his chest. Unfortunately, this sudden movement proved fatal for his shirt. All of the buttons ripped clean off, and the collar tore along the back. The upper sleeves tore a bit as well, revealing biceps that flexed in order to keep me from falling.

“You alright?” he said as he steadied me on the chair. “Here,” he said, as he picked me up by the armpits and placed me on the floor again. Now I was at eye level with his exposed sternum. Toned pecs peeked through the tattered shirt. He himself looked a little flushed. Thankfully, the kitchen was empty, so no one noticed our little episode. “Had a bit much to drink?” he said with a laugh. I almost replied, “You’re one to talk,” given his current state, but then I realized that I didn’t want to discourage his drinking. Sneaky me. Instead, I gestured up at him with my own glass (which amazingly hadn’t spilled), and said, “Cheers.”

California Adventure Disney!

Yesterday was so much fun! Every ride that I went on was just amazing. If you guys ever decide to go to California Adventure, make sure to go on thr California Screamin’ roller coaster. Boyyyyyyy was I screaming. BUT, I knew it would be super hot during the day but cool at night. So I wore a crop top, DIY bleached jeans and my white chucks. 

Crop- Forever 21

Jeans- Thrift Store

Chucks- Journey’s